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Br. Miguel Angel Santos Villarreal

Member by right | Provincial
Born: Monterrey, Mexico (23/12/1954)
Living in: Guadalajara, Mexico
Province: Western Mexico
Miguel Angel Santos Villarreal

I was born 65 years ago in Monterrey, Mexico.  Two of my older brothers are called Rafael and Gabriel, since my mother wanted to have little angels at home.  Her desire was not fulfilled since we were always restless children and mischievous, that is to say, normal.  My first intercultural experience began when I left my house to go to the Juniorate.  I think that this simple experience helped me enormously to be open to personal and cultural diversity. 

All my studies, beginning at 6 years of age have been done in Marist Institutions, except Theology, which I studied with the Jesuits.  I have to say that my experience as a Marist student was always very pleasant and I enjoyed being with excellent Brothers, my professors and Formators who modelled my personality and spirituality.  I feel very grateful toward all of them.   

In my apostolic life I have served in all trenches: professor at all levels, Formator, spiritual accompanier, missionary in Mexico and abroad, and now as Provincial.   

My favorite personage is Brother Basilio Rueda.  He represents for me the modern prophet who launched himself to renew with great audacity the heavy structures of the Institute.  On the other hand, I am seduced by his absolute surrender to God through an exemplary mysticism and commitment.

What attracts me the most in this very special moment of the Institute is our ecclesiological vision.  We form part of a Church of Communion, with a Marian face and with a totally communitarian mission according to fraternity.  

One of the Biblical verses that I desire to proclaim the most to the young people and the Marists of Champagnat, is the commentary that Saint Paul writes to his friend Timothy in 2 Tim. 1, 7: “God did not give us a spirit of timidity, but a spirit of fortitude , of love and of good sense”.