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Saint Angela Merici
Day of Mourning the Holocaust

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31/12/2005: Vatican
In truth, peace
Message of his holiness Pope Benedict XVI for the celebration of de World day peace
27/12/2005: General House
To say yes is to accept the invitation to be part of the adventure that is called salvation history
The Meaning of Christmas
26/12/2005: Sri Lanka
Marists around the world have contributed very generously
Asia and the Tsunami – 12 months later
25/12/2005: General House
Christmas in our WEB
23/12/2005: Colombia
The Brother François Novitiate, of the Province of Norandina, is dressed to celebrate
22/12/2005: France
Rereading your own history in order to discover the signs of God’s love
Day of recollection at Mulhouse
21/12/2005: Spain
Religious consecration is a gift and service to others through the education of the least favoured
Perpetual Profession of Brother Federico Gómez Bueno
20/12/2005: Brazil
First religious profession
Province of Brasil Centro-Sul
19/12/2005: Canada
The time to make decisions has come
Provincial Chapter of Canada - Second session
16/12/2005: Kenya
Building the Future Together
Course for formators in Nairobi (2005-2006)
15/12/2005: Argentina
Perpetual Profession of Brother Claudio Nieto
Marist Province of Cruz del Sur
14/12/2005: Brazil
I am your servant
Perpetual profession of five brothers and six first professions in Rio Grande do Sul
13/12/2005: Spain
Being more familiar with the personality of Champagnat
Marcellin, the story continues
12/12/2005: Brazil
Total commitment to God through the ideal of Marcellin
profession of Brother Valdir Gugiel in the Province of Brasil Centro-Sul
10/12/2005: Argentina
A second century of Marist evangelisation
100 years of Marist presence in Mar del Plata
09/12/2005: Australia
A Year with Champagnat
Marist Brothers’ house at Eastwood
07/12/2005: Italy
You are totally beautiful, O Mary
Immaculate Conception
06/12/2005: Brazil
To be an evangelical presence in the world
First meeting of affiliated Marists of the Province of Brasil Centro-Sul
05/12/2005: Australia
Bacteria, rather than stress, is the main cause of stomach ulcers
Former Marist student Nobel Prize winner
02/12/2005: Brazil
Stimulating life
The Province of Rio Grande do Sul defines its course for the next three years
01/12/2005: Spain
The family and the transmission of the faith
Fifth World Meeting of Families
29/11/2005: Spain
To form in order to continue giving life
Meeting of catechists in Córdoba
26/11/2005: General House
Prepare a straight path for the children of the world
Advent Solidarity Reflection for 2005
25/11/2005: Spain
Witnesses to a living history
Seventy-five years of Marist presence in Badajoz
23/11/2005: Pakistan
The situation calls for serious action on the part of everyone
Attack on Christians in Pakistan
22/11/2005: Belgium
Enter more deeply into yourself, to meet God
Meeting of young people on the interior life
21/11/2005: Spain
An occasion to restart and to start
Spirituality Session at Escorial
19/11/2005: General House
World day for the rights of the child
20 november
18/11/2005: Colombia
Full of grace and hope
First American Meeting of MChFM
17/11/2005: Italy
Together to dream about the future
Assembly of brothers from Italy
16/11/2005: Vatican
The last place of Charles corresponds to the first of Marcellin
Charles de Foucauld, the saint of the desert and the universal brother
15/11/2005: Mexico
Living Marist fraternity as brothers
11th meeting of Marist Fraternities in Mexico
13/11/2005: Spain
Love does not depend on races, cultures and languages
Marist volunteers for the world
11/11/2005: Guatemala
Marist Fraternities: Identity and process
6th Provincial meeting of Marist fraternities of Central America
10/11/2005: Mexico
I will be the healthiest old person that they have known
101 years of blossoming of Brother Jesús Sánchez Cobián
09/11/2005: Spain
An open and promising future
1st Meeting of Presences and Social Programmes in Marist Europe (III)
08/11/2005: Spain
Together with Marcellin we will be building the Europe of children
1st Meeting of Presences and Social Programmes in Marist Europe (II)
07/11/2005: Brazil
A dream come true
Union of Marists of Brasil
06/11/2005: Spain
In memory of the martyred brothers of Bugobe
9th day of the Marist family at Seville
04/11/2005: Spain
Brothers and laypeople working with marginalised children and young people
Meeting of those responsible for social works in Marist Europe
03/11/2005: Italy
We have shared our lives filled with joy and faithful to our charism
Third age course - Manziana - August to October, 2005
02/11/2005: Pakistan
Marcellin’s charism alive in Pakistan
A formation centre in Pakistan for aspirants and postulants
31/10/2005: Dem. Rep. of the Congo
The four martyrs of Bugobe: they chose to stay
Letter from the former Superior General, brother Benito Arbués
28/10/2005: Haiti
The young Haitian people have set the objectives and the way of functioning
REMAR has become an Haitian youth movement
27/10/2005: Brazil
A strong youth is the winning strategy for a just nation
A Marist College receives the ‘School Solidarity Prize’
26/10/2005: Sri Lanka
Province of Sri Lanka and Pakistan
Closing ceremony of the Marist Vocation Year
25/10/2005: Vatican
The Eucharist, Living Bread for the Peace of the World
The Final Message of the Synod
24/10/2005: Argentina
Brothers, we are holy ground with a future
Cruz del Sur Provincial Assembly
23/10/2005: United States
Eye for eye, and soon the whole world will be blind!
Atkins will be condemned because he has become intelligent
21/10/2005: Brazil
An Eye on the Future
Marist school in Rio de Janeiro produces a TV programme
21/10/2005: Vatican
7 Key Topics Discussed at Synod
The Synod of Bishops
20/10/2005: Mexico
Hurricane Stan at Chiapas
Diagnosis presented by Caritas from the Diocese of San Cristóbal de las Casas
19/10/2005: Guatemala
The brothers are accompanying the victims
Pakistan, Central America and Mexico under the emprise of nature
18/10/2005: Spain
Dreaming together!
First gathering of animators and catechists from the Friendship Groups and the Marist Christian Life Groups
17/10/2005: Chile
Missionaries on the move
Preparing the summer missions
15/10/2005: Guatemala
Some information of recent events that we have experienced in Central America
Brother Adolfo Cermeño, Provincial
14/10/2005: Colombia
We continue to construct pathways to be close to and evangelise children and young people
Youth and Vocation Ministry in Colombia
14/10/2005: Vatican
A Day in the Life of the Assembly
Pope Meeting Bishops Personally at Synod
13/10/2005: Argentina
In recognition of two lives in the service of children
Awarded the distinction of “Divino Maestro”
11/10/2005: Sri Lanka
For a greater vitality of Marist presence in Asia
Process of restructuring of Marist Asia
08/10/2005: Brazil
I declare that the MYM is officially implanted in the Province
Launching of the Marist Youth Ministry
07/10/2005: Spain
A glance into the soul
Laurentino, Virgilio and 44 other brothers
05/10/2005: Spain
No one becomes a martyr all of a sudden
6th October 1934
05/10/2005: Sri Lanka
Departure from Negombo
General Conference - 2nd October
04/10/2005: Sri Lanka
Invitation to relive the spirit of the Hermitage
General Conference - 30th September
03/10/2005: Spain
1st Meeting of Marist Social Works in Europe
From the 29th October until the 1st November 2005, in Guardamar
01/10/2005: Brazil
Where do we want to go? And what are we going to do?
2nd Vocational Congress of Brazil
01/10/2005: Sri Lanka
Evaluation of the Conference
General Conference - 29th September
30/09/2005: Sri Lanka
The brothers at the General Conference go to school
General Conference - 28th September
29/09/2005: India
Sometimes at 12 years of age being tired of living becomes unbearable
It happened in a village 200 kilometres from Calcutta
29/09/2005: Sri Lanka
The Marist spiritual pathway
General Conference - 27th September
28/09/2005: Sri Lanka
Programming the next four years
General Conference – 26th September
27/09/2005: United States
Anything less would not be Marist
Hurricane Katrina and Marist USA
27/09/2005: Sri Lanka
A time for interiorising calmly what has been experienced
General Conference - 24th and 25th September
26/09/2005: Sri Lanka
The laity, absent from the Conference, but very much present
General Conference - 23rd September
25/09/2005: Sri Lanka
Interview with Frère Xavier Barceló
Brother Xavier Barceló is the Provincial of the Province of L’Hermitage
25/09/2005: Argentina
You cannot walk in the Founder’s charism without feeling the necessity to go to the children and young people who are the least favoured
Meeting of “Marist Family” Movement Fraternities
24/09/2005: Sri Lanka
The pathways of mission for the Institute
General Conference – 22nd September
23/09/2005: Sri Lanka
A master work-plan for Marist places
General Conference - 21st September
23/09/2005: Spain
The Spirit of life leads us along a common pathway
Retreats for brothers and laypeople
22/09/2005: Sri Lanka
Finances and evangelical use of goods
General Conference - 20th September 2005
21/09/2005: Sri Lanka
The Conference crosses the equator
General Conference - 19th September
21/09/2005: East Timor
The volunteer co-workers in east Timor live Champagnat’s dream
Project Open Hands
20/09/2005: Sri Lanka
I feel very much at ease and happy to be able to offer this small service to the brothers
Interview with Marist Father Joaquín Fernández
19/09/2005: Colombia
A workshop to launch into a new process
Remar Movement: workshop for helmsmen
19/09/2005: Sri Lanka
On-going formation of the brothers
General Conference - 16th September
17/09/2005: Sri Lanka
Provincial leadership in initial formation
General Conference - 15th September
17/09/2005: Kenya
Building the future together
Formators Course
16/09/2005: Sri Lanka
In search of the unification of criteria in Initial Formation
General Conference - 14th September
15/09/2005: Sri Lanka
Vocations Ministry in the Institute
General Conference - 13th September
15/09/2005: Colombia
It is worth being Marists and transmitting to others the joy of consecrating our lives to God
Meetings of aspirants and volunteer co-workers
14/09/2005: Sri Lanka
New structures for new times
General Conference - September 12
13/09/2005: General House
We are heading towards a foreseeable catastrophe
The report on Human Development delivered by the UNDP
13/09/2005: Sri Lanka
Conclusion of the first week of Conference activities
VII General Conference - 10th September
12/09/2005: Sri Lanka
Strategic Plan for a project of mission ad gentes
VII General Conference - 09 September
11/09/2005: Spain
To deepen the meaning of life before God
Spiritual Course at El Escorial
10/09/2005: Sri Lanka
The birthday of Mary
VII General Conference - 08 September
09/09/2005: Sri Lanka
A time for decision making!
VII General Conference - 07 September
09/09/2005: Colombia
A meeting full of dynamism, enthusiasm and friendship
Third national camp of ‘Friends on the March’
08/09/2005: Sri Lanka
An ecclesiology from Asia (1)
VII General Conference - 06 September
07/09/2005: Sri Lanka
Bishop Frank Marcus greets the VII General Conference
VII General Conference - September 5th
07/09/2005: Guatemala
We should raise a hymn of gratitude to God
InterProvincial Course –Latin America
06/09/2005: Sri Lanka
Greetings to our readers
VII General Conference - September, 03
06/09/2005: Sri Lanka
Marcellin and the lamp
Appearing on the pathways of Asia illuminated by the light of faith
06/09/2005: Sri Lanka
The Goldi Sands Hotel - A Marist house for one month
VII General Conference - September 04
05/09/2005: Singapore
Marists turn their attention towards Asia
The General Conference is taking place on the largest continent on earth
05/09/2005: Brazil
Young people colour la Serra da Piedade in hope
A multitude of well-coloured young people responds with enthusiasm
05/09/2005: Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka through the eyes of a journalist
The General conference in the region affected by the tsunami catastrophe
05/09/2005: Sri Lanka
A new language for a responsibility that will last forever
Some peculiarities of the VII General Conference
04/09/2005: Sri Lanka
The VII General Conference starts to rev its motors
Meeting with representatives of the Press
03/09/2005: Colombia
First Assembly of Marist Laity
Marist Province of Norandina
02/09/2005: Argentina
Perpetual Profession of Brother Damián Provens
Province of Cruz del Sur
31/08/2005: General House
Brother Antonio Martínez Estaún replaces Brother Onorino Rota
Appointment of the new Director of Communications
30/08/2005: Spain
Your life camp
A privileged opportunity for living certain values together
29/08/2005: France
Robert and Lucienne Masson affiliated to the Province of the Hermitage
Author of “Marcellin Champagnat. The improbables of God” and “Henri Verges. A Christian in the house of Islam.”
28/08/2005: Spain
Salamanca to the searching of the road toward Rome
Days of sharing, joy and brotherhood
26/08/2005: General House
Update on the Marist Response to the Asian Tsunami
Marist Solidarity
25/08/2005: Colombia
Sowing and watering, Semar continues to help us to grow!
Area Meeting of Marist Seed (Semar)
23/08/2005: General House
Marvelous Companions
Our Superior Generals second circular
22/08/2005: Germany
I wish to greet you personally
Pope Urges Youth to Be Missionaries in the World
21/08/2005: Brazil
I would like to confirm, with the Counsellors, the priorities of the Province
New Provincial Council of Brazil Centre-South
20/08/2005: Germany
The happiness you have a right to enjoy has a name and a face:
It is Jesus of Nazareth

Like yourselves, I too have set out to join you
19/08/2005: Mexico
CEPAM: Study Centre
Last course: from 10 to 30 July 2005
17/08/2005: Nigeria
Greatest food crisis in recent years
More than three million on the brink of starving to death in Niger
16/08/2005: Germany
Collateral effects of having followed a star
WYD 2005 – We have come to worship him - 3
13/08/2005: Vatican
One day may we also partake in your same glory
Solemnity the Blessed Virgins Assumption
11/08/2005: El Salvador
How to live Champagnat’s dream today
Vocations Year in Central America
09/08/2005: Germany
I have seen the star and have set out on my journey
WYD 2005 – We have come to adore him - 2
07/08/2005: General House
It has learned to walk now and run later…
The opinion of the readers after one year of life
05/08/2005: Japan
Hiroshima asks us disturbing questions that touch the deepest part of our consciousness
6 of August 1945
03/08/2005: Canada
Day for dreaming in the forest
Marist Vocation Year
02/08/2005: Germany
Each person is the one who is searching
WYD 2005 – We have come to adore him - 1
30/07/2005: Sri Lanka
Together under Mary’s name
Maris Stella Reunion
28/07/2005: Peru
Brother Pedro Marcos begins second term
Province of Santa María de los Andes
26/07/2005: Germany
The WYD Cross is already in Cologne
In a few days the young people will arrive
24/07/2005: General House
The General Council shares its animation plan with the brothers and laity
The Brother Superior General and his Council have held their Plenary Sessions in Rome
22/07/2005: Brazil
We have affirmed the importance of the mission ad gentes
Volunteers from Brazil in East Timor
20/07/2005: Germany
The World Youth Day (WYD) is 20 years old
General description of the WYD with its logo and theme
19/07/2005: Cuba
We must do something, even if it is quite small, a little, insignificant
Brother Héctor describes his experience of Hurricane Dennis when it hit the island of Cuba
18/07/2005: Spain
God becomes life by living Him
First Profession of Eduard Olivé in Les Avellanes
16/07/2005: Chile
Programme: Zero Indifference
Promoting innovative and useful social action
14/07/2005: General House
Looking to the future to build a great story!
Meeting of the Marist Places Commission with the General Council
12/07/2005: Paraguay
Mobilisation in defence of the rights of children and adolescents
The process against a paraguayan official accused of raping and abusing a minor remains open
10/07/2005: Spain
With the image of continuing to navigate towards the future
Marist Province of Mediterránea: Dream!
08/07/2005: Ireland
Live 8 to cancel the debt
A historical turn that is only the first footstep
06/07/2005: Costa Rica
An experience “that knows no bounds”
A musical on the Marist charism at the school in Alajuela
05/07/2005: Romania
Saint Marcellin Champagnat Centre
Project for homeless children
03/07/2005: Italy
Facing the second centenary
The Champagnat Institute at Genoa celebrates 100 years
02/07/2005: Spain
When children are happy Marcellin is present
Champagnat Festival in Badalona
30/06/2005: France
We have valued what we bring to life
Notre-Dame de lHermitage: meeting of brothers and laypeople
29/06/2005: Argentina
Two workers for the harvest
Province of Cruz del Sur
27/06/2005: Colombia
Champagnat’s dream is still alive
Meeting of aspirants at Chachagüi
26/06/2005: United States
What it means to be a Marist Youth
The third national Marist Youth celebration
24/06/2005: General House
Internet is an opportunity for education
The rights of children on the Internet
23/06/2005: Germany
Espace - M
God’s place on the school terrain - Mindelheim
21/06/2005: Spain
A time of opportunity, a time of hope
Kairoi celebrates 25 years
20/06/2005: General House
A little jewel-box filled with memories
Saint Marcellin Champagnat Chapel
17/06/2005: Ecuador
What is God asking me? What is God asking us?
An Assembly of the Marist Brothers in Ecuador
16/06/2005: Italy
You come, you profit, we all prosper
Slaves at the service of Western dreams
14/06/2005: Philippines
I am your servant, be it done to me
Celebrating the Marist Vocation Year in the Philippines
12/06/2005: South Africa
The vocation of a teacher
Sharing our Call Workshop
10/06/2005: Brazil
To live together, to share, to be helped and to move forward in common
Interprovincial meeting of Formators and Vocation Animators
08/06/2005: Argentina
Let us revive the fire in our lives and communities!
Meetings of age groups
07/06/2005: Italy
Widening the space of our tent
Lay Consultant Meeting
05/06/2005: France
A yes that changes life
Marcellin Champagnat
03/06/2005: Spain
The 11th Solidarity Walkathon
An Initiative for the Third World
02/06/2005: Spain
At the service of vitality and mission
International Council for Economic Affairs
31/05/2005: Guatemala
Visit of the General Council to the Belén community
Marist Sisters of Champagnat
30/05/2005: Spain
Nine forgotten deaths in Africa
The Audiencia National investigates the murder of Spaniards
27/05/2005: Vatican
Proud in order to be worthy
Fifty years since the Beatification of Father Champagnat
24/05/2005: Paraguay
A volunteer Marist co-worker committed to the defence of a minor who was raped and abused by a sub-officer
A mobilisation for the defence of the rights of children and adolescents
23/05/2005: Australia
Walking in Marcellin’s footsteps
Champagnat Pilgrimage 2005
21/05/2005: Brazil
Rekindling the fire!
A meeting of young brothers from Brasil Centro-Sul
20/05/2005: General House
Looking at our Founder
May 20, 1789, birth of Saint Marcellin
19/05/2005: Vatican
The promptings of the Holy Spirit
One month after the election of Benedict XVI
17/05/2005: Guatemala
Extended General Council in Guatemala – IV
Visit of the General Council to Arco Norte
16/05/2005: Guatemala
Extended General Council in Guatemala - III
Visit of the General Council to Arco Norte
14/05/2005: Guatemala
Extended General Council in Guatemala – II
Visit of the General Council to Arco Norte
13/05/2005: Guatemala
Extended General Council In Guatemala - I
Visit from the General Council to Arco Norte
12/05/2005: Vatican
I brought my luggage to Rome as a pilgrim
The Coat of Arms of Benedict XVI
11/05/2005: Brazil
Marist Apostolic Spirituality
10th meeting of the Inter-American network
10/05/2005: Italy
Review the life as a Little Brother of Mary
Francophone Spirituality Session at Manziana
08/05/2005: Mexico
A Life experience
Missionary camp at the Chona Postulancy
06/05/2005: Portugal
Let’s go to Mary as children go to their mother
Meeting of Marist Centres in Fatima
05/05/2005: General House
A Vocation Year for Everyone
Marist Echo Number 49
03/05/2005: Algeria
The great Christian mysteries in the House of Islam
Holy Week in Mostaganem
02/05/2005: Vatican
I will continue to maintain a dialogue with you because you are seeking great things
Young people in the first week of the Pontificate
29/04/2005: Spain
Celebrating Easter “in the depths of our being”
Monastery of Santa Maria de Bellpuig de Les Avellanes
28/04/2005: Argentina
Hermitage - everyone’s house
A group of adolescents live community in Argentina
27/04/2005: Mexico
God is passionate about you and me
Sharing the faith during Holy Week
26/04/2005: Colombia
It is the Lord who was present amongst us
REMAR Youth Easter at the Marist school in Cali
25/04/2005: Australia
To follow Christ in the manner of Mary
The Novitiate returns to Mittagong
21/04/2005: General House
The official site of the Institute celebrates its first birthday
19/04/2005: Vatican
Annuntio vobis gaudium magnum
But it will be daunting to appear at this window
18/04/2005: Vatican
Saint Marcellin belongs to us all
Marcellin’s dream: Live it today!
17/04/2005: Vatican
Called to put out into the deep
World day of prayer for vocations
16/04/2005: Vatican
I would have liked to hug everyone
I saw an enormous human carpet of celebrating people (WYD 2000)
15/04/2005: Philippines
Marist Vocation Year
Filipino Marist Youth gather to celebrate
14/04/2005: Brazil
Unification means union of hearts and in spirit
Meeting of leaders of the Marist Provinces of Brasil
12/04/2005: Vatican
Totus tuus ego sum
The Marian thread through all his life
11/04/2005: Switzerland
A Major New Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO)
Marist Brothers Join Franciscans International in NGO Partnership
09/04/2005: Brazil
Working together to try to optimise the efforts in management
Marist Economes in Brazil
07/04/2005: Vatican
Do not be afraid!
The slogan the most lived and most repeated
06/04/2005: Mexico
2006 will be a year rich with events
Meeting of the Postulation Team
05/04/2005: Vatican
Our Number One leaves the Vatican City
2nd April 2005, 9:37pm
04/04/2005: Italy
Community Animation and Leadership Course
Nemi, March - April 2005
02/04/2005: Vatican
I have reached the goal
Wojtyla’s Way of the Cross
31/03/2005: Singapore
Ensuring vitality of Marist life and mission in Asia
A second meeting of brothers in Singapore
29/03/2005: Mexico
All the believers were united, holding all things in common
Regional meeting for the discernment of the evangelical use of goods
25/03/2005: Spain
Together giving colour to life
A recreational and cultural activity in Badajoz
22/03/2005: Spain
An initiative for breaking down boundaries
School exchange Lleida - Almere
21/03/2005: Sri Lanka
«Do whatever he tells you!»
A Marian Pilgrimage for Vocations in Sri Lanka
19/03/2005: Vatican
We have come to adore Him
XXth World Youth Day - August 2005 at Cologne
18/03/2005: Côte dIvoire
Life and hope in Ivory Coast
Perpetual Vows and the Vow of Stability
16/03/2005: Argentina
Meeting of Community Superiors
Province of Cruz del Sur
15/03/2005: France
An experience and an encounter in a house of welcome
Third meeting of the Commission for Marist Places
14/03/2005: Portugal
Being a teacher today - A mission?
Marist Education Day
12/03/2005: Sri Lanka
Here I am, Lord. Speak, your servant is listening
Profession Day 2005 at Tudella, Sri Lanka
11/03/2005: Spain
Plan for social education
To know and participate in situations of marginalisation
10/03/2005: Canada
All to Jesus through Mary; all to Mary for Jesus
Frescoes in the chapel of the Marist Brothers of Château-Richer
09/03/2005: Venezuela
Be good to the children who are the most neglected
José Leonardo Chirinos Community Centre
07/03/2005: Spain
The truth as dynamic for change
Complaint about the assassination of Brothers Servando, Julio, Miguel Angel and Fernando
06/03/2005: General House
A bridge between the past and the future
International Marist Apostolic Spirituality Commission
04/03/2005: General House
What objective do you wish to attain in life?
To grow in age, wisdom and grace
02/03/2005: South Africa
Young South Africans are anxious about their future prospects
The necessity of Pastoral Care in the School
01/03/2005: Brazil
Marcellin’s dream - Live it today!
Ten new novices in the Province of Rio Grande do Sul
27/02/2005: Spain
A course for Community Animators
El Escorial 10/02 - 10/04
25/02/2005: Brazil
A meeting with Champagnat
CEPAM in Porto Alegre, Brazil
23/02/2005: Venezuela
“We have come so that they may have life and have it to the full
The final series of General Council visits have started
21/02/2005: Brazil
Have no fear, little flock
Eight young lives all set to go
18/02/2005: General House
EU-DAP - European Drug Addiction Prevention
A school course to learn how to say no
16/02/2005: Vatican
A programme condensed into four great challenges
The Diplomatic Corps’ audience with the Holy Father
14/02/2005: Portugal
The last witness to the apparitions at Fatima has died at Coimbra
Lucia de Jesus dos Santos
13/02/2005: Colombia
Expanding the space of the tent
Medellín - January 2005
11/02/2005: Brazil
Another world is possible
Marist Educators in the 5th World Social Forum
08/02/2005: Australia
Walking Together
Sharing the Journey
06/02/2005: Italy
I love you, just as you are!
The Angelus live from «Vatican 3»
05/02/2005: Spain
They came because they had life to the full
The spiritualty session finishes at Siguenza
03/02/2005: Spain
Festival of solidarity at Mataró
Open Hands - 17th campaign
31/01/2005: Vatican
Another step has been taken on the pathway to beatification
The Meeting of Theologians has taken place at the Vatican
29/01/2005: Spain
An award for an educational project for children and young people at risk in society
The Rialles Open Centre, in Santa Coloma de Gramenet, Barcelona
26/01/2005: India
Brothers in India are working hard to support the people
A month of tragedy has passed in South East Asia
24/01/2005: Spain
Utopia, often, is only a premature idea
Siguenza: workplace for the new Europe
22/01/2005: Spain
One spirit in the diversity of cultures and languages
Meeting at Siguenza: entering into life
21/01/2005: Spain
The General Council listens to the youth of Europe
An Initiative for the Marist Vocation Year
20/01/2005: Italy
To follow Christ as Mary did
Meeting of the General Councils of the four Marist Congregations
18/01/2005: Argentina
Youth Ministry as a key to vocations
Marist Province of Cruz del Sur
17/01/2005: Mexico
Together to share a dream
Meeting of Youth-Vocation Ministry and Formation Personnel
14/01/2005: Liberia
A great celebration for a final profession
Marist District of West Africa
12/01/2005: Algeria
Jesus is born without any limelight
Christmas in Mostaganem - Algeria
10/01/2005: Brazil
Young brothers consecrated their lives
Province of Brasil Centro-Norte
07/01/2005: Tanzania
A common Provincial Postulancy
Tanzania, East Africa
05/01/2005: Brazil
Fifteen new brothers in two provinces of Brazil
Provinces of Rio Grande do Sul and Brasil Centro-Sul
04/01/2005: General House
And God needs to become flesh in us
2nd January 2005

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