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A plant named after Champagnat


Discovery of Br. Nito Moraldo, Nardi and La Valva


Aquilegia In the Red Book of the plants of Italy, published in the year 1992 by the Italian WWF with the support of the Ministry of the Environment, the whole of page 104 is dedicated to the rare Aquilegia champagnatii which is a native protected plant.

In the first volume of the new edition of 1993 of the Flora Europeea (Cambridge University Press, 5 Volumes) the Aquilegia champagnatii also appears as a plant that is native to Monte Terminio in the southern Appenines.Aquilegia

This new plant was discovered during a summer camp which was held on Monte Terminio in 1976. Published in 1981 in the Italian botanical reviews (Webbia, 35(1): 8Profesor3-86, 1981) it has been accepted at a European level and will very soon be included in the new edition of the Flora Italiana which is in course of publication.

Professor Benito Moraldo Aquilegiahas dedicated this new plant to the Founder of the Congregation of the Marist Brothers to which he belongs.

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