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23 January

Saint Margaret
1939, Marist foundation in Kutama (Zimbabwe) and Marist foundation in Phnom Penh (Cambodia)

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International Commssion of Brothers Today 2017 

Back (l-r): Luis Felipe González (México Central),  Lindley Sianosa (East Asia),  Dennis Cooper (Manziana),  Peter Rodney (Australia), Hipólito Pérez (Brothers Today Secretariat),  Óscar Martin (Compostela),  Tony Leon (Brothers Today Secretariat), Vincent Abadom (Nigeria), 
Front (l-r): Marcío Henrique da Costa (Brasil Central Norte), Cyprian Gandeebo (MIC), Ernesto Sánchez (General Counsellor), Sefo Une (Pacific),  Antonio Peralta (El Escorial)

"It takes two people to make one brother."  

Israel Zangwill


This simple quote reflects the nature and organization of the Secretariat of Brothers Today.  It also echoes Pope Francis’ invitation to consecrated men and women to be experts in communion, firstly “…within the respective communities of each Institute”. The existence and function of Brothers Today is primarily founded in the communion with the General Council, the International Commission of Brothers Today and with the other Secretariats. 

The General Counselors Br Eugène Kabanguka and Br Ernesto Sánchez, continue to guide and refine the works of Brothers Today according to the principles of the XXI General Chapter. 

The International Commission of Brothers Today, with representation from each region, as well as from the various levels of vocation and formation ministries, gathers annually.  These meetings provide the needed wisdom of the lived realities of vocation, formation and community life throughout the world.

Just as a person cannot be a brother by himself, a secretariat cannot be effective by operating alone.  The reality of our lives is one of fraternal communion with each other.  Being brothers today requires a strong relationship with our mission, which is connected to the “peripheries” through the ministries of FMSI and CMI. All our works are carried out in communion with the laity.

Brothers Today collaborates with the language based formation teams at El Escorial and Manziana as well as with the sub commissions in the Marist provinces and districts.

In the Year of Consecrated Life, Pope Francis calls for a growth in communion between members of different Institutes.  In recent years, Brothers Today has been sharing time, resources and our common fraternal reality with other congregations of brothers. 

One project was a gathering of over 130 brothers from 21 congregations in October this year. 

As a secretariat within a living congregation, we are an organic being, continuing to evolve and grow.  We are nurtured by the Holy Spirit along with blessings of the experience of being all brothers today.


Br Tony Leon  - Director 

Br Hipólito Perez Gómez - Assistant Director

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