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Br. Luis Enrique Rodríguez

Born: Guadalajar, Mexico (10/07/1965)
Living in: Les Cayes, Haiti
Province: Western Mexico
Luis Enrique  Rodríguez

On Friday, July 2, 1965, in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico, the family Rodriguez Santana, received a great joy because of a new member in it.  Salvador and Baudelia, my parents had committed themselves since they were married to receive “the children that God would give them”.  Perhaps without considering that when God gives, he gives in abundance.  They received 16 children, 8 boys and 8 girls, among which I was number 14.

Eight days after I was born I was baptized and received the name of Luis Enrique; three years later I received the Sacrament of Confirmation.  At eight years of age I received the Sacraments of Reconciliation and of the Eucharist.   

My father was a practical man.  He was a worker in a factory of sandals, and in the afternoons he would work making electric installations or repairing electric apparatus: irons, liquidizer or blender, washing machines… When he made electric installations he would take my brother and me to help him.  He learnt all the technical part, I did not.  My mother was a woman of the Church.  She helped as much as she could in the Parish. She went to Mass almost every day and from time to time she would take us with her.  She was in the organization of the activities which were carried out in the colony.  Frequently people went to consult her. From my parents I learnt very much, (the practical, artistic and religious sense and the attention to those in need), but since I was one of the younger ones, my education was in great part the responsibility of my older brothers and sisters.

The first year of elementary school I did it in the school which is in front of the house of my parents, the Instituto Patria, which at that time was a Parochial School.  Beginning the second year I went to a public school, of the State.   

When I finished the Primary School, I did not have the opportunity to go to High School.  God used this to invite me to enter the Marist Community.  This was in an in-lived meeting of the Satana Family that a Marist Brother, Pedro Santana, met my family and found out that I was not studying.  He invited me to the Juniorate to prepare myself to be a Marist Brother and to study High School.    I accepted gladly, since I was interested in the second thing.  Regarding the first one I had not the least idea what it was.  I had never heard anybody speak about the Marist Brothers.  I entered the Juniorate in Tepatitlan, on September 3, 1978, and there began my adventure with the Marist Brothers. The 2nd and 3rd years of the Juniorate I did them in Loma Bonita, in Guadalajara, as well as the first year of the Postulancy.  The two following years of Postulancy were in Queretaro, studying in the Normal School.  Then, followed the Novitiate and I went to Morelia and, finally, the Scholasticate, again in Queretaro to finish the studies in the Normal School.  My first Religious Profession was on July 6, 1986.  

I began my work as a Marist Brother in the community of Nuevo Laredo, where I remained three years working in the Primary School of Colegio Mexico.  From there I went to the city of Aguascalientes, one year in the Primary School and two in High School.  I had the good fortune to begin my apostolate in two communities with excellent Brothers.  It was here in Aguascalientes, that I made my definite Consecration on July 20, 1992.  

My third community was in Mexicali in a popular school which was just beginning.  It was a difficult change but very enriching.  I was there three years as professor and six as director of the school.  The need to offer a better service to the young people of this community, led me to study in this city and obtain a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology.  

After nine years in Mexicali, I was asked to form part of the Vocation Pastoral Ministry Commission in which I worked eight years.  Three of them I lived in the Provincial House, four accompanying the young Brothers in the Scholasticate and one more in our insertion community of Villa Guadalupe.  

Beginning in 2010, I live in my mission in Haiti.  The first four years I was in the city of Jeremie and the last three in the city of Okay, where I continue sharing my life accompanying the young postulants who desire to follow the footsteps of Marcellin, as Marist Brothers.  Life continues here and God-Love makes Life sing.