Participants of the General Chapter

List of participants


Br. Juan Miguel Anaya

Born: Sevilla, Spain (17/04/1958)
Living in: Murcia, Spain
Province: Mediterranean
Juan Miguel  Anaya

I was born on April 17, 1958 in Seville (Spain) and made my first profession as a Marist Brother on September 8, 1977.

I have followed University studies of Teachers’ Training (1980), Mathematics (1980), Canon Law (2004 and 2007), Religious Sciences (2004), Human Resources (2013) and Charism and Marist Educational Principles (2015).

The Pontifical Gregorian University published my Doctoral thesis in Canon Law and I have published different articles in Spanish and Italian on themes of Canon Law and of Marist History.

Since September 8, 1980 I have worked in the schools of my Marist Province.  I have been in charge of sports, pastoral, social, solidarity and educational themes, being the tutor, professor, or director in the schools of Cordoba, Priego de Cordoba, Granada, Alcala de Henares, Seville, Alicante and Murcia.  I have been professor, secretary and director in the University School of formation of Professors of Alcala de Henares (Spain).  I am a member founder of the ONGDF SED.  

From December 1989 until September 2002 I was Provincial Councilor of the Province Bética.  I was secretary of the Preparatory Commission of the XX General Chapter (2001), living in Rome during the course 2000-2001.   From September 2002 until September 2011 I was Procurator General of the Institute before the Holy See, and resided in Rome.  I acquired the Italian nationality for residence.  I have been elected member of the General Chapters XX, XXI and XXII.  When I returned to Spain I was again elected Provincial Councilor of the Mediterranean Province.   

The Marist future will be a communion of people from different states of life who feel they are followers of Jesus in the way initiated by Champagnat.