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Bicentenary of the foundation of the Institute

Bicentenary 2017

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 The logo chosen was designed by Andrés Gil, a Spaniard of the province of Ibérica.

The principal idea of the logo is to celebrate 200 years. Therefore, the number 200 is a principal element. This number in its turn is composed of 3 elements, which indicate that 2017 is not simply an historical remembrance, but A NEW BEGINNING: 

* The number two, outlined in blue, recalls the horizon, the future, a new beginning... Here we can also see the letter "L", which La Valla, L'Hermitage, the cradle of the Institute.

* Two letters "M", one a mirror image of the other, form the two zeros of the number 200. They refer, in the first place, to our being Marists, but also are a reminder of the historic personages of our journey: Montagne, Mary, Marcellin… In addition, they recall the call to mission, to mysticism. The two "m"s superimposed also symbolize the past and the future, the exterior and the interior. 

* The outline of the number “2” terminates in 3 elements which are the 3 petals of a violet. They are situated at the end, with a projection in front like a signature. The violet is frequently presented as a symbol of simplicity, an important element of Marist spirituality…

The principal color is blue (Mary), contrasted with purple and orange. 

The typography is classic, which facilitates the delivery of the phrasing in the different languages where the Marist charism is alive. 


 Three years ahead

We have, as well, three years ahead of us to celebrate, in a spirit of faith, our Bicentenary: the Montagne Year, the Fourvière Year, and the La Valla Year. In addition to the logo, which will be the symbol of the process as a whole, each year will have its own graphic element. These 3 symbols will be created by the Province of Rio Grande do Sul, and serve to recall the central element of the theme proposed for each year: the encounter of Marcellin with the dying Montagne boy, an invitation to accompany the young   Montagnes of today; the Basilica of Fourvière, place of the promise of the foundation of the Society of Mary; La Valla, the mystical dimension of the charism, the table, the place of encounter with Jesus, the bread of life. 

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