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Br. Richard Roy

Born: Ham-Nord (Québec), Canada (31/07/1948)
Living in: Québec, Canada
Province: Canada
Richard Roy

I was born in Ham-Nord, Quebec, on July 31, 1948.  I am the first child of a family of nine children. My father was a farmer and my mother a teacher. 

I finished my primary studies in the schools of my home town.  During this first period of my life, I participated actively in the work of the farm according to what my qualities and capacity allowed me. I did the secondary studies in Champagnat Juniorate of Sherbrooke in 1961 during two years and I finished them in the Juniorate Saint Joseph of Laval from 1963 to 1965.

Two years of religious studies, Postulancy and Novitiate, in the house of Marist formation Saint Hyacinthe, completed my formation of secondary school studies.  August 15, 1967 marked the beginning of my election of life as Marist Brother by means of the temporary vows that were renewed annually until 1975.

After this vocational commitment, I continued my academic formation during two years in the CEGEP Marie-Victorin of Montreal-North, to obtain the diploma of studies (DEC) in pure Sciences and another year of university studies in the Campus Notre-Dame-de Foy associated to the University Laval to obtain the diploma in Pedagogy, in June 1970.  

The regular and prolonged practice in sports with time allowed me to present myself and to graduate in a great variety of sports disciplines which completed my academic formation of the years 1960.  My professional career began in 1970, in the secondary school Marcellin Champagnat (ECSM) of Iberville, by giving classes on chemistry, physics, and mathematics to 4th and 5th grade students of secondary school.  I continued as animator in this same residence from 1975 to 1978. The year 1975 was marked by my perpetual commitment as member of the international community of the Marist Brothers.

I also had the function as director of the educational services in the Laval school of the city of Laval from 1978 to 1993.  This allowed me to continue with my mission of teaching, management and animation among the secondary school pupils.

The sabbatical year, 1993-1994, allowed me to update and to complete my human and spiritual formation, residing four months in San Diego, California and six other months in Italy.  My direct participation in the world of education ended in completing my responsibility as general director of Laval College from 1994 to 2006.  My commitments in the world of education have allowed me to live moments of great joy and satisfaction in working with many enthusiastic and competent educators - men and women -. 

At the moment of my professional retirement, I drew up a balance of my life during three months in Santa Fe, United States and a stay of five months in the Philippines. I continued my retirement time dedicating seven complete years to study in the Universities of Montreal and Sherbrooke. These studies have allowed me to obtain the qualification to exercise spiritual attention in hospitals and health centers. 

I dedicate my retirement time to different tasks of animation, accompaniment, management, consultation, organization… of the persons whom I meet and I can help to realize themselves because my formation and experiences allow me to do it.  My 50 years of Marist life have allowed me to participate in the creation of a better world, based on my vision of the world, a system of beliefs and values inspired in Jesus, Mary and Marcellin Champagnat.        

Together, where and how the Spirit invites us to work towards building a better world.