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 Going out to new lands, as the XXI General Chapter asked us to do, has led us to walk hopefully within the framework of a new relationship between brothers and laity based on communion. This process is slowly taking shape and developing its own face. It has led us to reinterpret, in the light of the new relationship, terms like charism, vocation, communion, etc. New expressions have also emerged, such as shared charism, joint formation, joint vocations ministry, new way of being brothers...

That is why the Secretariat of Laity has seen the need to offer a lexicon including these and other terms defined under this new perspective. It is aimed at helping the laity to become acquainted with them, and the brothers to discover their original nuances. It also wishes to bring clarity and a common language to our discussions and meetings.

The project is being carried out with the participation of lay people and brothers from all the regions of the Institute. A drafting team is preparing the final version, ensuring its quality and trying to respond to the different cultural sensitivities.

Through the website, however, we wish to enrich the definition of these terms with everybody’s contribution. We want to build this conceptual framework in a collaborative way so that it can really help us in our journey of communion.


  1. Acknowledging a vocation
  2. Administrative Units
  3. Association
  4. Bonding and belonging
  5. Chapters
  6. Charism
  7. Charismatic Family
  8. Co-responsibility
  9. Communion
  10. Community
  11. Consecration
  12. Enlarged community
  13. Evangelization
  14. Family Spirit
  15. Following Jesus
  16. Frontier mission
  17. Intercultural sensitivity
  18. Joint Formation
  19. Joint vocations ministry
  20. Lay community
  21. Marist charism
  22. Marist Group
  23. Marist Mission
  24. Marist spirituality
  25. Mixed community
  26. New Beginning
  27. Process
  28. Reference community
  29. Secretariats
  30. Sense of Internationality
  31. Signs of the times
  32. Simplicity
  33. Spiritual accompaniment
  34. Spiritual discernment
  35. Spiritual itinerary
  36. The Champagnat Movement of the Marist Family
  37. The church as communion
  38. The Marian Face of the Church
  39. Vocation
  40. Vocation as Brother
  41. Vocation of the lay marist

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