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Marist Calendar

23 January

Saint Margaret
1939, Marist foundation in Kutama (Zimbabwe) and Marist foundation in Phnom Penh (Cambodia)

Marist Calendar - January

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01/03/2016: General House
The first Italian Marist Brother
Memory of Br. Alfano
31/12/2012: General House
All roads lead to Rome
Taizé European Youth Meeting (28/12/2011 – 2/01/2013)
30/12/2012: India
Three Indian Marist communities
Visit of Br. John Klein to India
29/12/2012: Lebanon
Return to Rmeileh
Marists of Champville and de Jbail
28/12/2012: Rwanda
Novitiate of Save
Official entrance of the first year novices of Save
27/12/2012: Dem. Rep. of the Congo
The Child Jesus displaced
The situation of the families and children displaced in the zone of Minova
25/12/2012: Colombia
In diversity… a single heart and the same spirit !
IV Provincial Chapter of « Norandina »
23/12/2012: Venezuela
The Marists offer health services
Celebration of 10 years of the « Marist Integral Health Centre » in Caracas
21/12/2012: Brazil
Called to take care of one’s life
IV Chapter of the Province of « Rio Grande do Sul »
20/12/2012: General House
International Gathering of Marist Youth
Enrollments for « IMYM 2013 | CHANGE », the Missionary Week (prior to WYD) and the World Youth Day
19/12/2012: Ghana
Marist education : challenges in a new world
Formation of Directors in the Marist Schools of Africa
19/12/2012: Ecuador
Learning from the life of Saint Marcellin Champagnat
National Meeting of Administrative Personnel of the Marist works
18/12/2012: France
Is attention to youth in difficulty a priority among us?
Strategic plan of the Province of lHermitage
18/12/2012: Brazil
Province of « Brasil Centro-Sul »
Launching of projects for the animation of vocations
17/12/2012: Mozambique
Province of Southern Africa
Six new Marist Brothers in Matola
16/12/2012: Brazil
United in a single heart
Provincial Assembly and Chapter of the Province of « Brasil Centro-Norte »
14/12/2012: Spain
Province of « Mediterránea »
Formation Day continues at Guardamar
14/12/2012: Syria
«Thanks for your solidarity»
The Marist Blues – Aleppo
13/12/2012: General House
To the rhythm of rap and around the fire
Commission of 2nd International Mission Assembly
13/12/2012: Guatemala
A full life on the foundation of Champagnat
Formation Meeting in the Province of « América Central »
12/12/2012: Dem. Rep. of the Congo
« Cœur sans frontières » Fraternity in Goma
The conflict affects children and young people
12/12/2012: Brazil
Province of « Rio Grande do Sul »
The Higher Administration of the « Pontificia Universidade de Rio Grande do Sul » (PUCRS) assumes its function
11/12/2012: Germany
Province of West Central Europe
Meeting of Safeguarding co-ordinators in Mindelheim
11/12/2012: Ecuador
Searching together for a greater vitality of the charism
First meeting of the Fraternities, laity and Marist Brothers in Ecuador
10/12/2012: Mexico
Contact and proximity between the Marist publishing houses
Meeting of the Committee of the International Marist Network of Publishing Houses
08/12/2012: Spain
First meeting : Madrid, 28-30 November 2012
European Commission on Communion between Brothers and Laity
07/12/2012: Argentina
Courageous breaks, fruitful continuities, vital innovations
IV Provincial Chapter of « Cruz del Sur »
06/12/2012: General House
Only wonder knows
Christmas Message 2012 of Br Superior General
05/12/2012: Australia
Province of Australia
New Marist Province : 8 December 2012
05/12/2012: General House
Children in an Urban World
2012 Report on the world situation of Children
03/12/2012: Spain
Need of initial and ongoing formation for the fraternities
Meetings of the fraternities of the Province of « Mediterránea »
03/12/2012: Germany
Blessing of new altar in St Stephen’s parish church
Relics of St Marcellin in Mindelheim
03/12/2012: General House
New Marists in mission
The city of Nairobi will host the II International Marist Mission Assembly
02/12/2012: Mexico
Listening and dialogue, with a Marist heart
Province of « México Central »
01/12/2012: General House
Animation and government of the Marist works
International commission of new models of animation, administration and government
30/11/2012: Spain
Tarragona, cradle of the Spanish martyrs
Beatification of martyrs in Tarragona
30/11/2012: Brazil
Interprovincial novitiate of Brasil
First religious profession at Passo Fundo
29/11/2012: Zimbabwe
FMSI “link” person at work on child rights
workshop on the UN Convention on Child Rights in Nyanga
29/11/2012: Dem. Rep. of the Congo
This is not a time for war but for co-operation
Escalating violence is causing a new human tragedy in D. R. of Congo
29/11/2012: Guatemala
VI Marist Provincial Assembly of« América Central »
28/11/2012: Spain
El Escorial: Marist Centre of Spirituality
« Umbrales » Course - 25 October - 20 December 2012
28/11/2012: Peru
Paths of Marist solidarity in the Americas : rights of children and young people
Inter-American Solidarity Subcommission
27/11/2012: General House
Assembly of the Union of Superiors General (USG)
Br Emili Turú, reelected to the Executive Committee of the USG
27/11/2012: General House
Shared mission between religious and laity and formation of educators
II Seminar on formation of educators – Education Commission of the UISG/USG
26/11/2012: Philippines
Evangelizers in the midst of youth
Regional meeting of the MYM of Asia
26/11/2012: Brazil
Marist Province of « Brasil Centro-Sul »
Forum on laity and shared life
24/11/2012: General House
The environment of the children with disabilities
FMSI - Advent reflections for every day of the season
23/11/2012: Australia
Oceania Partnership Commission
Meeting of the Commission of Laity for Oceania
23/11/2012: Mexico
First generation!
Diploma in the Rights of Children and Youth and their application in the field of education
22/11/2012: Spain
Champagnat, a heart that knows no bounds
New Champagnat Comic Book by « Goyo »
22/11/2012: Germany
Province West Central Europe
Marist Brothers Learn About Europe
21/11/2012: Brazil
Marist Province of « Brasil Centro-Norte »
III General Assembly of the Champagnat Movement
20/11/2012: Spain
Spanish Marist Conference
The SMC launches a course for the Teaching of Religion in Spain
19/11/2012: Spain
Catching breath at Alcalá de Henares
I European Meeting of the animation teams of the Champagnat Movement
19/11/2012: General House
November 20
World Childrens Day
18/11/2012: Switzerland
Universal Periodic Review of the United Nations
FMSI at the 14th Session of the UPR
17/11/2012: Brazil
Province of « Brasil Centro-Sul »
VIVEMAR : formation for Marist collaborators
16/11/2012: El Salvador
We journey together towards a new Emmaus
IX Provincial Meeting of the Fraternities of « América Central »
16/11/2012: Italy
Discovering the beauty of the « Marists »
Meeting of the fraternities of Giugliano
15/11/2012: Mexico
Brothers and lay people share the Marist vocation
XVIII National Meeting of the Marist Fraternities
15/11/2012: Spain
Fruitful lives and multiplied horizons
II Mission Assembly of the Province of Compostela
14/11/2012: Italy
17 October – 14 December 2012
Marist and Marianist Third Age Renewal Program at Manziana
13/11/2012: France
Province of LHermitage
Champagnat Movement Assembly
13/11/2012: General House
Our communication space improved
Secretariat of the Laity
12/11/2012: Netherlands
Br Brendan Gary, for a second term
Appointment of Provincial – Province of West Central Europe
10/11/2012: General House

Interview with Br Emili Turú on his attendance at the Synod
09/11/2012: Haiti
Marist life in Haiti
Marist Postulancy of Jérémie
09/11/2012: Syria
Without barriers, without frontiers and without exclusions
The Marist Blues – Aleppo
08/11/2012: Lebanon
Dialogues avec nos aînés
Brother André de Lalande
08/11/2012: Guatemala
No damage to the Marist schools
Earthquake of 7.2 degrees in Guatemala
07/11/2012: Brazil
More than 800 young Marists reconsider their role in society
Meeting of Marist Youth of the Province of « Rio Grande do Sul »
06/11/2012: General House
Blessed Brother Bernardo, Laurentino, Virgílio and companions martyrs
Memorial of the Martyrs in Spain
05/11/2012: General House
November – December 2012
Calendar of the General Council and the Directors of the Secretariats
02/11/2012: Cambodia
Love for the young, especially the poor
New community in Saen Monorom, Mondulkiri
02/11/2012: General House
The new evangelizationis an invitation to not stand around with your arms crossed
Interview with Emili Turú, Superior General of the Marist Brothers and Auditor at the Synod
01/11/2012: Colombia
« Break down frontiers, look for new dawns »
Meeting of the Brothers of Arco Norte working in Vocations Ministry and Initial Formation
31/10/2012: General House
Br Ambrosio Alonso Díez, for a second term
Appointment of Provincial of the Province of Ibérica
30/10/2012: Syria
The needs of the displaced grow
The marist community awaits new help
30/10/2012: General House
Br. Emili Turú, Superior General
Message to the Synod on the New Evangelization
29/10/2012: Papua New Guinea
FMSI: the “link” persons at work
Child Rights training workshop
29/10/2012: Dem. Rep. of the Congo
Province of East Central Africa
Lay Marist Fraternity of Goma
27/10/2012: Mexico
Marist higher education in network : construct a new land
5th Meeting of the Marist International Network of Institutions of Higher Education
26/10/2012: Spain
Br Óscar Martín Vicario, for a second term
Appointment of Provincial of the Province of Compostela
26/10/2012: United States
Province of the United States of America
The new Chapel in the Woods at the Marist Brothers Center in Esopus, New York
25/10/2012: East Timor
Personal Reflection of a visit
Br. Michael De Waas, Councillor General, visited Timor Leste
24/10/2012: Mexico
Marist Province of « México Occidental »
Process of institutional consolidation
24/10/2012: Philippines
Marist Asia Pacific Center
MAPAC - 21st graduation ceremonies
23/10/2012: New Zealand
Marist partnership between Lay Marists and Brothers
Shared Formation Experience
23/10/2012: Brazil
Province of « Rio Grande do Sul »
10 – 14 December: IV Provincial Chapter
22/10/2012: Rwanda
Province d’Afrique Centre East (Pace)
Perpetual Profession of Brother Crescent and Felicien
20/10/2012: Cuba
What leadership of service do you offer to those around you?
School of Leaders
19/10/2012: Brazil
To encourage times of sharing between brothers and lay formators
National Formators’ Meeting
18/10/2012: General House
Brothers and laity at the service of the Institute
Changes in the General House
17/10/2012: Italy
Open letter
Seminar on the identity and mission of the Religious Brother
17/10/2012: Chile
Promotion and defence of the rights of children
The FMSI Geneva office visits the Province of Santa Maria de los Andes
16/10/2012: France
Evangelizers in the midst of youth
European Meeting of Marist Youth Ministry
15/10/2012: Australia
Seven Days with Marcellin Champagnat
A group of Australian Brothers took part in a retreat
15/10/2012: Cambodia
Developing a new apostolic work
Ad Gentes: News from Sen Monorom
14/10/2012: Mexico
The young show us the face of God
Formation Meeting for Agents of Youth Ministry
13/10/2012: Italy
Rediscovering History
The Archives of the Marist Province of Italy
12/10/2012: Italy
In the afternoon of life our love will be examined
Manziana - Third Age Course
11/10/2012: Spain
Solidarity, Education and Development
20th Anniversary of the Marist NGO SED
11/10/2012: Germany
Marist life in Mindelheim
Opening of a kindergarten
10/10/2012: Haiti
Presence in Haiti
Interview with Brother Antonio Cavazos
10/10/2012: France
Back again on the Champagnat Trail
Inauguration of the new descriptive sign on trail N°10 of the Regional Natural Park of Pilat
09/10/2012: Sri Lanka
Provincial Team Leadership Development Programme
Provincial Council of the Province of South Asia
09/10/2012: Italy
Marist Day
Seminar on the identity and mission of the religious brother
08/10/2012: Syria
Letter to our Marist friends
News from the Marists in Aleppo
07/10/2012: India
Province of South Asia
Perpetual profession of Br. Susai Manickam
06/10/2012: Brazil
Province of « Brasil Centro-Norte »
Project of continuing formation for Marist co-workers
05/10/2012: Philippines
Marist Asia Pacific Center
05/10/2012: United States
Province of the United States
The Call to Psycho-Spiritual Health: A Workshop for Community Directors
04/10/2012: Brazil
CHANGE : make the difference !
International Gathering Marist Youth 2013
03/10/2012: Kenya
Nairobi, 27th August to 1st September 2012
Marist Youth Ministry Africa And Madagascar Regional Meeting
02/10/2012: Spain
Province of LHermitage
Inter-community meeting – Catalone
01/10/2012: Brazil
Interprovincial novitiate of Brasil
The Provincials of Brazil visited the Novitiate of Passo Fundo
29/09/2012: El Salvador
Restructuring of the Province
2nd Inter-Community Meeting
29/09/2012: General House
Synod on the New Evangelization
Br Emili Turú will take part in the coming Synod
28/09/2012: Brazil
Meeting of the Board of Direction
International Marist Network of Publishing Houses
27/09/2012: Nigeria
Marist Mission
Meeting of the African Mission Commission
27/09/2012: Cuba
Marist Presence in Cuba
Youth and the Next Work Youth Day
26/09/2012: Guatemala
Towards a New Relationship between Brothers and Laity
IV Marist Encounter of Former Brothers
25/09/2012: Argentina
« Strong in our hope, we embrace the dawn »
National Meeting of the Fraternities of the Champagnat Movement of the Marist Family
25/09/2012: Japan
Marist Community of Kobe
Japan is transferred to the Province of East Asia
24/09/2012: El Salvador
Impressions of his visit
Interview with Br. Jose Santamarta
24/09/2012: Peru
Animation and living of Marist spirituality
Sub-commission of Marist Spirituality of America
21/09/2012: Haiti
Marist Community of Dame-Marie
Formation at the school of Notre Dame de Fatima
21/09/2012: General House
Open Forum
Process of revitalising the Champagnat Movement of the Marist Family
20/09/2012: Brazil
Brasil Centro-Norte Province
X Assembly of Principals
19/09/2012: Spain
Provinces of « América Central » and « Norandina »
Meeting of former Brothers at Lardero
18/09/2012: Italy
The Identity of the Religious Brother
Meeting intercongregational - Events of the first week of September
18/09/2012: General House
September – October 2012
Calendar of the General Council and the Directors of the Secretariats
17/09/2012: South Sudan
Solidarity with South Sudan
17/09/2012: Guatemala
Reorganizing or restructuring?
2nd Intercommunity Meeting in Guatemala (Marist School)
15/09/2012: General House
Martyrs in Spain
Cause of Br. Crisanto and companions martyrs in view of beatification
14/09/2012: Sri Lanka
Province of South Asia
Annual Retreat of the Marist Brothers in Tewetta
13/09/2012: Guatemala
Sharing life and mission
Vocational Meeting
12/09/2012: Philippines
Renewing with Fervor, Building our Future
First East Asia Province Assembly
12/09/2012: Peru
Answering the challenges that today’s world is sending our way
Sub-commission of Brothers for America
11/09/2012: Spain
God calls us to live
Retreat for Brothers-Laity, Les Avellanes 18-22 July
11/09/2012: Spain
Marist Spirituality Centre
Horizons Program (August 9 – October 14)
10/09/2012: Spain
Looking for paths for a new way of being Brother
A network of communities in Europe
10/09/2012: Guatemala
A Time for Spiritual Respite
2nd Oasis in Guatemala
09/09/2012: Australia
Marist Australia - Mission Assembly 2012
70 Australian Marists gather at Mittagong for the first national mission assembly!
08/09/2012: Dem. Rep. of the Congo
The fraternity « Heart without frontiers »
Solidarity activity of lay Marists
07/09/2012: Kenya
Retreat - PACE Province
With Mary of Nazareth, we say yes with no guarantee
06/09/2012: Canada
Interamerican Commission for Mission (CIM)
Challenged to being animators of life and mission in our realities
06/09/2012: Greece
New Marist presence in Ménidi – Attikis
A social work to help primary school children
05/09/2012: General House
Promoting together the vitality of our charism
Reflection program for laity and brothers
04/09/2012: General House
Br. Eduardo Navarro de la Torre
Appointment of the Provincial of the Province of Western Mexico
04/09/2012: Brazil
“CHANGE: make a difference!”
Meeting of the Organising Commission of the International Encounter of Marist Youth, Rio 2013
03/09/2012: General House
All brothers
Program about identity and mission of the Religious Brother
03/09/2012: Brazil
BrazilCentre-North Province
3rd Forum of Marist Social Units
01/09/2012: Ghana
A new superior, a new council and new priorities
The fifth Chapter of the Marist District of West Africa
31/08/2012: Tanzania
Celebration of the Marist Community
Brother Désiré B. Shamabales final vows
31/08/2012: Costa Rica
Diamond Jubilee of Br. Martiniano Conde Pacho
50 years of Marist presence in Costa Rica
30/08/2012: Mexico
Province of « México Occidental »
Inauguration of the Valladolid Marist University, in Morelia
30/08/2012: General House
Fondazione Marista per la Solidarietà Internazionale
FMSI supports five new micro-projects
29/08/2012: Canada
Experience of internationality
Gathering of the young brothers of Arco Norte
29/08/2012: Zambia
Lusaka, 8 – 15 August
Southern Africa Marist Assembly
28/08/2012: Spain
After the columbines, the party goes on
Urban Campground - Colón Marist College – Huelva
28/08/2012: General House
From Br Superior General and his Council
Appointments and News
27/08/2012: General House
Br. Crisanto and 67 Companions Martyrs
Martyrdom of Br. Crisanto - 27 August 1936
27/08/2012: Brazil
Moving the Continent’s Marist Mission Forward
Sub-commission on Formation of Directories for the Americas
25/08/2012: Brazil
Youth: the young face of God
Meeting of Evangelists among the youth
24/08/2012: Australia
The Marist presence grows in Asia
The international aid and development agencies of the Australian Marist Brothers
24/08/2012: Mexico
Evolutionary perception of Marcellin Champagnat
CEPAM course
23/08/2012: South Sudan
Solidarity with South Sudan (SSS)
Br Christian Mbam will take part in the project
23/08/2012: Brazil
Pontifical Catholic University of Rio Grande do Sul (PUCRS)
The Chancellor and Vice-Chancellor are re-appointed for a further term of office
22/08/2012: Colombia
Our Marist future a future of communion
Meeting of the Subcommission of Laity for America
21/08/2012: East Timor
An important first step in the further development of the Marist mission
Foundation stones for unique expression of marist brotherhood in East Timor
21/08/2012: Puerto Rico
The Charism of Saint Marcellin is still alive
Chronicle and present projection in Barranquitas (Puerto Rico)
20/08/2012: United States
Young People Ministry
Marist Retreat House in Esopus
19/08/2012: Italy
Our commitment to know and live our Marist spirituality
Second Community Animators Course - 25 April to 23 June
18/08/2012: Spain
Discover God in life
Animation of vocations - Province of «Mediterránea»
17/08/2012: Ireland
Marist Brother Memorial Statue, Athlone
The contribution made by the Marist Brothers over the past 125 years
16/08/2012: Switzerland
FMSI Meyrin Community move to their new house in France
Indicates a long-term commitment to the work of FMSI in the defence of children’s rights
14/08/2012: Canada
Meeting of Young Brothers of Arco Norte (Jérémie, Haiti, July 2012)
“New Horizons for a Young Marist Life”
13/08/2012: Mexico
Diploma in Youth Ministry
A chance to build Church
11/08/2012: General House
FMSI is working to give a better world
UNICEF publishes a report revealing the situation of adolescents in the world
10/08/2012: Nigeria
Child Protection Workshop in Nigeria
FMSI in Nigeria
09/08/2012: El Salvador
“Brothers and Sisters of Mary” Fraternity
Liceo Salvadoreño, El Salvador - Province of Central America
08/08/2012: Brazil
Marist Province of « Brasil Centro Sul »
Inauguration of a chapel dedicated to Saint Marcellin, in the « Catolica de Santa Catarina »
07/08/2012: Brazil
« Project Reflections » - PUCRS reinforces the identity of Marist pedagogy
« Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Rio Grande do Sul » (Catholic University)
04/08/2012: United States
Transitions: God’s Call to Transformation
Provincial Chapter of the Province of the United States
04/08/2012: Syria
We are compensated by the smile of children
« Blue Marists » in Alep (Syria) – August 2nd
03/08/2012: Guatemala
Liceo Coatepeque (Coatepeque, Guatemala)
50th Anniversary Celebration
02/08/2012: Syria
Emergency in Syria
Marist community in Aleppo
31/07/2012: Brazil
Participation of the Marists at the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development
31/07/2012: Ireland
FMSI in Dublin to thank Misean Cara
Establish new contacts of solidarity
28/07/2012: Syria
For them and because of them, we risk our lives
« Marist Blues » at Aleppo, Syria
27/07/2012: Dem. Rep. of the Congo
Appointment of Provincial of the Province of Central East Africa
Br Valentin Djawu Lungumbu Wambo
26/07/2012: Spain
Appointment of Provincial of the Province of Mediterránea
Br Antonio Giménez de Bagüés, for a second term
24/07/2012: Puerto Rico
REMAR in Puerto Rico: Leadership School 1
Personal and group growth: Reflecting, praying, encountering Jesus in an atmosphere of friendship
23/07/2012: Ecuador
Marist Presence in Equador
The Marist community of Catacocha
20/07/2012: Spain
Ibérica Province
Provincial forum on identity and vocation of the laity
19/07/2012: General House
International Network of Marist Higher Education
New site for Marist Higher Education
18/07/2012: El Salvador
We are no longer Brothers but we do not stop being Marists !
II Meeting of former Marist Brothers of El Salvador
17/07/2012: General House
Second International Assembly on Marist Mission
First Meeting of the Preparatory Commission
16/07/2012: Scotland
Province of West Central Europe
First Profession of Brother Philip McGee
15/07/2012: General House
Education: today and tomorrow
New perceptions on Catholic education in the world
14/07/2012: Rwanda
Commemoration in the Marist School Marcellin Champagnat
Feast of Saint Marcellin Champagnat in Butare
12/07/2012: United States
The power of presence
Marist Youth 2012
11/07/2012: Ecuador
Br. Inácio Etges, Vice-President
General Assembly of CLAR 2012
10/07/2012: Ghana
St. Marcellin Champagnat School celebrate Champagnat day
09/07/2012: General House
Towards a better understanding of religious life from our being Brothers and Marists
Meeting of Cardinal João Braz de Aviz with the General Council
06/07/2012: Italy
Marvelous companions around the table
End of the Second Course for Community Animators in Manziana
05/07/2012: France
Champagnat Space in the church of Marlhes
Inauguration of the new Saint Marcellin Champagnat space
04/07/2012: Brazil
Heading for IMYM Rio 2013
International Marist Youth Meeting
03/07/2012: Colombia
Taking on the plan of Jesus Christ and fulfilling Marcellin Champagnats dream
The 35th Anniversary of the REMAR Movement
02/07/2012: Brazil
Humbly wearing an apron to serve others
Youth Assembly 2012
30/06/2012: General House
Secretariats and the General Council
FMSI adds its contribution to the animation of the Institute
29/06/2012: Spain
El Monestir de Les Avellanes
III Annual Les Avellanes Monastery History Days
28/06/2012: Germany
Marist heritage
Marist Family’s Pentecostal Meeting at Cham
27/06/2012: General House
Taking the pulse of the General House
Presentation of the results of the ESIC evaluation
26/06/2012: Ghana
Six apostles of youth
First profession in Ghana
26/06/2012: Brazil
Br. Inácio Etges
Provincial Superior of the Province of « Rio Grande do Sul »
25/06/2012: Canada
« The colour of hope »
Secretariat of the Laity - Meeting in Quebec
23/06/2012: General House
On the road towards September 2014
Preparatory commission for the II International Marist Mission Assembly - IMMA
22/06/2012: General House
Br. Jeffrey Crowe
Appointment of Provincialof the new Province of Australia
21/06/2012: General House
The Provincial of « Brasil Centro-Norte » reappointed for three years
Br Wellington Mousinho de Medeiros
21/06/2012: Sri Lanka
Theology of Diakonia for the 21st Century
Br. Michael De Waas participated in the Conference of the World Council of Churches
20/06/2012: Colombia
Provincial of « Norandina »
Br Libardo Garzón appointed for a second term
20/06/2012: General House
To make Jesus known and loved among children and youth
New site of the Evangelization Subcommission of America
19/06/2012: Canada
Bringing the Champagnat Movement of the Institute up to date
The Champagnat Movement to a new land
18/06/2012: France
Together with Father Champagnat...
“Community animators” came together in the house of Father Champagnat
18/06/2012: Mexico
Br Ricardo Reynoso
Appointment of Provincial – Province of México Central
16/06/2012: Sri Lanka
Province of South Asia
Leadership Programme
15/06/2012: El Salvador
A New Culture of Vocations
First inter-community meeting in el salvador
14/06/2012: East Timor
East Timorese aspirants
Marist pre-novitiate formation in Baucau
14/06/2012: Brazil
Formation of brothers and laity
Workshop for closer study of some elements of Marist Apostolic Spirituality
13/06/2012: General House
The great satisfaction of living as Marists of Champagnat
European Vocations Team
12/06/2012: Guatemala
Province of Central America
The Liceo Coatepeque dresses up for a party
12/06/2012: General House
Human Rights and Social Justice: Lets end child labour
World Day against Child Labour
11/06/2012: General House
To be experts in the defense of the rights of children and youth
FMSI - Close of the Workshop on the Rights of the Child for the “contact persons”
10/06/2012: Brazil
Marist Province Brasil Centro-Norte
Meeting of Community Animators
08/06/2012: Brazil
« Brasil Centro-Norte »
Meeting of pastoral teams and co-ordinators of the Province
08/06/2012: Australia
Province of Australia
Chosen the name of our new province
07/06/2012: Brazil
The animation of vocations in the context of youth
UMBRASIL arranges a Meeting for Animators of Vocations
07/06/2012: Switzerland
A Geneva office to do what ?
FMSI child rights training workshop for “link” persons
06/06/2012: Cuba
10 years on the road of the Marist communities of Cuba
Intercommunity meeting Habana-Cienfuegos
05/06/2012: Australia
Secretariat of Mission
Provinces of Sidney and Melbourne
05/06/2012: Italy
« Fraternity, Adults in the faith »
Meeting of a fraternity in the General House
04/06/2012: Syria
A letter for sharing
Marist community of Alep
02/06/2012: General House
I am Champagnat!
Message of Br. Emili Turú on the feast of Saint Marcellin Champagnat, 2012
01/06/2012: Australia
Evangelisation of the young people
Marist Youth Evangelisation Conference
01/06/2012: General House
Fondazione Marista per la Solidarietà Internazionale
FMSI Child Rights Workshop
31/05/2012: Italy
Looking for new ways of living community today
Second Marist Community Animators course at manziana
30/05/2012: Brazil
The « Pontificia Universidade Católica » of Rio Grande do Sul
PUCRS connects with the universities of Europe
30/05/2012: General House
General Administration – Rome
“Hermitage” experience - 8 laity 4 Brothers
29/05/2012: Spain
Montjuic Olympic Stadium, Barcelona
Cataluña Marist: 30th Annual Track and Field Meet
29/05/2012: Brazil
Open forum, evaluation and conclusions
Extended General Council – Cono Sur and Brazil – 23 – 26 May - Chronicle IV
28/05/2012: Spain
Looking for new ways of living community today
Course for community animators II – L’Escorial
28/05/2012: Brazil
Extended General Council – Cono Sur – 23 to 26 May
Chronicle III: Calls and Proposals of the Provincial Councils
27/05/2012: Argentina
“Return to Galilee”
Encounter-Workshops of Youth Ministry
26/05/2012: Brazil
Dialogue in the Councils and experiences of animation
Extended General Council – « Cono Sur » – 23 - 26 May - Chronicle II
25/05/2012: Spain
Marist europe
Meeting of the Marist European Conference
25/05/2012: Brazil
Day of reflection and retreat
Extended General Council – Cono Sur and Brazil – 23 – 26 May - Chronicle I
24/05/2012: Mexico
15 years of existence
Marist University of Mérida
23/05/2012: General House
21 May – 2 June 2012
FMSI child rights training workshop for “link” persons
22/05/2012: Brazil
Fostering a culture of communication
Meeting of media professionals in the Province of Brazil Centro-Norte
22/05/2012: Spain
648 persons surrounded by friends
General meeting of the Marist Scouts Centre
21/05/2012: General House
Extended General Council
Brazil and « Cono Sur »
20/05/2012: Spain
Return to the sources
Managers of the works of the Province of « Mediterránea » at lHermitage
19/05/2012: Bangladesh
Ad Gentes project
Marist presence in Mymensingh, Blangladesh
17/05/2012: Sri Lanka
The vocation and the role of the lay partners
Lay partners of the Marist Brothers in Sri Lanka
15/05/2012: Bangladesh
Come and See 2012
Vocacional animation in the Ad gentes Sector
14/05/2012: Mexico
Implementing the Rights of the Child in the field of education
Diploma in the Rights of Children and Youth in Mexico
12/05/2012: New Zealand
Workshop on the future of the mission
Looking ahead in New Zealand
11/05/2012: Brazil
Province of Brazil Centro-Sul
Marist Solidarity Network – Children’s Book
10/05/2012: General House
General Council
09/05/2012: Brazil
Province of Rio Grande do Sul
Perpetual Profession of Br. Edson Rissi
07/05/2012: Brazil
To hear God where life is calling out
II Seminar of Religious Brothers of CLAR
07/05/2012: General House
Algiers, 8 May 1994
18th anniversary: Brother Henri Vergès
06/05/2012: Mexico
Province of México Occidental
Vocational mission in Sierra Tarahumara
05/05/2012: Brazil
Diagnosis and Information about Childhood
FMSI Participates in the Congress on the Right of Children
04/05/2012: Guatemala
On our spiritual journey with Mary
Inter-American Marist Apostolic Spirituality Network - Guatemala hosts VII Annual Meeting
03/05/2012: Spain
« Pergamum »
Creation of the new archives management system of the marist institute
02/05/2012: Brazil
Province of Rio Grande do Sul
Marist Spirituality and Patrimony Course
30/04/2012: Dem. Rep. of the Congo
Development of vocational training in Kisangani
Chololo Technical and Industrial Secondary School
28/04/2012: Cameroon
Br Francis Lukong
New District Superior of Western Africa
27/04/2012: Brazil
Manaus, March 25-27, 2012
First Meeting of Marist Brothers in Panamazonia
25/04/2012: Spain
Retreat in the Province of lHermitage
Spiritual exercises in the Benedictine monastery of the Miracle
24/04/2012: General House
Fondazione Marista per la Solidarietà Internazionale
Six new micro-projects approved
23/04/2012: General House
First meeting of the Commission
New models of animation, management and government of Marist works
22/04/2012: General House
Read my story as a sacred story and in the perspective of Ad gentes
Brother Mitsuaki Hatnaka Sakata
21/04/2012: Guatemala
An experience which has affected our lives
Remar Easter 2012
20/04/2012: Ecuador
We are a concrete and unique manifestation of the love of GOD
Retreat of brothers and lay marists 2012, Quito-Cumbayá
19/04/2012: General House
Fondazione Marista per la Solidarietà Internazionale
Fruitful meetings between FMSI and the Superiors of the Marist Provinces
18/04/2012: Brazil
Province of « Brasil Centro-Norte »
Forum on the Marist vocation
17/04/2012: Switzerland
Getting involved in Guatemala’s Universal Periodic Review
16/04/2012: General House
Marist Patrimony
FMS Marist Notebooks 30
14/04/2012: Italy
Manziana, 17-31 March 2012
Course for community animators
13/04/2012: Argentina
News in the Provinces
Interprovincial Post-novitiate of « Cono Sur »
12/04/2012: Brazil
Go and make disciples of all nations (Mt 28,19)
On the way to World Youth Day (WYD) in Rio de Janeiro 2013
11/04/2012: Mexico
National Assembly of the New Marist City
in the month of March
10/04/2012: Argentina
Province of Cruz del Sur
Perpetual Profession of Br. Jorge Arraztoa
07/04/2012: India
Marist presence in India
Catechism Exhibition at Marist School, Tamilnadu
05/04/2012: Venezuela
Province of « Norandina »
Meeting of Initial and Ongoing Formation Team
04/04/2012: Italy
Community Animators Course in English
Notre Dame l’Hermitage Experience
03/04/2012: General House
Workshop on the protection of the rights of children and young people
Safeguarding Children and Young People
02/04/2012: Lebanon
Marist presence in Jbail – Byblos
The School of « Notre Dame de Lourdes »
01/04/2012: Switzerland
Human Rights
Announcing the second round of the UPR
30/03/2012: General House
Secretariat of Mission
International Mission Commission
29/03/2012: Australia
The young people in the contemporary Catholic school
Australian Marist Principals meet
28/03/2012: General House
April – June 2012
Calendar of the General Council
27/03/2012: General House
Marist Mission
Meeting of Marist Houses of Publication
26/03/2012: Switzerland
Formation courses on community animation
Marist Brothers from various parts of the world visit FMSI in Geneva
26/03/2012: Spain
Experience of the community animators
LEscorial - 05 - 16 March 2012
24/03/2012: Spain
The enneagram of the passions
Interview sith Br. Lluís Serra
23/03/2012: Mexico
Vocational, youth, catechetics and social ministries
Meeting of the pastoral leaders of the Province of México Occidental
22/03/2012: General House
Fondazione Marista per la Solidarietà Internazionale
7 new projects for the most disadvantaged
22/03/2012: Spain
Reunion of Former Students
The 50 years of Marist Champagnat College
21/03/2012: Uruguay
Signs of the times pointers to the presence of Jesus
Meeting of the Animation Teams of Uruguay
20/03/2012: Brazil
« Happy Life » Programme and Animation of Vocations
Meeting for Animators of Vocations
20/03/2012: Thailand
Regional co-operation in Marist Asia
Inauguration of the Marist Asia Conference
19/03/2012: Brazil
Province of « Brasil Centro-Norte »
Provincial Communication Plan: dialogue, transparency, ethics and solidarity
17/03/2012: Malawi
The warm heart of Africa
FMSI and the work of the Marist Brothers in Malawi
16/03/2012: Italy
“Finding a place at the table”
Giugliano, Naples - The La Valla experience
15/03/2012: Mozambique
Project Ad Gentes
Seminar in the novitiate in Matola
14/03/2012: Colombia
Entry of new postulants at Manizales
12 postulants, three second year and 9 first
13/03/2012: Switzerland
Fondazione Marista per la Solidarietà Internazionale
FMSI at the signing ceremony of the UN Optional Protocol to the CRC
13/03/2012: General House
He gave us the name of Mary
Circular of Br Emili Turú
12/03/2012: Australia
Be Part of BIGGER Picture
Marist Solidarity Campaign 2012
10/03/2012: Brazil
The animation of vocations in the context of youth
National Meeting of Animators of Vocations
09/03/2012: Cambodia
Ad Gentes, Phnom Penh
Ad gentes Brother directs Catholic Church Student Center
08/03/2012: Guatemala
Together for vitality
Extended General Council with Arco Norte (4)
08/03/2012: General House
Province of “Brasil Centro-Sul” and Province of United States
New provincials
07/03/2012: Guatemala
Together for vitality
Extended General Council with Arco Norte (3)
06/03/2012: New Zealand
Gathered around the same table
Oceania Regional Meeting of Leaders of Lay Animation
05/03/2012: Spain
« Come, you blessed of my Father »
SED publishes a solidarity prayer book for Lent 2012
05/03/2012: Guatemala
Together for vitality
Extended General Council with Arco Norte (2)
04/03/2012: Switzerland
Robyn Young FMSI volunteer
02/03/2012: Greece
Orthodox and Catholics « Around the Same Table »
Lycées Léonins of Athens: The Vocation of lay marists
02/03/2012: Guatemala
Together for vitality
Extended General Council with Arco Norte (1)
01/03/2012: Brazil
CHANGE – Make the difference!
Second meeting of the Organizing Committee for the International Marist Youth Meeting 2013
29/02/2012: Mexico
Paths of Marist Solidarity in the Americas
Inter-American Solidarity Sub-commission
28/02/2012: General House
March together towards « new lands »
Extended Council of the Arco Norte Region
27/02/2012: General House
Fondazione Marista per la Solidarietà Internazionale
First Board of Directors’ Meeting of FMSI
25/02/2012: General House
From experience a reflection
Time of crisis, time of solidarity – A reflection
24/02/2012: Philippines
9 to 14 February 2012 - Davao
Training session for the Provincial Secretaries of Asia and Oceania
23/02/2012: Italy
Session for Community Animators in Manziana
Community Animators Course in English
22/02/2012: Guatemala
As brothers, prophets of communion!
Provincial Meeting of Community Animators
21/02/2012: Haiti
Anniversary of the earthquake
Haiti, how is it going?
20/02/2012: Thailand
Visualizing ways of growth in the development of regional leadership
Asia Regional Meeting of Leaders of Lay Animation
17/02/2012: Brazil
Interprovincial Novitiate of Brasil
A group of postulants enters the Novitiate
17/02/2012: General House
Evangelizers in the midst of youth
Graphic resources for publicizing the reference document of the Marist Youth Ministry (MYM)
16/02/2012: Spain
News from the Escorial
Session for Community Animators - I
15/02/2012: Venezuela
Communique from the lay Marists
IV National Meeting of Champagnat Lay Marists
14/02/2012: Brazil
School of Animation of Vocations
Study of the situation of youth and young Marists in formation
13/02/2012: Brazil
World Youth Day 2013
Launching of official logo of youth meeting in Rio de Janeiro
11/02/2012: El Salvador
Brother of great sympathy
Br Julián Goñi, doyen of the Institute (27/07/1909 – 5/02/2012)
10/02/2012: Kenya
MIC, 25 years
Closure of the silver jubilee
09/02/2012: Brazil
« They have left everything to follow you »
First profession at the interprovincial novitiate of Passo Fundo
08/02/2012: Switzerland
Child Rights training workshop for the ‘link persons’
07/02/2012: General House
Father Gilberto Salazar Zuluaga
New chaplain to the General House community
06/02/2012: Australia
New Australian Marist Province
One hundred and eighty Marist Brothers gathered in Hunters Hill
04/02/2012: Madagascar
Marist Province of Madagascar
The centenary celebration in Fianarantsoa
03/02/2012: General House
Now online in 5 languages!
New updating of the FMSI site
02/02/2012: Australia
Celebration of faith in Christ and the Resurrection
Funeral of Br Charles Howard, 24 January 2012
01/02/2012: General House
Taking the pulse of the Institute two years after the XXI General Chapter
Meeting of the General Council with the Secretariats
31/01/2012: General House
Thanks for the gift of his life and person to the Institute
Celebration of the birthday of Br Emili Turú in the General House
30/01/2012: Kenya
Child Rights workshop at MIC
30/01/2012: Kenya
Diffusion of the new data base system for the Institute
Formation meeting for the Provincial Secretaries of Africa
27/01/2012: General House
Alberto Iván Ricica Siskova
New Director of Communications
26/01/2012: Colombia
Province Norandina
Religious profession in Medellín
26/01/2012: Philippines
Marist Asia Pacific Center
MAPAC newsbits
25/01/2012: Italy
Response to the new technologies
Meeting of the General Councils of the Marist Family
24/01/2012: General House
Blessings and thanks
Birthday of Br Emili Turú
23/01/2012: Switzerland
Dynamism, vitality and linking up for the Marist mission in Europe
Meeting of the European Mission Team
22/01/2012: General House
Fondazione Marista per la Solidarietà Internazionale
FMSI launches its Newsletter
21/01/2012: Brazil
Mission and inculturation in favour of life
IV Chapter of the District of Amazonia
20/01/2012: General House
A sincere thanks for the donations of 2011
20/01/2012: General House
18 January 2012
Mass for Br Charles Howard
19/01/2012: Malawi
Maula prison in Lilongwe
Marist Brothers spend Christmas afternoon in prison
18/01/2012: Brazil
Marist Province of Brasil Centro-Sul
Three Perpetual Professions
17/01/2012: Australia
24 January 2012
Requiem Mass for Brother Charles
16/01/2012: Kenya
MIC, 12-16 December 2011
Marist Patrimony Workshop
14/01/2012: General House
Brother Charles Howard – 29 October 1924 – 14 January 2012
We thank God for the gift of his life
14/01/2012: General House
Br. Charles Howard (1924-2012)
Lets be Champagnat Today
13/01/2012: Mexico
Accepting « to be called » by the God of life
Vocations meeting – « México Central »
13/01/2012: General House
Br. Chris Wills
Director of the Secretariat for International Collaboration for Mission
12/01/2012: General House
Relevant dates January - March 2012
Calendar of The General Council
11/01/2012: Italy
Final Weeks
Manziana - Third age renewal 2011
10/01/2012: General House
We do not know the consequences of a « yes »
195th anniversary of the foundation of the Institute of the Marist Brothers
09/01/2012: General House
Opportunity for thanking them for their service to the mission of the General House
Celebration of the Nativity with the lay collaborators of the General House
09/01/2012: General House
Thanks for your service to the Institute as Director of Communications
Farewell to Br Antonio Martínez Estaún
07/01/2012: Brazil
Evaluating and celebrating the road travelled
4th Chapter of the Province of « Brasil Centro-Sul »
06/01/2012: Sri Lanka
Thanksgiving Eucharistic celebration
Centenary celebrations of the Marist Brothers’ Presence in Sri Lanka
05/01/2012: Kenya
Constructing together the future of the Marist mission in Africa
3rd and final day of the Extended General Council in Nairobi
04/01/2012: Fiji
Pacific Novitiate
5 New Marist Brothers Professed at Lomeri
04/01/2012: Brazil
25 March – 8 December 2011
Closure of the Marial Year in Brasil with simultaneous ceremonies
03/01/2012: Brazil
Space-time and horizons in the education of children and youth
4th Marist Education Congress – International Edition
02/01/2012: Kenya
UBUNTU and fraternal dialogue
2nd day of the Extended General Council in Nairobi
01/01/2012: Philippines
25 years of existence in Philippines
Champagnat Movement of the Marist Family

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