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Elma Rafil (Lay)

Invited | Laity
Born: , (31/12/1969)
Living in: Koronadal, Philippines
Province: East Asia
Elma Rafil

I have been working with the Marists at Notre Dame of Marbel University for twenty five years. What I feel very strong in our school is the sense of the Marist family spirit where everyone --- the students, the mission partners, the parents, the alumni, the Brothers--- is treated warmly as a member of a family.  I am the Personnel Officer of the school and I give special attention to the Marist Lay Formation Program.  I am one of the lead animators of the Champagnat Movement of the Marist Family (CMMF) in the Philippines. One of the most enriching formation programs I have is the course on Lay Animation in Rome in 2015. The program has provided me with rich realizations, insights, reflections, experiences, and Marist friends in the international arena.

I truly appreciate the Marist Institute for strongly recognizing the vocation of the laity and the contributions of the lay people in pursuing the mission for the least privileged young that Marcellin started 200 years ago. We need to work further for the commitment of the Marist lay in the “world” in a pastoral and missionary way beyond our Marist Institutions.

 My experiences of the joint formation program have deepened my understanding of the co-responsibility of the laity and the Brothers in the communion and mission of the Church.  I believe that personal vocation and vocational discernment are crucial in helping the Marist laity understand and embrace their proper roles in carrying out the Church’s mission in the way of Mary.