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3 December

Saint Francis Xavier, Patron of the Missions
1956: the first Marist Brothers left for Bolivia
International Day for People with Disabilities (UN)

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12/09/2016: General House
Marial Spirit
Mary's name
29/12/2006: Canada
“O Crux ave, spes unica”
An exposition of various representations of the cross.
28/12/2006: Greece
First official visit of an orthodox archbishop to the Pope
S. B. Christodoulos, a marist alumnus
27/12/2006: Costa Rica
A gift from Mary
Eight first professions at Medellín
26/12/2006: Brazil
25/12/2006: Italy
Br. Séan Sammon, S. G.
Christmas message
22/12/2006: General House
Commitment for justice
Annual meeting between BIS and SED
22/12/2006: Haiti
Profession in Haiti
First perpetual profession of a brother in Haiti
21/12/2006: Brazil
“United in one heart”
2nd Chapter of the Marist Province of Brasil Centro-Norte
21/12/2006: Spain
Prepare the pathways of the Lord
Jubilee celebration of our Senior Brothers
20/12/2006: Kenya
Regionalisation facilitates co-operation and collaboration
New perspectives for the Administrative Units of Africa
20/12/2006: Philippines
The Mission Ad Gentes project Davao
The new frontiers of the Marist mission
19/12/2006: Australia
Sydney Province
First profession of Br. Justin Golding
19/12/2006: Vatican
The Church officially recognises that our brothers are martyrs
Decree on the martyrdom of Brother Laurentino, Virgilio and forty-four other brothers
18/12/2006: Kenya
The spiritual meaning of restructuring
Marist Africa and restructuring
18/12/2006: General House
Sent on mission
Three generous brothers whose heart has matured in the sun of the love of God.
15/12/2006: Brazil
Nine new brothers
Professions in the Province of Rio Grande do Sul
15/12/2006: Kenya
Taking the pulse of the finances
A new model for Marist Africa
14/12/2006: Australia
“Age Quod Agis”
Marist College Rosalie
13/12/2006: Canada
If you were Marcellin…
Provincial assembly for the Marist mission - Province of Canada
12/12/2006: Kenya
Financial stability, revision and regionalisation
Extended General Council Meeting in Africa (1)
11/12/2006: Brazil
International meeting in Brazil
Management model of a Marist institution
10/12/2006: New Zealand
Democracy in Tonga
The situation in Tonga
07/12/2006: New Zealand
A new way to wide the space of our tent
The Grove Community
06/12/2006: Spain
Grateful memory
70 years of martyrdom of six brothers who formed the community of Malaga in 1936
05/12/2006: Kenya
The representatives of eleven countries gathered together in Nairobi
Meeting of young people from the African continent with the Brother Superior General and his Council
04/12/2006: Italy
Principal role of young people in the most varied of cultures and religious expressions
Inter-religious meeting of Young People, at Assisi
04/12/2006: Australia
Br Kevin Friel and Br. Geoff Kelly
Awards give to two Brothers of the Sydney Province
02/12/2006: General House
The Voices of Children Call Us to Solidarity
Advent and Marist Solidarity 2006
01/12/2006: Kenya
Dance, rhythm, song and exuberant colours
Br. Seán celebrates his birthday at Nairobi
30/11/2006: General House
The International Commission finishes its work
Eighth version of the “Marist Apostolic Spirituality”
29/11/2006: South Africa
A Muslim student studying in a Catholic school
St Joseph’s Marist School, Rondebosch, Cape Town
28/11/2006: Spain
Response of three young people to the call of God
Entry to the novitiate of Seville
27/11/2006: Mozambique
No more novices but brothers
First vows in the Southern Africa Province
24/11/2006: Canada
Celebration for our Centenarian
100 years of Brother Omer Ouellet
23/11/2006: Switzerland
Meeting with Brother César Henríquez
Manziana Renewal Course visits Geneva
22/11/2006: Ghana
District of West Africa
A series of perpetual professions
21/11/2006: Mexico
At the service of the marist mission
Second Meeting of Marist Institutions of Tertiary Education
20/11/2006: General House
The child shall be given opportunities and facilities
November 20th - Universal Childrens Day
20/11/2006: General House
Echoes and reflections
Bugobe, 10 years
17/11/2006: Switzerland
Promotion and defence of the rights of the child
Official establishment of the new Marist community at Geneva
17/11/2006: Ghana
Laity and youth ministry, two big projects
Mission Team for Africa
16/11/2006: Thailand
From the meeting with Christ to evangelisation
First Asian Missionary Congress: from the 19th to the 22nd October
15/11/2006: Italy
Renew program for 21 brothers of 6 nationalities
Third age spirituality course for English speakers
15/11/2006: Brazil
Do not be afraid: I am with you
Perpetual profession in the Province of Brasil Centro-Sul
14/11/2006: Mexico
Five hundred participants celebrate by singing “Las Mañanitas”
A plaque in honour of Brother Basilio in the house where he was born
14/11/2006: Philippines
He has consecrated me…
4 Filipino brothers profess final vows
13/11/2006: Netherlands
Challenges for the future of Marist Europe
Assembly of Provincial Councils of Europe
13/11/2006: Brazil
Identity of the brother and the lay Marist
Marist mission assembly in the Province of Rio Grande do Sul
10/11/2006: General House
Finalising the last details
Meeting of the Consultative Council for the Mission Ad Gentes project
09/11/2006: United States
The Province have made vocation promotion a priority
The Superior General visited the United States
08/11/2006: Spain
Marist Family Day at Seville
Commemoration of the tenth anniversary of the martyrs of Bugobe
07/11/2006: General House
Marist apostolic life today
The third circular of Brother Seán Sammon, Superior General
06/11/2006: Australia
What really is important in life
Marist Forum to a group of year 11 students
06/11/2006: Colombia
It will start its activity on the 1st January 2007
Inter-Provincial Novitiate for the Province of Norandina and for América Central
03/11/2006: Guatemala
Proposals for both the Assembly and the Province
Marist International Mission Assembly
03/11/2006: Colombia
The Marist vocation as a theme of artistic expression
Vocational artistic competition at Bogotá
02/11/2006: Equatorial Guinea
The catechist has remained for fifty years in the same village
Sanctuary dedicated to Saint Marcellin at Abeng-Eseng
30/10/2006: Brazil
Champagnat belongs to all who are committed to his mission
Brother Seán visits the Province of Brasil Centro-Sul
30/10/2006: Dem. Rep. of the Congo
“They loved until the end”
Bugobe, 10 years
27/10/2006: Switzerland
UN Secretary-Generals study
UN reveals full range and scale of Violence against Children
27/10/2006: Brazil
In the heart an option that makes me happy
1st Congress of Marist Youth Ministry in the Province of Brasil Centro-Sul
26/10/2006: Italy
Echoes of an experience
Manziana: closure of the Spanish and Portuguese Third Age
25/10/2006: Romania
The Marist presence is consolidated in Romania
Inauguration of the Saint Marcellin Champagnat Centre for homeless minors
24/10/2006: El Salvador
Analysing experiences and programming activities
Meeting of the Provincials of Arco Norte
23/10/2006: Greece
Talk by Mr Kostas Dimitri
Orientations for the new school year in the Léonin Secondary School at Patissia
20/10/2006: Spain
Concerning the coming beatifications
The Church of Spain assumes the responsibility
19/10/2006: Pakistan
1966 – 2006
Forty years of Marist life in Pakistan
18/10/2006: Australia
Marist Brothers look to future
A Century in Mittagong
17/10/2006: Spain
I give thanks to the Father for my vocation as a brother
Perpetual profession of Brother Juan Pablo Hernández Castillo
16/10/2006: Brazil
The visits are a part of a vast programme of accompaniment
Brother Seán Sammon visits the cities of Rio Grande do Sul
14/10/2006: Mexico
A plaque on the house where Brother Basilio Rueda was born
Tenth anniversary of his death
12/10/2006: Philippines
Community life, spiritual life, and ministry
Brs. Peter and Emili visit the Philippines
11/10/2006: Brazil
The university must teach people to dream of a better world
The Superior General receives a tribute in Brazil
10/10/2006: Argentina
Elation and gratitude in “Cruz del Sur”
Celebrating various jubilee anniversaries of religious life
09/10/2006: General House
Changes in the Bureau for Religious Life and with the translators
Appointments of the General Council
06/10/2006: General House
Preparatory Commission for the Marist International Mission Assembly
Another significant moment before meeting at Mendes
06/10/2006: General House
October 6th, 1934
Br. Bernardo, martyr
06/10/2006: General House
We can be truly proud of these brothers
Laurentino, Virgilio and 44 other brothers
05/10/2006: United States
Will Our Faith Have Children?
US Marist Campus Ministers and Religious Educators
04/10/2006: Colombia
The “Sierra Morena” District, Bogota
“San Marcelino Champagnat” Pastoral and Services Centre
03/10/2006: Brazil
What do we want for the future of our young people?
The visit of the Brother Superior General to Rio Grande do Sul
02/10/2006: General House
Recalling the Marist Vocation Year
FMS Message 35 gathers the historical memories
29/09/2006: Brazil
The Sacred Congregation of Religious confirms Brother Claudino as Consulter
A marist Brother in the Congregation for Institutes of Consacrated Life
28/09/2006: Zambia
Improvement of educational conditions in Zambia
New secondary school and professional formation at Chibuluma
27/09/2006: Italy
Spanish and Portuguese speaking Manziana Course heads to the Hermitage
A gift from the Marist and Marianist Institutes
25/09/2006: France
La Valla Mulhouse community
La Valla Mulhouse celebrates its ten years of existence!
22/09/2006: United States
Walking in the footsteps of Marcellin
The Students of Archbishop Molloy High School visit France
21/09/2006: General House
Animation and formation of Provincial Secretaries
A practical manual is being prepared for the use of Provincial Secretaries
20/09/2006: Brazil
One heart, one mission
Provincial assembly for the Marist mission - Province of South Central Brazil
19/09/2006: Bolivia
Marist educators’ manifesto
50 years of Marist presence in Bolivia
19/09/2006: Spain
Ten proposals for the future
Marist mission assembly in the Province of Compostela
18/09/2006: France
We have not stopped, even though we are advancing slowly
To make the spirit of the Hermitage ours
18/09/2006: General House
Visits to Provinces
Activity of the Brother Superior General
15/09/2006: Cuba
From the Pearl of the Caribbean
A grain of mustard on Cuban soil
15/09/2006: Madagascar
A particular Mission
A pioneer work among the Bara tribe
14/09/2006: Madagascar
Madagascar has known a great intensity of Marist life
Perpetual profession and jubilee of religious life
14/09/2006: Italy
Building peace through prayer
20th inter-religious meeting of prayer for peace
13/09/2006: Italy
The Writing Commission gets down to business
One step closer to the document on Marist apostolic spirituality
13/09/2006: Sri Lanka
Did not our hearts burn within us while He talked to us on the road?
The vocation camp with a difference
12/09/2006: Brazil
A possible dream
Continental meeting on Marist youth ministry
12/09/2006: Canada
Mary through the ages, the arts and philately
Marial exposition at Château-Richer
11/09/2006: Haiti
The health of several brothers hastens this event
The Province of Canada transfers its mission of Haiti to that of México Occidental
11/09/2006: Brazil
Mission and management of educational works
National meeting of Marist directors
08/09/2006: Spain
El Escorial 76
More human, more brothers, more faithful to God and to Saint Marcellin
08/09/2006: Kenya
The Director of the Bureau for the Evangelical Use of Goods starts his activities
Brother Pedro Ost participates in the meeting of Major Superiors of Africa
07/09/2006: Brazil
He has consecrated me…
Perpetual Vows in the Province of Brasil Centro-Sul
07/09/2006: Sri Lanka
Summary of a report from Br. Michael de Wass
Conference of Major Religious Superiors meets with Tamilselvan
06/09/2006: Philippines
Mission ad Gentes
Opening of the first orientation session in Davao
06/09/2006: Spain
Many ways of realising the same life project
European meeting of the Champagnat Movement
05/09/2006: Italy
Grace has not been fruitless in me
The first stages of the third age session
05/09/2006: Mexico
We should always give thanks to God
Taking of the Habit in the Interprovincial Novitiate of Mexico
04/09/2006: Australia
New Venture for 2006
Year 12 Marist Forum
01/09/2006: France
A Chapter in the cradle of the Institute
LHermitage Province: II Chapter
01/09/2006: Ghana
United above the diversity of languages and of cultures
Third chapter of the District of West Africa
31/08/2006: Philippines
To dwell in His house all the days of my life
3 Filipino brothers celebrate golden jubilee
31/08/2006: General House
Activities of the General Council
Calendar of visits and meetings from July to December 2006
30/08/2006: General House
This exchange was very enriching and provided everyone with encouragement
Review of Ongoing Formation
29/08/2006: General House
The web takes some unexpected holidays
Re-establishment of the service
11/08/2006: Spain
Our Land! A time for decisions
Province of Mediterranea: Second Provincial Chapter
09/08/2006: Côte dIvoire
The daily presence of God is evident among us
The life of the Brothers in Africa
03/08/2006: Lebanon
We see in the people a desire to help those who are suffering
News of our Brothers in Lebanon
01/08/2006: Mozambique
Two brothers dead in a motor accident
Br. Cristiano da Costa and Br. David Preciado
31/07/2006: Romania
And life invades the houses!
A first for the Marists of Bucharest
28/07/2006: General House
Report of the plenary session of June – July 2006
Meeting of the general Council with the personnel of the General Administration
27/07/2006: Portugal
Have God present, and let yourself be surprised
Summer camp for the Mar-Cha youth movement
26/07/2006: Argentina
Assembly and Provincial Chapter of the Province of Cruz del Sur
Relaunching the Provincial Chapter of 2003
24/07/2006: Spain
The formation of young people does not take holidays.
Summer work in the Province of Mediterránea
22/07/2006: Brazil
It is worth spending your life for your dream
Meeting of Brazilian young brothers
20/07/2006: General House
Two centennial doyens leave us
The two doyens of the Institute have died
19/07/2006: Canada
Champagnat’s dream in the forest continues
Marist Camp at Rawdon, (Quebec – Canada)
18/07/2006: Lebanon
Message from the Faraya House in difficult times
The teachers from Champville and from Byblos meet for the first time
17/07/2006: Lebanon
News from our brothers in Lebanon
The zone where we are has been respected until now by Israel
14/07/2006: Philippines
All the Dioceses in the world enter into our designs
Marist Mission Ad Gentes - Orientation Programme in Davao
13/07/2006: Spain
In anticipation of future beatifications
A book is being prepared on the martyred brothers of Spain
12/07/2006: Switzerland
A new effort in favour of human rights
19th to 30th June 2006
11/07/2006: Spain
Presence of Religious Life at this meeting
5th World Meeting of the Family at Valencia
10/07/2006: Rwanda
Month of blessings for the PACE
Ten new brothers in the Province of East Central Africa
07/07/2006: Kenya
Nairobi’s Formators’ Course concludes at the Hermitage
The Formators´ Course in Retrospect
06/07/2006: Spain
An unusual café promotes vocations in Valencia
Interview with Georgina Trías
06/07/2006: Colombia
Perpetual profession in the Province of Norandina
Three brothers pronounce their perpetual vows
05/07/2006: Vatican
Our martyred brothers
Cause of Brothers Laurentino, Virgilio and 44 companions
04/07/2006: General House
The Marist Family shares about its common patrimony
Annual meeting of the Marist Patrimony Committee
03/07/2006: General House
Visiting Rome to have a better awareness of the services of the General Administration
Meeting of new Provincials and District Superiors
30/06/2006: General House
Golden Jubilee of Brothers Gaudencio González and Juan Arconada
Celebration of 50 years of religious life
27/06/2006: Ghana
District of West Africa: The family increases
Five novices of four nationalities have pronounced their first vows
26/06/2006: Mexico
In the simple chapel of Santa Cruz de Morelia, Michoacán
First profession and renewal of temporary vows
23/06/2006: South Africa
Father Champagnat surrounded by children
New Champagnat stained glass window at St Joseph’s Marist School
23/06/2006: General House
Two ex-students from the Cristo Rey de A Coruña Marist College, together in Rome
Visit to the General House by the Spanish Ambassador to the Holy See
22/06/2006: Guatemala
Young Marists
Meeting at Chichicastenango
21/06/2006: Argentina
Marist Province of Cruz del Sur
Temporary profession of two brothers
20/06/2006: Greece
Animated by the Apostolic Nuncio in Greece and by three orthodox priests
The educational communities of Greece celebrate Saint Marcellin Champagnat
19/06/2006: General House
New appointment by the General Council
Brother Pedro Ost, Director of the Bureau for the Evangelical Use of Goods
16/06/2006: Chile
A gift from the Lord and from Marcellin for us
Celebration of Saint Marcellin in Chile
16/06/2006: General House
The General Council takes the pulse of the finances of the Institute
Meeting in Rome of the International Council of Economic Affairs of the Institute
15/06/2006: General House
Knowledge of Saint Marcellin and of his work
The results of May’s poll on the web
15/06/2006: General House
Seán Sammon: “Three revolutionary aspects of Saint Marcellin”
Feast of Saint Marcellin at the General House
14/06/2006: Mexico
Missionary Pentecost
An experience of the Spirit in the Province of México Central
13/06/2006: Spain
Saint Marcellin Champagnat Square
Homage to the Founder of the Marist Brothers
12/06/2006: Brazil
REBU 2006
Come to the centre!
12/06/2006: General House
Seán D. Sammon, FMS
Homily, June 10th, 2006
09/06/2006: Australia
Retreat at The Hermitage
Easter at Mitagong
08/06/2006: Brazil
Reviewing history in order to raise one’s awareness
Lecturers and employees meet together at the Pontifical University of Rio Grande do Sul
07/06/2006: Mexico
Something new at CEPAM
A pilot course for lay Marists
06/06/2006: General House
Brother Seán placed this decision
Restructuring of Marist Asia
06/06/2006: Puerto Rico
Admiration and gratitude for the educators who have had an effect on their lives
Meeting of former students of Manatí
05/06/2006: Australia
Living Champagnat’s Vision at Santa Teresa (Ltyentye Apurte) 2006
Lay Partnership Update
01/06/2006: Germany
The Marist secondary school can recall a great past
The Marist Brothers - 80 years at Mindelheim
31/05/2006: Canada
Mary throught the ages and art
Marial exposition at Château-Richer
30/05/2006: France
18 years in France!!! It has come of age! This is what we are celebrating!
Champagnat Movement of the Marist Family
29/05/2006: Argentina
Welcome Brother Seán!
Brother Seán Sammon visits the Province of Cruz del Sur
26/05/2006: Lebanon
Allowing yourself to be watched over by Mary
One of Brother Alex’s little secrets
26/05/2006: Spain
Mr Fernando Orellana Ramos
Newly affiliated member in the Province of Mediterránea
25/05/2006: Vatican
The Pope meets with the Superiors General
Invitation to exercise the service of authority according to the inspiration of the Gospel
25/05/2006: Italy
The 2006 Mid-Life Spirituality Program
Spirituality centre, Manziana
24/05/2006: General House
The Brother Superior General’s diary
Brother Seán Sammon’s presence in Manziana and El Escorial
24/05/2006: Brazil
Young brothers united by one same ideal
Meeting of young brothers from the Province of Brasil Centro-Norte
23/05/2006: Spain
Walking in solidarity with Bolivia
The Marist College of Notre-Dame du Carmel in Badajoz
22/05/2006: General House
Looking towards the lands of Asia
Meeting of the Consultative Council for the project of mission ad gentes
19/05/2006: Brazil
Mission with young people
Presentation of the norms of Marist Youth Ministry to the bishops of Brazil
18/05/2006: Brazil
Norms of youth ministry
Brazil launches a new proposal of youth ministry
17/05/2006: Italy
I cannot see a child without telling him how much God loves him
Meeting of teachers and brothers in Viterbo
16/05/2006: Brazil
The definitive YES of Brother Murilo Bertoldi
Perpetual profession in the Province of Brasil Centro-Sul
15/05/2006: General House
The Institute’s webpage is rejuvenated
The 3rd edition in brief
12/05/2006: Ghana
The challenges of the evangelisation of young people in Africa are analysed
Visit of the Archbishop of Kumasi to the General House
11/05/2006: Brazil
SEMEAR – formation of laypeople
Apostolic Spirituality and mission of the Marist layperson in the Church and in the world
10/05/2006: Brazil
A heart of Marist solidarity in America
Meeting of NGOs and social works of the Marist Provinces of America
09/05/2006: General House
The Vocation of the Lay Marist
1st Meeting of the Writing Commission for the Document
09/05/2006: Belgium
Provincial Chapter of the Province of West Central Europe: “Be without fear”
Twenty-one brothers and three elected laypeople constitute the Chapter assembly
08/05/2006: Belgium
The consecrated life document in the construction of Europe
Meeting of European religious
05/05/2006: Algeria
An authentic witness to the love of Christ
Brother Henri Vergès
04/05/2006: Algeria
We are planning to found a second community in Algeria
News from Mostaganem
03/05/2006: Pakistan
Marist life on the increase
Formation developments in Pakistan
02/05/2006: General House
The remodelling project of the Hermitage goes one step further
First meeting of the central Commission of Marist Places
02/05/2006: Mexico
Marist Apostolic Spirituality
Meeting of the Inter-American network of Marist Spirituality
28/04/2006: France
Saint Peter Chanel
Marist Father, first martyr of Oceania
28/04/2006: Guatemala
His permanent memory lives on in Chichicastenango
A picture tribute to Brother Moisés Cisneros
27/04/2006: General House
A programme for managing the Institute’s archives
Presentation of Archivum to the General Administration
26/04/2006: Brazil
Catholic higher education and internationalisation in Latin America
The Catholic Pontifical University of Rio Grande do Sul hosts a Latin American meeting
26/04/2006: Algeria
The martyrs of the Church of Algeria
Nineteen people of different cultures who have loved Algeria
24/04/2006: Brazil
All together in one same direction
Province of Brasil Centro-Norte
21/04/2006: Haiti
“Missionary” brothers to Haiti
First “Mission Ad Gentes” brothers are in place
19/04/2006: Syria
The Marists and the Moslem culture
The Aljamahir newspaper speaks of the Marist Brothers
18/04/2006: Spain
Marist solidarity
BIS and SED meet to share projects and ideas
18/04/2006: Tanzania
With Brother Seán we have experienced communion with all the Institute
A time of grace for the Province of Afrique Centre-Est / East Central Africa
17/04/2006: General House
Seán D. Sammon, FMS - Easter message
April 15th, 2006
12/04/2006: Spain
Our saints are a part of the Patrimony of our family
The Postulation team met
11/04/2006: General House
Brother Pau Fornells has assumed his responsibilities as Director
The new Bureau for the Laity has started functioning
10/04/2006: Spain
One hundred years of Marist presence in Andalusia
Marist presence in Lucena
07/04/2006: Vatican
Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path
Message of the Holy Father Benedict XVI to the youth of the world on the occasion of the 21st World Youth Day
06/04/2006: Italy
Three Jesuit anniversaries
Centenaries of Ignatius of Loyola, of Francis Xavier and of Peter Faber
05/04/2006: Brazil
An occasion to share ideas and to build the future
The Provincial Assembly of the Province of Rio Grande do Sul
04/04/2006: Germany
Childrens Bible Online in 20 Languages
Including in Arabic, Turkish and Chinese
03/04/2006: Spain
Marist presence in Andalusia started in Lucena
Marists: 100 years in Andalusia
31/03/2006: Vatican
A grateful memory
One year since the death of John Paul II
30/03/2006: Belgium
A special anniversary for Belgium
150 years of Marist Brothers’ presence in Belgium
29/03/2006: Australia
The Spirit of Marcellin Alive in Oz
The Hermitage Downunder
28/03/2006: General House
One Heart, One Mission
The Marist International Mission Assembly is set in motion
27/03/2006: Tanzania
Marist life and Mission in Africa
Echoes from the Marist Postulancy of Nyakato
24/03/2006: Spain
Champagnat’s charism as a life style
Marist Fraternities in the Province of Mediterránea, Spanish sector
24/03/2006: General House
Witnesses to reconciliation
Before the next beatification of forty-seven brothers
23/03/2006: Vatican
Benedict XVI will celebrate his first Ordinary Public Consistory
College of cardinals will have 193 members
22/03/2006: Australia
The work of the Marist Brothers began in Australia in 1872
Maristoz is a website of the Marist Brothers Sydney Province of Australia
21/03/2006: General House
Br. Basilio was our brother
The 10th Anniversary of his death
20/03/2006: General House
A popular festival of a playful character
Carnival according to our poll on the web
20/03/2006: Belgium
150 years of Marist presence
A special anniversary for Belgium
17/03/2006: General House
Publication remembering the 7th General Conference
FMS Message 34
16/03/2006: General House
The brothers and the laypeople of the General House
1st Marist International Mission Assembly
14/03/2006: General House
New version of the document on Marist Apostolic Spirituality
Meeting in Rome of the International Commission of Marist Apostolic Spirituality
13/03/2006: Sri Lanka
First Profession at Tudella
The first profession of five new Marist Brothers
10/03/2006: General House
The Vocation of the lay Marist
A Commission for writing a working document
09/03/2006: General House
Rebuilding hope
First Year Update on the Marist Tsunami Fund and its Activities
08/03/2006: General House
New animations structures for the General Council
General Council explains the changes effected in the Council’s Commissions
07/03/2006: General House
New Directors and new Secretaries
Restructuring in the functioning of the General Council
06/03/2006: Vatican
Your Word Is a Lamp to My Feet and a Light to My Path
Papal Message for Youth Day (April 9, 2006)
06/03/2006: General House
Activities in Rome and beyond
The General Council’s Calendar for March and April
03/03/2006: Argentina

Community animation, human and spiritual growth

First meeting of Community Superiors - Cruz del Sur
02/03/2006: General House

Three hundred and sixty-five days of hope

A survey at the start of the year
01/03/2006: Australia
Australian Marist Community in Action
Marist Solidarity Campaign 2006
28/02/2006: Vatican
Jesus, at the sight of the crowds, was moved with pity
Benedict XVIs Message for Lent 2006 (Mat 9:36)
27/02/2006: Italy
The saints are the true bearers of light within history
Venerable brother Alfano Vaser (1873 – 1943)
24/02/2006: Spain
Marist Spirituality Course
San Lorenzo de El Escorial, from the 2nd February to the 21st June 2006
24/02/2006: General House
One hundred years ago…
Five Brothers murdered in Nantchang, China
23/02/2006: Argentina
Meeting of Young Brothers from Cono Sur
Cruz del Sur, District of Paraguay and Santa María de los Andes
22/02/2006: Argentina
Marist Patrimony in the Marist Province of Cruz del Sur
A contribution from Brother Eduardo Gatti
21/02/2006: Portugal
Our spiritual life faced with European challenges
12th Assembly of the Union of European Conferences of Major Superiors
20/02/2006: France
Reclaim the Spirit of the Hermitage
Hermitage: from the studio to the design
17/02/2006: Brazil
The Marists of western Amazônia
Second Chapter of the District of Amazônia
16/02/2006: General House
The project of the Mission ad gentes is addressed to each brother
The Brother Superior General sends a letter of invitation to each brother
15/02/2006: Italy
Competitions on the tracks and a revigorating pause in the church
Winter Olympic Games 2006
14/02/2006: Spain
The profile of a Marist executive
First meeting of executive teams of the Marist Province of Mediterránea
13/02/2006: Brazil
Presentation of the Lord, feast of Consecrated Life
Marist Province of Brasil Centro-Sul receives six new novices
10/02/2006: Romania
In Bucharest the Marists are dreaming, or at least that’s how it seems to us
Visit of Esperanza Aguirre to the Marist community in Bucharest
09/02/2006: Italy
Human Sexuality and Celibate Chastity
Brother Seán delivered an address to rectors
08/02/2006: Portugal
Religious life today: our spiritual life faced with European challenges
General Assembly of the Union of European Conferences of Major Superiors in Fatima
07/02/2006: Vatican
An Eloquent Sign of the Presence of the Kingdom
World Day of Consecrated Life
06/02/2006: United States
Our Lady is present in every face and every act of kindness
Molloy Volunteers Serve Lourdes Pilgrims
03/02/2006: Colombia
Living the spirit of the Hermitage
Seven young men start the Novitiate in Medellin
01/02/2006: General House
The wonder of life
Presentation of Jesus in the temple
31/01/2006: General House
Publication of Champagnat’s Method of reading
Marist Notebooks number 22
30/01/2006: France
Assistant General during the mandate of Brother Charles Raphaël
Brother Martin Esslinger dies at the age of 93
27/01/2006: Italy
As Mary did
Meeting of the General Councils of the four Marist branches
26/01/2006: Italy
Vidimus Dominum is again in operation
A website on Religious Life
25/01/2006: Spain
Archivum will help the management of the Institute’s documents
New software for the management of the General Administration’s Archives
24/01/2006: General House
The Project Mission Ad Gentes has been set in motion
Michael Flanigan, Rene Reyes, Tim Leen and Alfredo Herrera
23/01/2006: Brazil
Consecration as religious brothers
Retreat and professions in the Province of Brasil Centro-Norte
20/01/2006: General House
Meet the BIS Team
New members of the Bureau of International Solidarity
20/01/2006: General House
Two Superior Generals on the pathway to canonisation
Br. Basilio and Br. François - January 21st and January 22nd
19/01/2006: General House
Work of Commissions and Committees
General Council’s Calendar: January and February 2006
18/01/2006: Australia
Take on board new ideas
Student Leaders Gathering in Australia
17/01/2006: Cameroon
Three brothers have consecrated themselves fully to the Lord
Three perpetual professions in the District of West Africa
16/01/2006: General House
More than a million pages visited in 2005
Evaluation of a year’s activity on our site
15/01/2006: General House
Documents of the 7th General Conference on DVD
Contribution of the Bureau of Publications
13/01/2006: Switzerland
Marist to Geneva
Marist presence before the Committee of the Rights of the Child
12/01/2006: General House
Four Provincial Chapters and one District Chapter
General Councils activities
11/01/2006: Colombia
Major lines of action for the next three years
II Provincial Chapter of the Province of Norandina
10/01/2006: Kenya
The Evangelical Use of Material Goods
Marist International Centre - Nairobi - Workshop
09/01/2006: General House
Message for the 189th anniversary of the foundation of the institute
Br. Luis García Sobrado, Vicar General
07/01/2006: Australia
An Eye Opening and Challenging Experience
Year 11 Marist Forum
05/01/2006: Mexico
Brother Fernando Mejía starts his second mandate as Provincial of México Central
México Central celebrates its XIII Provincial Chapter
04/01/2006: France
A grateful remembrance of the Congregation to the French Marist Brothers
France celebrates the centenary of the separation of the Churches and the State
03/01/2006: General House
The experience of the General Conference
Meeting of the General Conference with the personnel of the General Administration

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