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Br. Víctor Preciado Ramírez

Member by right | Councillor General
Born: Cocula, Jalisco, Mexico (27/08/1949)
Living in: Roma, Italy
Province: General House (From Western Mexico)
Víctor Preciado Ramírez

During my early years of life and apostolate I was called Manuel, my friends called me Manolo and when I entered the world of correctness and protocol, assuming responsibilities, my name became Victor, and I now continue using that name.

I was born in Cocula, Jal. My parents were very strong Christians, they had nine children; my mother’s dream for me, that I enter into the seminary, was fulfilled when the call to the Marist life touched my heart when I was a student in a school of the Brothers. So, in 1961, at the age of 12, I entered the Juniorate and started on the road to my life as a Marist Brother.

My education consists of Normal Basic Primary Education, Higher Education with specialization in Mathematics, Masters Degree in Public Accounting, and a Masters Degree in Moral Theology. I have been an elementary school teacher for 12 years, for 7 years I was involved as director of schools, and for 12 years I was working in Provincial Administration. Finally, from 2003-2008 I was Provincial Superior.

I have been able to combine the responsibilities and the duties of the mission entrusted to me while mixing in time for sports, and when time and age allowed it in the recent years of my “life’s journey” , jai-alai, and cycling. Finally, reading has been a major pastime for me, especially in themes related to responsibilities I have had in: education, administration and finance, and the theology of the religious life.

I then served as econome general until 2015 and am currently serving as a general councillor.