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Marist Calendar

28 October

Saints Simon and Jude, Apostles
1816, Saint Marcellin ministered to the dying teenager, Jean-Baptiste Montagne
2007 : beatification of 47 brothers martyrs of Spain.

Marist Calendar - October

News - Archive 2011 (339)


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30/12/2011: Kenya
The Prophetic Role of the Marist Brother today in Africa
Extended General Council in Nairobi
29/12/2011: France
Pilgrimage to the Marist Places
Marist Third Age - Manziana
28/12/2011: Spain
Constitution of the Associations of Former Marist Students
Federation of Associations of Former Marist Students of the Province of « Mediterránea »
26/12/2011: General House
Celebrating life and giving thanks to God
Feast of the Immaculate Conception in the General House
23/12/2011: General House
How is your heart, brother/sister?
Christmas Message 2011 from Br Superior General
23/12/2011: Brazil
Province of ‘Rio Grande do Sul’
Br Solano Bageston makes perpetual profession
22/12/2011: Mexico
Diffusion of the new data base system of the Institute
Training session for the Provincial Secretaries of America
21/12/2011: Australia
Champagnat Marists, Brothers and Lay
Oceania Shared Formation Experience
20/12/2011: Mozambique
A willing response from the Lord in freedom
Seven new Marists at Matola Novitiate
19/12/2011: Rwanda
« See! How good it is, how delightful, when brothers live as one! » (Ps 133:1)
News from the novitiate of Save
19/12/2011: Philippines
Solidarity with the people afflicted
Floods in the Philippines
17/12/2011: Brazil
Celebrate a success story!
50 years of the « Colégio Marista Pio XII » in Ponta Grossa
16/12/2011: Spain
Solidarity, education and social development
SED and FMSI sign an agreement of co-operation
15/12/2011: General House
“Marvellous Companions of Marcellin Champagnat”
Brother Alain Delorme presents another volume of biographies
14/12/2011: Japan
News from Br Ramón Bereicua Basauri
Golden Jubilee of the Marist School of Kumamoto
13/12/2011: General House
New evangelisation in the context of consecrated life
78th Half-year Assembly of the USG (Union of Superior Generals)
10/12/2011: Mexico
Presentation on the Mission
Scholasticate of Guadalajara – México Occidental
09/12/2011: Guatemala
Missionary Animation
Fraternities of Guatemala
07/12/2011: Mexico
A time to dream: hope, it’s you!
Education Ministry Team
07/12/2011: General House
Adynamic and modern format
Fourth version of the web www.champagnat.org
06/12/2011: Spain
An experience of formation and vitality
UMBRALES Session – Escorial
05/12/2011: Kenya
25th anniversary
Marist International Centre - MIC
03/12/2011: Spain
Take off your shoes, this place is holy
European Meeting of Provincial Animation Teams
02/12/2011: Brazil
International Marist Youth Meeting 2013
First meeting of the Organizing Committee of the IMYM
01/12/2011: General House
A tour of the European Agencies of International Solidarity
30/11/2011: General House
Formation of Religious and Lay Educators in the Service of Education
Education Commission of the Unions of Male and Female Superiors General
30/11/2011: Brazil
Celebrate a success story !
50 years of the « Colégio Marista Pio XII » in Ponta Grossa
29/11/2011: Brazil
« Good practice » in provincial management, animation and government
Exchanges between provinces
29/11/2011: Brazil
The right to quality in the Education of Children
Second Marist Congress for Childhood
28/11/2011: Spain
400 professionals of Catholic Education
XVII World Congress of Catholic Education
26/11/2011: Brazil
Challenges and perspectives in work in network
1st International Meeting of Marist Publishing Houses
25/11/2011: Nigeria
Province of Nigeria
Inaugurated Marist College, Yangoji, in Abuja
25/11/2011: Brazil
New relationship between brothers and laity
Regional Meeting of Animators of the Marist Laity
24/11/2011: Mexico
Happy and grateful toOnorúame-Eyerúame (Father-Mother God)
50 years of Marist presence in the mountains of Tarahumara
24/11/2011: Brazil
Province of « Brasil Centro-Sul »
Inauguration of a new hospital
23/11/2011: Guatemala
Searching together for a greater vitality of the charism
Regional Meeting of Animators of the Marist Laity
23/11/2011: Brazil
Province of « Brasil Centro-Norte »
Meeting of young Brothers
22/11/2011: Brazil
Immersion session
New pastoral co-ordinators and agents
22/11/2011: Madagascar
Marists, bearers of new life
Centenary of the arrival of the Brothers in Madagascar
21/11/2011: General House
First meeting of the Preparatory Commission
IX General Conference in September 2013 at the Hermitage
21/11/2011: Greece
Meeting with the Ecumenical Patriarch, Bartholomew 1st,
Voyage to Istanbul of the Lycée Léonin of Patissia
20/11/2011: Australia
Marist Solidarity
Marist Asia-Pacific Solidarity (MAPS)
19/11/2011: Brazil
« Ministry at the School » collection
«Brasil Centro-Norte» launches the document on the Marist Solidarity Mission
18/11/2011: General House
New appointments
Changes in the General Administration and the provinces and districts
17/11/2011: Germany
Revitalisation of the Marist charism
Meeting of the MEC at Mindelheim
16/11/2011: Italy
The Third Age
Course the Manziana
16/11/2011: France
Provinces: Canada, Central West Europe and the Hermitage
Formation meeting for provincial secretaries
15/11/2011: Spain
The novitiate for all the provinces of Europe
Sevilla Novitiate
15/11/2011: South Africa
Hubert -“Tubby”- Teubes
New affiliation to the Institute
14/11/2011: General House
Viewing the world through the eyes of a child
Advent and Marist Solidarity 2011
12/11/2011: Chile
Child Protection Project
Meeting with President Piñera
11/11/2011: Spain
Province of « Mediterránea »
III meeting of local animators of vocations
10/11/2011: General House
To all Dioceses of the world
AD GENTES - Documents in the Archives
10/11/2011: Philippines
Keeping Children Safe
Child Advocacy at MAPAC
09/11/2011: General House
III Meeting of the Financial Team
The contribution of FMSI towards the self-financing of the Marist Provinces of Africa
08/11/2011: Spain
After conquering nine summits
The Brothers of “Horizons” go on a pilgrimage to the Hermitage
07/11/2011: Philippines
Br. César Henríquez
Mission Ad Gentes – Group VIII
05/11/2011: General House
A docment with meaning and universal application
The General Administration receives the book Evangelizers Among Youth
04/11/2011: France
Brother Émile Helvic celebrates 100 years
03/11/2011: Malawi
The Economic Autonomy of Administrative Units
III Meeting of the Financial Team of the XXI General Chapter
02/11/2011: Thailand
Mission among migrants
News from Samut Sakhon, Bangkok
01/11/2011: Kenya
Solidarity fund launch
Nairobi - Marist International University College
31/10/2011: Australia
Provinces of Sydney and Melbourne
New Australian Marist Province
29/10/2011: Spain
Champagnat Movement of the Marist Family
Meeting of the fraternities of the Province of Ibérica
28/10/2011: Spain
Province of l’Hermitage
Perpetual profession of Br Eduard Olivé
26/10/2011: Philippines
Marist Asian Pacific Center
MAPAC Graduation 2011
25/10/2011: Brazil
New directions in evangelization for the Americas
Action Priorities for the Sub-commission of Evangelization up to 2017
25/10/2011: Canada
Resource destined for the Spanish speakers of the region
COPAFAL Mission of the community of Drummondville
24/10/2011: Spain
Presentation of the book “H. Virgilio León Herrero. La familia marista de los hermanos”
In honour of Br Virgilio León 25 years after his death
21/10/2011: General House
Evangelizers in the midst of youth
Document for Marist Youth Ministry (MYM)
20/10/2011: France
A Grand Marist Experience
Uruguay Pilgrimage to the Hermitage
20/10/2011: Spain
Marist Solidarity in Spain
SED - The Solidarity Club of the Marist Family is born
19/10/2011: United States
A Heart That Knew No Bounds
New video about St. Marcellin Champagnat
18/10/2011: Nigeria
Province of Nigeria
Perpetual Consecration
17/10/2011: Spain
Pilgrimage to the Hermitage completes the three cycles
Courses in Champagnat Documentation at the IEM
17/10/2011: Canada
On the way to their new land
Meeting of Community Animators
15/10/2011: Brazil
Centre of Marist Studies (CEM)
25 years in the service of the conservation and diffusion of Marist history
14/10/2011: South Korea
Marist presence in Asia
Fortieth anniversary of Marist presence in Korea
13/10/2011: Madagascar
Challenges and perspectives of Marist Mission in Africa
Meeting of the African Mission Commission
13/10/2011: Chile
Unprecedented meeting of Marist Youth
First Marist Congress with Participation by the Young People of Chile
12/10/2011: United States
Gathering of the Local Community Superiors, Province of the USA
Director’s Weekend at the Mariandale Retreat Center in Ossining, New York
11/10/2011: Chile
Monitoring adherence to the rights of children
An initiative involving faculty and staff at Marist Schools in Chile
10/10/2011: General House
Marist Education
Marist International Network of Institutions of Higher Education
07/10/2011: Kenya
Marist International Centre
MIC - 104 young brothers and 16 formators
07/10/2011: General House
The Secretary General updates the data processing services
Introduction of a new data processing system for the provincial secretaries
06/10/2011: Spain
Horizons Program
El Escorial - 16 Spanish and Portuguese-speaking Brothers take part
05/10/2011: Papua New Guinea
Convention on the Rights of the Child
Child Rights Training in the District of Melanesia
04/10/2011: Mexico
Marist Province of México Central
Camp for Agents of Youth Ministry
03/10/2011: Belgium
The Marist Mission in Europe
Meeting of European Mission Team
01/10/2011: El Salvador
Noble Friend of El Salvador
Brother León honored by the government of El Salvador
30/09/2011: Zambia
Province of Southern Africa
Community Superior’s Meeting, Lusaka
29/09/2011: Philippines
Perpetual profession
Three Filipino Brothers vow for life
28/09/2011: General House
October - December 2011
General Council calendar
28/09/2011: Venezuela
Responding to needs as Marists
Caracas: Integral Health Centre
27/09/2011: Spain
The new brand “Marists” gives unity to the institutional image in Europe
Corporative image for the Marist Works of Europe
26/09/2011: Brazil
Mary at the heart of the Church
Book based on the conferences of the Symposium on Mariology
26/09/2011: Pakistan
John Paul II Boys Town, Rawalpindi
Workshop on Childrens rights and on Lay partners
24/09/2011: Kenya
CSAC- Nairobi, September 2011
Conference of Superiors of the Continent of Africa
23/09/2011: Brazil
District of Amazonia
Marist presence among the Indians
22/09/2011: Argentina
With the pilgrim Mary we accompany Marist life in America
II InterAmerican Conference of Provincials (CIAP)
21/09/2011: Brazil
Strategic initiatives for the schools’ network
Meeting of the Schools’ Network of the Province of « Brasil Centro-Sul »
21/09/2011: Brazil
Prov. Brasil Centro-Norte
Annual retreat of the Champagnat Movement of the Marist Family
20/09/2011: General House
Patricia Cecilia Ríos Gómez
New member of the Enlarged Bureau of Laity
19/09/2011: Mexico
Marist spiritual patrimony
CEPAM - July course 2011 – Cycle b
18/09/2011: Portugal
A new song to Mary and the new land
16/09/2011: Spain
Br. Emili Turú - Superior General
What is the Spirit saying through the young?
15/09/2011: Switzerland
Consultative Status with the UN
Momentous Day for FMSI
15/09/2011: Brazil
« I can do everything in Him who strengthens me »
Perpetual profession of Brothers André Nosini and Valdinei Gabardo
13/09/2011: United States
Our call as Marist educators
The Marist Leadership Institute
13/09/2011: General House
Evangelizers among youth
Reference document for Marist Youth Ministry (MYM)
12/09/2011: Spain
Message of the Marist youth
International Marist Youth Meeting - Buitrago 14 August 2011
10/09/2011: Chile
Centenary of the Marist presence in Chile
First Marist Education Congress in Chile
09/09/2011: General House
International Marist Youth Ministry Commission
Strategies for implementing the Document « Evangelizers among youth »
08/09/2011: Sri Lanka
Marist Novitiate,Tudella , Ja-Ela
Vocation Camp for the year 2011
08/09/2011: General House
Madrid 2011
Coincidence of views… during the World Youth Day
07/09/2011: Dem. Rep. of the Congo
Closing of the centenary of Marist life in the DRC
Brothers Emili Turú and Joe McKee visit the Dem. Rep of the Congo
06/09/2011: Cuba
Summer School 2011
In harmony with the World Day of Youth
05/09/2011: Australia
Indian immersion
Marist College North Shore, Sydney
05/09/2011: France
Youth living the spirit of the Hermitage !!!
Group of young Americans in Notre Dame de l’ Hermitage
03/09/2011: Belgium
Jubilee 70&60 years of religious life as Marists
02/09/2011: Brazil
Marist Province of « Brasil Centro-Sul »
Enthronement of the statue of Saint Marcellin in a Marial sanctuary
01/09/2011: Colombia
A New Consecrated Life
Retreats in the Province Norandina
31/08/2011: Chile
Vitality, articulation, enculturation and prophetic attitude in the mission
Mission team of America meeting
30/08/2011: General House
Rome, 4 to 8 July 2011
First meeting of the Commission entrusted with the study of the future of the General House
29/08/2011: Brazil
Marist Province of “Brasil Centro-Sul”
New affiliation to the Marist Institute
24/08/2011: Brazil
A place of encounter, conviviality, prayer and force
A century of Marist presence in Apipucos
21/08/2011: Spain
1.5 Million Attend Madrid Youth Day
WYD - 21st August
20/08/2011: Spain
Cuatro Vientos vibrates while it waits for the Pope
WYD - 20th August
19/08/2011: Spain
Stations of the Cross
WYD - 19th August
18/08/2011: Spain
The Pope encourages young people “to live a life worth living”
WYD - 18th August
17/08/2011: Spain
The real work begins
WYD - 17th August
16/08/2011: Spain
The Festival has begun
WYD - 16th August
15/08/2011: Spain
International Gathering of Marist Youth
15 August - Conclusion of the Meeting
14/08/2011: Spain
Learning with Jesus
WYD - July 14th: Message and goal
13/08/2011: Spain
Marcellin’s charism reflected in young people’s faces
Signs are leading our reflection in Buitrago
12/08/2011: Spain
Sharing life as we walk together
Visit to El Paular Monastery
11/08/2011: Spain
The Marist charism flies over Buitrago
Using drama language to talk about the spirit
10/08/2011: Spain
International Meeting of Young Brothers
Marist activities during the World Youth Day
10/08/2011: Spain
Participants of the Young Marist International Meeting arrive in Madrid
First steps of the World Youth Day.
10/08/2011: Spain
Buitrago del Lozoya welcomes Young Marists from all over the world
A Marist colourful rainbow of languages and cultures
09/08/2011: Spain
The major international meeting of young people
History of the World Youth Day
08/08/2011: Belgium
Committed to the path of the ageing Brothers
The spirituality of an old Brother finds expression in his communion with the community
07/08/2011: General House
Seeking ways to finance the General Administration
Work session in Curitiba
06/08/2011: Spain
Province of Mediterránea
Animation of the Marist Fraternities of the province
05/08/2011: Cuba
Book of « Visits to the Virgin of Charity of Cobre »
The prayer of Cubans to their patroness
04/08/2011: Spain
The institutional educational project
Reference point for the various educational works of Ibérica
03/08/2011: Switzerland
FMSI was granted Special Consultative Status
FMSI obtains accreditation with the UN
02/08/2011: Portugal
Return to the sources
The school of Carcavelos made us Marists
01/08/2011: Cuba
The emotion of the people of Cuba
Fourth centenary of the Virgin of « Caridad del Cobre », Patroness of Cuba
31/07/2011: Brazil
Marist Social Centre « Caçador »
Inauguration of a Centre which receives more than ten thousand persons a year
30/07/2011: Ghana
St. Marcellin Champagnat School is 10 Years Old
29/07/2011: Mexico
Marist Mission
Meeting of the Marist International Commission of Higher Education
28/07/2011: Bangladesh
Ad gentes in Mymensingh
A community of Marist formation
27/07/2011: Brazil
Marian Year in Brasil
Mariology Symposium
26/07/2011: India
A day in the Hostel for boys entrusted to the care of the Brothers
Talit Community Ad gentes
25/07/2011: General House
Origins of the Marist Brothers
All the writings of Champagnat in three volumes
24/07/2011: General House
New tools and new solutions for the Institute
From Archivum to Pergamum
23/07/2011: Brazil
« Mary at the heart of the Church »
195th anniversary of the « Promise of Fourvière »
22/07/2011: Spain
Former students of the « Hispano Americano » of Valladolid (Spain)
Former Marist Brothers come together
21/07/2011: Thailand
Journeying together
Extended General Council, Bangkok - III
20/07/2011: General House
On the way to beatification
Brother Crisanto and companions, martyrs.
19/07/2011: Thailand
Marist Asia today and tomorrow
Extended General Council in Bangkok II
18/07/2011: General House
The objectives of the General Council take concrete form
Plan of animation and government 2009-2017
16/07/2011: General House
Solidary heart
FMSI at the 4th Inter-American Meeting “Marist Hearts in Solidarity”
15/07/2011: India
Provincial of South Asia
Perpetual Profession in India
13/07/2011: General House
Ongoing Formation of the Brothers
The formators consider new courses
13/07/2011: Thailand
Marist presence in Asia
Extended General Council in Bangkok
12/07/2011: Rwanda
Province East Central Africa
Six new professed Brothers
11/07/2011: Canada
Double celebration
Br. Wilfrid Breton and 65 years of Marist presence in Malawi
09/07/2011: Italy
Integrated Service of Vatican news
08/07/2011: Ireland
Visit to “Misean Cara”
07/07/2011: El Salvador
Province of « América Central »
Intercommunity Meeting - 2011
06/07/2011: Australia
AMS Ltd desk at MAPS launched on Champagnat Day in Brisbane
Marist Asia Pacific Solidarity (MAPS) and Australia Marist Solidarity (AMS)
05/07/2011: General House
Programming of new projects
Commission of the Marist Spiritual Patrimony
04/07/2011: Nigeria
How to work better as a team
Seminar on team building
04/07/2011: Spain
Recall the history, thank the persons, assure the continuity
Centenary of ADEMAR, “Barcelona – La Inmaculada”
01/07/2011: France
Awareness of belonging to the same network
In France the Marist Brothers assure the trusteeship of ten establishments
01/07/2011: General House
July - September 2011
General Council calendar
30/06/2011: Tanzania
From misery to mercy
City of mercy
29/06/2011: France
The murmur of the Gier
Meeting of the Enlarged Bureau of Laity
28/06/2011: Ghana
Twelve apostles of the youth
First profession in Kumasi
27/06/2011: Mexico
VI Hearts in Solidarity Meeting
Evangelisation, education and defense of the rights of children
26/06/2011: Brazil
Marial Year in Brasil
Marial Mission at Tarauacá, Amazonia
24/06/2011: General House
Marist Chronology
A new edition of Marist history from 1786 to 2009
24/06/2011: Mexico
Solidary heart
Fourth Inter-American congress of Marist solidarity
23/06/2011: Mexico
Marist Mission in the Province of «México Central»
Project «Miravalles»
23/06/2011: Brazil
Province Marist Youth Day
Preparation for the World Youth Day
22/06/2011: Haiti
FMSI - Fondazione Marista per la Solidarietà Internazionale
Good news from Haiti
21/06/2011: Côte dIvoire
Month of Mary
Marial devotion in Bouake
21/06/2011: Brazil
Animation of the laity
Formation meetings for lay Marists
20/06/2011: India
Opportunities for rural youth
Marcellin Sports Club
17/06/2011: General House
Voluntary services
Voluntary work and new social conscience
17/06/2011: Spain
Let us celebrate the history, make way….
Our laymen and women come together in Barcelona to celebrate Saint Marcellin
15/06/2011: Brazil
Management with a view to values
The Marist Province of « Brasil Centro-Sul » forms managers in Marist values
15/06/2011: Philippines
What am I that you should love me
Ten brothers profess their first vows
14/06/2011: Mexico
The footsteps of Marcellin indicate our route
Prov. México Central - Assembly of Marist youth
13/06/2011: Lebanon
A celebration unlike any other
Champville Marist College
13/06/2011: Philippines
East Asia Province
Six new novices received their habit
12/06/2011: Brazil
Marist Solidarity Network and World Play Week
The Social Centres take part in the Week devoted to games with the pupils
10/06/2011: Brazil
Brasil Centro-Sul
Affiliation to the Institute of secular priest Fr. Vilson Groh
10/06/2011: Fiji
Developing new structures of governance in the Oceania region
Assembly of Champagnat Marists from Fiji, Kiribati and Samoa
09/06/2011: Canada
Marist Province of Canada
Provincial Chapter 2011
08/06/2011: Mexico
An opportunity for brothers and laity to bring themselves up to date in pedagogy
Seminar on Updating on Educational Research, extramural mode
07/06/2011: General House
Pilrimage to the sanctuary of the Mentorella
The Month of May in the General Administration community
07/06/2011: General House
FMSI was recommended for ECOSOC status
06/06/2011: Spain
Feminine monasticism in medieval Europe
IInd History Days of the Monastery of Les Avellanes
05/06/2011: General House
To be a person is to have a story to tell
Message on the feast of Saint Marcellin Champagnat - 6 June 2011
04/06/2011: Pakistan
Beatification Celebrations of John Paul II
John Paul II Boys Town High School, Rawalpindi
03/06/2011: Spain
Bureau of Mission
Meeting of the European Mission Team
02/06/2011: Cuba
«The children should meet once a week to see whom they could do some good for together.»
Baseball in Cuba - A way of evangelising by humanising
01/06/2011: General House
Marist Mission: international challenges and perspectives in the publishing sector
International Meeting of Marist Publishing Houses
31/05/2011: Brazil
Creation of the Institute of Science and Faith
PUCPR realises a twenty year old dream
31/05/2011: Brazil
Blessed is the one who comes!
Marial Year in Marist Brasil
30/05/2011: Pakistan
Leading Pakistani to New Lands
First Marist Community with Pakistani Brothers
28/05/2011: Portugal
Preparation for the World Youth Day
A pilgrimage with 3000 youth to Fátima
27/05/2011: Australia
Champagnat week resources 2011
Preparation to the feast of Marcellin Champagnat
25/05/2011: Portugal
Gathered in Fatima
1st National Encounter of Former Marist Brothers
25/05/2011: Brazil
32 brothers and laity from all the regions of the Institute in the Americas
VI Meeting of the Inter-American Network of Marist Spirituality
24/05/2011: Australia
Australian Provinces
New Mission Council for Marist Australia
23/05/2011: East Timor
Marist Mission
A look at East Timor
23/05/2011: Italy
Marist Province of Mediterránea
6th meeting of older Brothers in Rome
21/05/2011: Spain
Institute of Marist Studies (IEM) of Salamanca
Course on documentation of champagnat (cycle c: 1839-1840)
20/05/2011: Philippines
Brothesr John Klein and Michael De Waas
General Councilors visit the East Asia Province
19/05/2011: Dem. Rep. of the Congo
Kyeshero, 13 - 16 April 2011
Central-East Africa Provincial Assembly
19/05/2011: General House
“Planted and built up in Jesus Christ, firm in the faith” (cf. Col 2:7)
Message of His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI for the XXVI World Youth Day (2011)
18/05/2011: Spain
BE-LIV-IN’… in Christ
Vocations Easter 2011. Roxos
17/05/2011: Spain
Our fraternal Easter « 2 by 2 »
Echos of Easter in the Province of « Mediterránea »
17/05/2011: Papua New Guinea
Gather Around the Fire
Mission Assembly of the District of Melanesia
16/05/2011: Cuba
Preparation for the Jubilee of the Virgin of « Caridad del Cobre »
Youth Easter 2011 on the Pearl of the south
14/05/2011: Spain
Commencing culture and attitude 2.0 in education
IInd marist study days « children 2.0 »
13/05/2011: Mexico
Province of Mexico Occidental
Meeting of Advisers of Marist Apostolic Groups
12/05/2011: General House
One hundred days to the WYD
Cardinal Rouco launches the final stretch
11/05/2011: General House
Henri Vergès and mysticism
Testimony of a friend of Brother Henri Vergès
10/05/2011: Mexico
« Friends on the march »
With Jesus, in Marcellin Champagnat’s way
09/05/2011: Brazil
National Course on Marist Patrimony and Spirituality
The Marist Brothers of Brazil Study the Marist Sources
06/05/2011: Spain
Why do I go to the jail?
Br. José Santamarta Castro - Valladolid
03/05/2011: Haiti
Pastoral Visit to Haiti
Brothers Real and Bernard of Canada visit our Marist works in Haiti
02/05/2011: Brazil
Marist Province of « Brasil Centro-Sul »
Affiliation to the Institute of Ana Tereza Naspolini
30/04/2011: General House
Mary, the Church’s Beloved Mother
May with Our Lady
29/04/2011: United States
Honoring a noble mind
Brother Eugene Trzecieski, legendary teacher, immortalized with bust at Columbus High
28/04/2011: General House
Projects of FMSI
FMSI mission to Congo, Rwanda and Kenya
27/04/2011: Brazil
The Mission of Marist Boards of Directors Today
First Conference on Formation for American Boards of Directors
26/04/2011: General House
Marial Year in Brasil
UMBRASIL promotes a course in Mariology
25/04/2011: South Korea
Br. Anselmo Kim
Perpetual vows in Seoul
22/04/2011: Australia
Champagnat Study Tour/Pilgrimage
Twenty-two Marists from across Australia at Hermitage
20/04/2011: Tanzania
Mji wa Huruma
Brother Marino in the City of Mercy
19/04/2011: General House
“Call to Serve” Liturgy
A Chicago Archdiocese First
18/04/2011: Spain
Itineraries of Marist Spirituality
Joint Formation at Compostela
16/04/2011: Spain
Province of « Ibérica »
Shared formation meeting - Miraflores
15/04/2011: Mexico
“Youthful Hearts renewing the world”
The ‘New Marist City’ Assembly in Queretaro
14/04/2011: Brazil
Mission Secretariat
Meeting of the Mission Team for the Americas
13/04/2011: Australia
Brotherhood Commission of the Oceania Council
Oceania Community Leaders’ Conference
12/04/2011: Brazil
Continental Mission Team
1st Formation Meeting for the Directors of America
11/04/2011: Chile
Drawing closer to the life and style of our Marist schools
Welcome, new Marist teachers!
09/04/2011: General House
A journey within
With Mary, go in haste to a new land
08/04/2011: Brazil
Advocacy for children’s rights
FMSI at the “First Marist Meeting for Leaders’ Formation” in the Americas
07/04/2011: Bolivia
Brothers of Cono Sur and Brasil
Itinerary of preparation for perpetual vows
05/04/2011: General House
General Council
Some appointments
04/04/2011: Italy
The large table of the community of Giugliano
The Giugliano community grows the flower of the Marist charism
04/04/2011: General House
Key Dates
General Council Calendar: March - August 2011
01/04/2011: General House
Marist Laity
New members to the Enlarged Bureau of Laity
31/03/2011: Spain
12thEducation Days
Institute of Marist Studies (IEM)
30/03/2011: Spain
On the pathways of the Escorial
« Senderos » (Pathways) Experience - San Lorenzo de l’Escorial
29/03/2011: General House
Bureau of Brothers Today
Ceremony of delivering the Marist Constitutions and Statutes
28/03/2011: Sri Lanka
Marist Brothers, the Champions of Catholic Education in Ceylon
Centenary of the Arrival of Marist Brothers to Ceylon
26/03/2011: Nigeria
Marist presence in Nigeria
Secondary Schools Festival in Nteje Anambra
25/03/2011: East Timor
Fifth graduation ceremony in Baucau
Catholic Institute for Formation of Teachers
24/03/2011: Brazil
Revive the presence of Mary in Marist life in Brazil
Marial Year in Marist Brasil
23/03/2011: Brazil
Post-novitiate formation
Brothers of Brasil take part in a formation program in Bolivia
23/03/2011: France
The Constitutions, route map for Marist Europe
Closure of the Meeting of the Extended General Council around the reliquary of Champagnat
22/03/2011: France
In search of a future for Marist Europe
Extended General Council of Marist Europe (4/5)
21/03/2011: Thailand
Echo of a feminine voice
Mission ad gentes in Thailand
21/03/2011: France
Marist Europe today - Realities and challenges
Extended General Council of Marist Europe (3/5)
18/03/2011: Haiti
Funds for Haiti : launching the first projects
18/03/2011: France
Prophets of hope
Extended General Council of Marist Europe (2)
17/03/2011: General House
The Mother of the Lord
The Marial face of the Church
16/03/2011: Australia
Brother Daniel Lynch
Novice for Sydney Province
16/03/2011: France
Those responsible for Marist Europe give the region a push
Enlarged General Council of Marist Europe (1)
15/03/2011: Canada
To a new land
Weekend of Marist renewal at Val-de-Paix at Rawdon
14/03/2011: Brazil
Province of « Brasil Centro-Sul »
The Assembly on Ministry brings 150 persons together in Curitiba
12/03/2011: Pakistan
Brother Adnan Asif
Final Vows in Pakistan
11/03/2011: El Salvador
By being brothers, we open up new ways of life
Meeting with the community animators in the Province of « América Central »
10/03/2011: Italy
A fraternal gathering on the anniversary of Br. Alfanos death
The Brothers of Rome venerate Brother Alfano
09/03/2011: Italy
Manziana - 23January– 10June 2011
English Midlife Spiritual RenewalProgramme
08/03/2011: Sri Lanka
Province of South Asia
4 newly professed Brothers
07/03/2011: General House
The Brothers of the General House receive the new edition
Brother Emili Turú, Superior General, presents the new edition of the Constitutions and Statutes
05/03/2011: General House
“You were buried with him in baptism, in which you were also raised with him.” (cf. Col 2: 12)
Message of His Holiness Benedict XXI for Lent 2011
04/03/2011: El Salvador
Mary: experience of a simple yes
Religious profession in América Central
03/03/2011: Sri Lanka
Celebrating 100 years of dedicated service
Marist presence in Sri Lanka
02/03/2011: General House
FMSI turns its eyes towards a new land
Brother Mario Meuti director of the Rome base
01/03/2011: General House
Contains the changes introduced by the Chapters of 1993, 2001 and 2009
New edition of the Constitutions and Statutes
28/02/2011: General House
The contribution of Brothers and laity in mission
Mission AD GENTES as a promoter of vitality in the Institute
26/02/2011: Brazil
A young member of the CHMMF enters the Novitiate of Brasil
With Mary, in Movement to a new land[1]
25/02/2011: General House
General Administration
Sent on mission
24/02/2011: Ecuador
Province of « Norandina »
Meeting of provincial animation teams
23/02/2011: Spain
The persons, deeds and days
« Senderos » at the Escorial
22/02/2011: Nigeria
Province of Nigeria
Opening of new residence for girl students in Uturu
22/02/2011: Cambodia
Helen or the daughter of the Syrophoenician woman
A meditation incarnate
21/02/2011: United States
Welcome to American Marist
New e-newsletter for the U.S Province!
21/02/2011: Australia
MSA Newsletter
A bulletin for members of the Marist Schools of Australia
19/02/2011: Brazil
Champagnat Movement of the Marist Family - Province of « Brasil Centro-Norte »
Celebration on the occasion of the 25 years of the ChMMF
18/02/2011: General House
Website www.fmsi-onlus.org
New version
18/02/2011: General House
Little reflection about death
Death is a moment of sorrow, not of sadness
17/02/2011: General House
Seminar on the
Guidelines for reflection on apostolic religious life
16/02/2011: United States
Welcome Brother Philip
Member of the West Central Europe Province
15/02/2011: General House
First meeting of the Director and Co-ordinators of the Bureau of Laity
The Bureau shares its programme with the General Council
14/02/2011: Mexico
Youth ministry in the Marist Province of Central Mexico
Together to an encounter with children and youth
12/02/2011: General House
Life is a gift
Flavia, my friend
11/02/2011: Brazil
Marist provinces of Brazil
New interprovincial Marist novitiate in Passo Fundo
10/02/2011: General House
Marist Province of Cruz del Sur
Launching of the “Year of Marist discipleship”
09/02/2011: General House
The newly appointed and re-appointed provincials and district superiors
Meeting with the General Council
08/02/2011: France
Brother, a life consecrated to educating
An educational emergency: Teaching Brothers appeal for vocations
07/02/2011: Colombia
Norandina Province
New postulants welcomed
05/02/2011: General House
A thought from the Prefect
100 Postulators met with the leaders of the Congregation for the Causes of the Saints
04/02/2011: Philippines
Encountering Christ at the Crib, the Cross and the Altar
Marist East Asia second Provincial Chapter
03/02/2011: Australia
Mission and Life Formation team
Working life as a national group
02/02/2011: Mexico
Province of México Occidental
Meeting of boards of directors and those in charge of campus ministry
01/02/2011: Chile
An opportunity for children in La Pintana
Marist Volunteers Move Forward on Macramé Circus School
28/01/2011: General House
There is no greater love than to give one’s life for one’s Brothers
Birthday of Brother Emili
27/01/2011: Mexico
Called Tatic, father of the Indians, a defender of their rights
Death of Samuel Ruiz, Bishop of the Indians, affiliated to the Institute
26/01/2011: Spain
To evangelize under the watchword « new »
Provincial meeting of the Province of « Mediterránea »
25/01/2011: Italy
Death of a candle
Br. Mario Iori (1912-2011)
24/01/2011: Dem. Rep. of the Congo
22 December 2010
Launching of the centenary of Marist Life in the Democratic Republic of the Congo
22/01/2011: General House
Sharing a meditation
Epiphany readings and the Ad Gentes people
21/01/2011: General House
Our Portrait
The Brothers François, Basilio Rueda and Alfano
20/01/2011: Nigeria
Faithful to the charism
7th Provincial Chapter of the Province of Nigeria
19/01/2011: General House
Marist Family at Manziana
Meeting of four Marist General Councils
18/01/2011: Guatemala
XIII Provincial Chapter
Province of América Central
17/01/2011: General House
From a place for Mary in the Institute to a place with Mary in the Church
The Virgin Mary in the life of the Marist Brother
15/01/2011: General House
Coming close
The Brothers at the Tuscolana station in Rome
14/01/2011: Haiti
Report of the Province of México Occidental
Haiti a year after the earthquake
13/01/2011: General House
The new land (2)
The paths of the General Chapter
12/01/2011: Madagascar
Brother Thomas installed as Provincial for three more years
Provincial Chapter of Madagascar
11/01/2011: Spain
Marist Province of Mediterránea
Meeting of the Marist Fraternities in Cordova
10/01/2011: General House
2 January 2011
194th anniversary of the foundation of our Institute
07/01/2011: General House
The lay expression of our charism
Fraternities of the Champagnat Movement
05/01/2011: Australia
A New Epoch for the Marist Charism
Message from the Brothers at the Assembly and Concurrent Chapters of Oceania
04/01/2011: General House
The new land (1)
The paths of the General Chapter
03/01/2011: Australia
Provinces of Sydney, Melbourne, New Zealand and the District of Melanesia
Oceania: Concurrent Provincial Chapters

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