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Br. Tomás Briongos Rica

Member by right | Provincial
Born: Peñalba de Castro (Burgos), Spain (23/12/1967)
Living in: Valladolid, Spain
Province: Compostela
Tomás  Briongos Rica

I was born on December 23, 1967 in Peñalba de Castro, a small town of the Province of Burgos (Spain).  I am the youngest of a family of five brothers, dedicated to working in the fields.  Up to the age of 12 years I lived in the town and at that age I went to a boarding school of religious Sisters in Salas de los Infantes. During those years of education I knew the Marist Brothers that came to have live-in meetings and I was encouraged to continue with my studies of Secondary School in he Juniorate of Miraflores (Burgos).  The Formator Brothers created an environment of collaboration and team work and they helped us to deploy our aptitudes and place them at the service of all.

I made the Novitiate and Scholasticate in Salamanca and we alternated the times of formation with moments of catechesis and value education with children from the Parishes.

This is why in my work in the schools of Segovia, CCV of Valladolid and Palencia; I valued much dedication to teaching in the classroom and the presence in groups of education in faith and in values in free time such as Scouts and Marcha.

The years went by and new responsibilities arrived for me about the year 2001 when I entered to form part of the Team of Provincial Animation to take care of the common activities of these groups, such as Camps, and Paschal celebrations, and prepare the formation of animators and the common work of the teams.

At the beginning of the Compostela Province in the year 2004 I participated in the creation of a new community dedicated to a program for Children of Caritas in Ponferrada.  These were years of being very close by our presence to children who had difficulties and of receiving much affection or love from them.  In 2009 I was named director of the Colegio Mayor Gelmirez in Santiago de Compostela, where I stayed until 2013 where I was in charge of the direction of the School la Inmaculada in Valladolid.  I was there in March 2016, when I was named Provincial.  Now my work is the care of the Brothers. 

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