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Marist Calendar

23 January

Saint Margaret
1939, Marist foundation in Kutama (Zimbabwe) and Marist foundation in Phnom Penh (Cambodia)

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22/12/2017: General House
Superior general’s message for Christmas and January 2
The first Christmas of the third Marist Century
22/12/2017: Mexico
Two first professions in Mexico City
Brothers José Eduardo Maciel Mota and Miguel Osvaldo Pérez Argüello
21/12/2017: Guatemala
Fourvière Promise
Lay people of the América Central Province
20/12/2017: Venezuela
Sixth Provincial Chapter of Norandina
Superior general: ‘It’s worth living the Marist life today’
19/12/2017: Brazil
Provincial Chapter of Brasil Centro-Sul
Priorities for the coming term
17/12/2017: General House
Agios.Mar 5
Brother Basilio’s cause resumes
14/12/2017: Guatemala
América Central celebrates its 15th Provincial Chapter
The new provincial takes up office
12/12/2017: General House
Agios.Mar 4
What does it mean to canonize someone?
11/12/2017: Spain
Resilience and migrant childhood
A change of perspective
09/12/2017: Spain
Perpetual Profession of Brother Isaac Rodríguez
“I discover myself every day to be a seeker of the authentic Encounter”
08/12/2017: General House
Committee of Mission
Towards new models in the Marist Mission
07/12/2017: Syria
Syrian Brother: Priority of Blue Marists now is to offer a solid formation
Video interview with Br Georges Sabe
06/12/2017: Nigeria
Team management, governance and administration
Workshop on leadership
05/12/2017: Vatican
Agios.Mar 3
New rapporteur of the Sacred Congregation for the Causes of Saints
04/12/2017: General House
The awakening of the laity in the Church and the international Marist communities
International communities for a new beginning
02/12/2017: Italy
Encounter of the Marist European Conference
Superiors of Europe deal with the issue of migration and welcoming
01/12/2017: General House
To victims and survivors of abuse
A statement from the 22nd General Chapter
30/11/2017: Australia
Meetings of Oceania Council and College of Leaders
Exploring new areas of Marist life and mission across Oceania
29/11/2017: El Salvador
We are excited about the future
XI Encounter of Marist Fraternities of América Central
28/11/2017: General House
Official launching of the Chapter’s message
Superior general: ‘I present you all the Chapter document’
27/11/2017: Ghana
20th anniversary of the Marist Preparatory and Junior High School
The school director appeals for government aid
27/11/2017: General House
Cardenal Cisneros University College
Agreement with the Gregorian University for the Protection of Children
24/11/2017: General House
Journeying Together as a Global Family!
Message of the XXII General Chapter
24/11/2017: General House
Defying our usual inertias
Towards a new profile of the Secretariat of the Laity
23/11/2017: General House
Agios.Mar 2
Brother Antonio Martínez Estaún, Postulator general
22/11/2017: Scotland
German Marist coordinators gather for the first time
Keeping the Marist charism alive
21/11/2017: Italy
‘Children on the Move – diritti senza confini’
FMSI marks 10th anniversary appealing for migrant children’s right to education
20/11/2017: Chile
Marist Education Congress
The challenges of Marist education in the country
20/11/2017: Brazil
Each with their own rhythm
Itinerant Retreat of the Young Marist Laity
20/11/2017: General House
November 20
Universal Children’s Day
18/11/2017: Spain
“You feel part of something much bigger, that goes beyond school”
Compostela gathers 100 new educators
17/11/2017: Brazil
Marist Union of Brazil
Marist Brazil launches social report
17/11/2017: Nigeria
Final vows, golden and silver jubilees
Triple celebration in the Province of Nigeria
16/11/2017: Spain
Fourteenth day of the Marist educator
More than 700 professionals gather from the Ibérica province
15/11/2017: Colombia
Building a Culture of Vocation
Vocational colloquium at the Norandina Province
14/11/2017: General House
Marist News
Number 500
14/11/2017: Canada
60th anniversary of Quebec’s Marist Camp
Celebration coincides with 10 years of lay leadership
13/11/2017: Guatemala
Br Hipólito Pérez Gómez
New provincial of América Central
12/11/2017: General House
Agios.Mar 1
General postulation
10/11/2017: Brazil
Br Benê Oliveira
New Provincial of Brasil Centro-Sul
10/11/2017: Vatican
Brothers Ernesto Sánchez and Emili Turú visit the Vatican
Encounter with Cardinal João Braz de Aviz
09/11/2017: General House
The book “Brothers” reaches the community
Fourth volume of the History of the Institute?
08/11/2017: Zambia
Two perpetual professions and a silver jubilee
Brothers Joseph Daka, Davy Mbasela and Patrick Bwalya
07/11/2017: General House
Calendar of the General Council and Directors of Secretariats
November – December 2017
06/11/2017: India
Marist presence in India
Several schools, projects help ‘untouchable’ children out of poverty
03/11/2017: Brazil
Brasil Sul-Amazônia Province
Brothers and Laity cultivate spirituality in a retreat
02/11/2017: Mexico
Elderly Brothers of México Occidental
Br Ernesto Sánchez’s visit to Casa Champagnat
01/11/2017: South Africa
Footsteps through Sacred Heart College
New website explains the College’s Marist history
31/10/2017: Dem. Rep. of the Congo
Brothers of Bugobe killed for refusing to leave their people
Four Spanish Brothers and two Belgian Brothers
30/10/2017: General House
FMSI hosts child rights conference for its 10-year anniversary
‘Children on the Move, diritti senza Confini’ to be held on Nov. 20
27/10/2017: United States
School retreat at Franklin Lakes, New Jersey
Being the Light
26/10/2017: Spain
II Days of the Marist Educator
300 teachers meet in Cartagena, compete at La Valla Awards
25/10/2017: Haiti
Looking for greater self-sustainability
A year after Hurricane Matthew
24/10/2017: General House
English speaking third age programme in Rome
‘You always engage in ministry, you never retire as a Brother’ says director
23/10/2017: Spain
School receives certificate for quality education and social commitment
European Foundation for Quality Management
20/10/2017: Colombia
20th October 2017
Closure of the XXII General Chapter
20/10/2017: Colombia
The New Beginning has already begun
Remarks by Brother Ernesto Sánchez at the closing of the XXII General Chapter
20/10/2017: Spain
Compostela Province
Forming specialists in Marist leadership and spirituality
19/10/2017: Colombia
Thursday, 19th October
Penultimate day of the General Chapter
19/10/2017: General House
Preparation Program for Lavalla200> 2018
The Superior General wants you!
18/10/2017: Colombia
Wednesday, October 18
General Chapter: Voting on the Constitutions
18/10/2017: Brazil
Second National Congress of Marist Youth Ministry
450 youth from all Brazil discuss social issues and the role of PJM
17/10/2017: Colombia
Tuesday, 17th October
General Chapter – Voting on Constitutions and Statutes
17/10/2017: Lebanon
Pilgrimage to the Holy Valley (Ouadi Qadisha)
Marist School Jbeil-Amchit
16/10/2017: Colombia
Monday, 16th October 16
Constitutions and ‘Rule of Life’
16/10/2017: Colombia
Message of the Vicar General
Br. Luis Carlos Gutiérrez
16/10/2017: United States
LaValla Weekend Retreat
Fundraising for earthquake and hurricane victims
14/10/2017: Colombia
Saturday, 14th October (Day 37)
Work on the Constitutions and Statutes, and statement on the Rights of Children
13/10/2017: Colombia
Friday, October 13
Constitutions, Statutes and Rule of Life
13/10/2017: Colombia
Marist International Volunteering in Colombia
Uruguay volunteers tell of experience
12/10/2017: Colombia
Thursday, October 12
Feast of Our Lady of Aparecida and Our Lady of Pilar
12/10/2017: General House
Protection of children in the General Chapter
May Marist works be a safe place for children
12/10/2017: United States
Marists from Cuba celebrate the Institute’s bicentenary in Miami
50th anniversary of alumni
11/10/2017: Colombia
Chapter: Day 34
Presentation of the revised Constitutions and Statutes
11/10/2017: Greece
Nikolas Charikiopoulos
Celebration of an entrance to postulancy in the chapel of Agia Kyriaki
10/10/2017: Colombia
New General Council
Six Brothers form the new General Council with Brothers Ernesto and Luis Carlos
10/10/2017: Colombia
First New General councilors
Elected 4 of the six councilors
10/10/2017: Brazil
2,000 students taking part in Curitiba’s Marist Olympiad
A professional footballer and survivor of airplane crash will light the pyre
09/10/2017: Colombia
Monday, October 9
General Chapter - Moving on
09/10/2017: Colombia
General Chapter Reaching out to show support for migrants
The capitulants participate in the Caritas campaign
08/10/2017: Colombia
Saturday, October 7, 2017
Approval of the Procedure for Election of the General Council
07/10/2017: Colombia
I dream of an Institute ...
Marist Novices in Medellín
07/10/2017: Colombia
Friday, October 6
29th day of the General Chapter
06/10/2017: Fiji
School finishing repairs after last year’s Cyclone
Marist Brothers Primary School (MBPS)
06/10/2017: Colombia
October 5, 2017
Principles and recommendations for action – “New La Valla”
05/10/2017: Mexico
Superiors from México Central share what they learned from the earthquake
‘The reconstruction of the Ixtaltepec house concerns us exclusively’
04/10/2017: Colombia
October 4th: Working on key themes
General Chapter
04/10/2017: Philippines
A committee dedicated to child protection
Educating teachers and student leaders on child rights
04/10/2017: Colombia
Election of the Superior General and Vicar General of the Institute
General Chapter, October 3
03/10/2017: Colombia
Vicar General of the Institute
Brother Luis Carlos Gutiérrez Blanco
03/10/2017: Colombia
Br Ernesto Sánchez
New Superior General of the Marist Brothers
03/10/2017: France
October 1817 - Jeanne-Marie Chavoin and Marie Jotillon
Two hundred years of the Marist Sisters
02/10/2017: Colombia
Monday, October 2
Moment of discernment
02/10/2017: General House
Fr John Larsen
New superior of the Society of Mary
02/10/2017: Colombia
La Valla Interprovincial Novitiate, Medellín
Marist Creed for a New Beginning
02/10/2017: Brazil
In the dance of the mission
Marist Brazil prepares for the 2nd National Congress of Marist Youth Ministry
30/09/2017: Colombia
Saturday, September 30, 2017
Farewell to the lay invitees to the General Chapter
29/09/2017: Colombia
Friday, September 29
XXII General Chapter
29/09/2017: Chile
Education Commission of the América Sur region
Creating a school network and action plan
29/09/2017: Colombia
Thursday, October 28
Presentation of the’ Being Lay Marist’ document and key implications
28/09/2017: General House
Co-creators of a common future
Proposals of the Secretariat of Laity to the capitulants
28/09/2017: Philippines
Final vows coincide with 70th anniversary of Marist presence
One Brother makes perpetual vows, another re-enters the Institute
27/09/2017: Colombia
Wednesday, 27th September
What are the 4 things that God is calling us to for a New Beginning?
27/09/2017: Mexico
Marist works in Mexico after two earthquakes
‘The work of Ixaltepec has been affected in practically everything’
26/09/2017: Colombia
Tuesday, October 26
Hearing God's Calls
26/09/2017: Syria
Letter from Aleppo No 31 (September 24, 2017)
Neither War nor Peace
26/09/2017: Colombia
Monday, September 25
Letting go ... Yesterday, today and tomorrow
25/09/2017: Bangladesh
Institute shows solidarity with the Rohingya
Marist students and Brothers protest in Srimangal
25/09/2017: Italy
FMSI launches new website, Twitter and Instagram accounts
Marist International Solidarity Foundation Onlus For the benefit of children
24/09/2017: Colombia
Saturday, September 23
What we need to leave behind
22/09/2017: Colombia
Friday, September 22
Letting go
22/09/2017: Colombia
Thursday, September 21
Regenerative Dialogue on the Institute
21/09/2017: Colombia
Wednesday, September 20
Intervention of Brother Emili Turú
21/09/2017: Mexico
Educating young victims of violence
Traveling companions of Ciudad Juarez
20/09/2017: Colombia
To the Victims of Hurricanes and Earthquakes in The Americas
Message from the General Chapter
20/09/2017: Colombia
Tuesday, September 19
Lay people and brothers: what the body is telling us
20/09/2017: Italy
Italian town names a street and a bridge after Saint Marcellin Champagnat
50 years of Marist presence in Cesano Maderno
19/09/2017: Rwanda
Brothers visit Kibeho, Shrine of Our Lady of Sorrows
Pilgrimage to Marian shrine commemorates bicentenary
19/09/2017: Colombia
Monday, September 18
Looking within the Institute
18/09/2017: Tanzania
Bicentenary coincides with 25 years of Marist presence in Tanzania
Three brothers left Mexico for the mission in Tanzania
17/09/2017: Colombia
Saturday, September 16
Celebrating the Bicentenary of the Institute
16/09/2017: France
Brothers celebrate jubilees on feast of the nativity of Mary
Six Brothers celebrate 60 years, one Brother celebrates 50 years in the Institute
16/09/2017: Colombia
Friday, September 15
Sensing, making presence, realising
15/09/2017: Colombia
Thursday, September 14
Meeting with young people
15/09/2017: Haiti
Reopening of the Novitiate in Jérémie
Novitiate opens 10 months after hurricane Matthew
14/09/2017: Colombia
Wednesday, September 13
Towards a new land
14/09/2017: South Africa
Three2Six gets long term volunteers from abroad
Volunteering with refugee children from 5 – 12 months
13/09/2017: Mexico
Following earthquake, Marists ask for solidarity
Marist Mexico unites to help earthquake victims
12/09/2017: Colombia
September 12, Feast of the Holy Name of Mary
Discovering the New World and Electing the Facilitation Commission
12/09/2017: Colombia
Monday, September 11
Leave something behind and open up to the world around us
12/09/2017: Cameroon
Marist District of West Africa
Workshops in Ghana and Cameroon
11/09/2017: General House
Brothers continue to train in Safeguarding of Minors
Diploma from the Centre for Child Protection in Rome
11/09/2017: Colombia
Sunday, September 10
Developing an awareness of the role of capitulants
09/09/2017: General House
Saturday, 9th September 2017
Meeting with Pope Francis marks the second day of the Chapter
08/09/2017: Colombia
Afternoon of 8th September 2017
The General Chapter is declared officially opened
08/09/2017: Colombia
A New La Valla
Opening of the 22nd General Chapter
08/09/2017: Colombia
Opening of the 22nd General Chapter
At the edge of waiting - Statement by Br Emili Turú, current superior general
08/09/2017: General House
To seek more intensely the peripheries
Message of Cardinal João Braz de Aviz to the 22nd General Chapter
08/09/2017: Brazil
Improving the flow of communication in the region
The team discusses the communication of the América Sur region
07/09/2017: Colombia
Verification of the election of Delegates
Supervision of the regularity of the elections of the delegates to the 22nd General Chapter
07/09/2017: General House
Proposals to the capitulants
Documents regarding the development of the General Chapter
06/09/2017: Philippines
Superiors gather in General Santos
Discussing future plans of Marist communities
05/09/2017: New Zealand
Oceania Region meets to discuss future plans
‘Our discernment will continue,’ affirms Australia’s provincial
04/09/2017: General House
General Chapter: Hear the voice of the Spirit of God
Interview with the superior general, Brother Emili Turú
02/09/2017: France
Living the Marist charism with the family of origin
Encounter of Brothers and parents at Hermitage
01/09/2017: Madagascar
Revitalizing charism and mission
Brothers and lay in a joint formation in Antsirabe
31/08/2017: Colombia
22nd General Chapter
Preparations begin in Rionegro
30/08/2017: Vatican
Vatican Post office commemorates bicentenary
Vatican to sell postage stamps for Marist bicentenary
30/08/2017: Cuba
‘Whoever does not live to serve, does not serve to live’
Forming 50 youth pastoral animators
29/08/2017: Sri Lanka
Developing Marist spirituality among Brothers and laity
Fifth Meeting of the Asia Laity Commission
28/08/2017: Brazil
To make Marcellin’s dreams come true
Brasil Centro-Norte elects Provincial Youth Commission
28/08/2017: Sri Lanka
Province of South Asia
A Retreat with a different note
26/08/2017: General House
Towards a new beginning
Chapter members are carriers of the fruits of Pre-Capitular process
25/08/2017: Philippines
Gathering of Young Brothers
Temporary Professed Brothers in Active Ministry
25/08/2017: Brazil
Assembly of Brothers and laity in preparation for the 22nd General Chapter
Reflections and convictions of the Brazil Centro-Sur province
24/08/2017: Haiti
Assembly of Haiti’s Marist sector
Forming to transform reality
23/08/2017: General House
New appointments for 2018
Appointments for the Secretariat of the Laity, Cmi and economic issues
22/08/2017: General House
Towards the General Chapter
Proclaiming a New La Valla
22/08/2017: France
A Bridge into the Future
West Central Europe province - Bicentenary Gathering in the Hermitage
21/08/2017: France
Being Brother Today
European Marist Brothers under 50 meet at l´Hermitage
20/08/2017: Italy
Who are the unaccompanied minors?
Marist of Siracusa and the immigration drama in Europe
19/08/2017: General House
The Human Rights Council and the Universal Periodic Review
FMSI is protagonist in the promotion and defense of the rights of children
18/08/2017: Australia
Appealing for volunteers
Marist Youth Ministry’s homework club
17/08/2017: Fiji
Lomeri Novitiate in Lomeri
Br. Anitelea Fidow's First Profession of vows
16/08/2017: Italy
Open up to the light
‘Amanecer’ programme: June 24 – Aug. 24
14/08/2017: Spain
Institute of Marist Studies – Pontifical University of Salamanca
The first course on school bullying, bullying and cyberbullying ends
13/08/2017: East Timor
Instituto Católico para a Formação de Professores
Marist teaching Institute now offers a Bachelor of Education equivalent
11/08/2017: Australia
New mobile app encourages Marian contemplation
Marist Daily Prayer: spiritual formation through your phone
09/08/2017: Kenya
Marist Africa and the new beginning
Meeting of the CSAC in Nariobi
08/08/2017: Kenya
African Marist Formation for a New Beginning
African Marist Gathering on Initial Formation - Nairobi 22-29 July 2017
07/08/2017: South Africa
Sharing our Call
Retreat gathers 45 staff from all South African Marist schools
04/08/2017: Nigeria
Marist Spiritual Patrimony workshop in Orlu
16 first year postulants receive workshop on St Marcellin Champagnat
03/08/2017: Bangladesh
Marists Giasnogor
Marist volunteers in Asia
02/08/2017: El Salvador
Fifth provincial encounter of youth from the América Central province
750 youths gather at the Liceo Salvadoreño
01/08/2017: Papua New Guinea
Chapter of the Melanesia district
Superior starts mandate and new Council is elected
31/07/2017: Brazil
Brasil Centro-Sur Province
The theme of the retreat of brothers and laity is La Valla House of Light
29/07/2017: General House
Commission for the Revision of the Constitutions
Capitulants will soon receive final draft of Constitutions and the draft of the ‘Rule of Life’
28/07/2017: Philippines
The Vocation of the Marist Laity
Brothers convene to discuss laity issues with a Chapter participant
27/07/2017: Brazil
Brasil Sul-Amazônia Province
A preparatory meeting for the 22nd General Chapter gathers brothers and laity
26/07/2017: Bolivia
Santa María de los Andes
Capitulants attend assembly in Cochabamba
25/07/2017: Argentina
Strategic Plan of the America Sur Region
Meeting of the Regional Committee in Buenos Aires
24/07/2017: Kenya
I have carried you up on eagles wings
African Marist formation for a new beginning
23/07/2017: General House
International Communities for a New Beginning
The Lavalla200> 2017 group concludes its programme at L’Hermitage
22/07/2017: Mexico
FMSI takes part in a Global Consultation of Experts
‘Violence against children in mobility: from continuum of violence to continuum of protection’
21/07/2017: Switzerland
Universal Periodic Review before the Human Rights Council of the UN:
FMSI Cono Sur's report for Argentina
19/07/2017: Mexico
A spirituality for a new beginning
11th Meeting of the Inter-American Network of Marist Spirituality
18/07/2017: Canada
Br Gérard Bachand
Provincial superior appointed for second term
17/07/2017: Philippines
Moving towards communion and greater vitality
CMMF Notre Dame Cotabato
17/07/2017: Guatemala
Brother Luis Carlos Gutiérrez Blanco
América Central’s provincial appointed for second term
15/07/2017: Argentina
Cruz del Sur Province
Pre-Chapter Assembly
14/07/2017: Kenya
Province of East Central Africa
Bicentennial celebrations and final vows in Orore
13/07/2017: Australia
250 Marists gathered from across Australia to celebrate the Marist bicentenary
Young Australians ‘Awaken’ at National Marist Youth Festival
13/07/2017: General House
Beginning of the cause of beatification of Brother Moisés Cisneros
The General Council constitutes the cause Actor
13/07/2017: Syria
Let’s choose to build peace!
Letter from Aleppo No 30 (July 9th 2017)
12/07/2017: Sri Lanka
First Marist Novices from Timor Leste
Twelve Novices Initiated into the Novitiate at Tudella
11/07/2017: Bolivia
Br Saturnino Alonso Ortega
Second term for Provincial superior of Santa Maria de los Andes
10/07/2017: Philippines
Coming Together 200 years for a New Beginning
East Asia Province Launching of Marist Bicentenary
10/07/2017: Portugal
First Profession in Vouzela
Br José Luís Rangel Carvalho
08/07/2017: General House
FMSI to receive new staff
Brother Rick Carey, of the United States province
07/07/2017: Italy
Brothers from Africa and Asia receive child protection diploma
The Marist Institute and the Gregorian University’s Centre for Child Protection
06/07/2017: Colombia
Provincial superior of Norandina is elected for second term
Br César Augusto Rojas Carvajal
06/07/2017: United States
USA Provincial Assembly
Discussions include future of province and role of laity
05/07/2017: General House
Calendar of the General Council and Directors of Secretariats
July – September 2017
04/07/2017: Brazil
Vocational culture: a new beginning for Marists of Champagnat
National encounter for vocational animators
03/07/2017: General House
Farewell celebration held in honour of Iolanda Gallo
24 years of service to the Institute
30/06/2017: France
L’Hermitage Province
First religious profession of Brother Than-Laurent Hua
29/06/2017: General House
International Communities for a New Beginning
15 Marists assigned to Cape Town, Tabatinga, East Harlem, Romania and MDA
28/06/2017: Guatemala
Vocational processes
Course for accompaniators
27/06/2017: Ghana
First profession in Kumasi-novitiate
Nine Novices made their First Profession
26/06/2017: General House
Marist Institute’s ‘Fratelli Project’ takes part in photo contest
Winner will receive €460 ($515 USD)
24/06/2017: Rwanda
East Central Africa province
Three Brothers make final vows during bicentenary feast
23/06/2017: Brazil
Marist Union of Brazil
Meeting on being a lay Marist
23/06/2017: Netherlands
West Central Europe gets new Mission Council
Members include three Brothers and three laity
22/06/2017: Angola
Br Lourenço Sapalo
Perpetual profession in Southern Africa province
21/06/2017: Germany
FMSI attends ‘Global Conference on Children on the Move’
Reflecting with UN members on ways of improving children’s rights
21/06/2017: France
Pilgrimage to Marist places
Brothers and Laity of the General Administration visit L’Hermitage
20/06/2017: Canada
Province of Canada
Extended provincial council discusses challenges
20/06/2017: Spain
Marist Lay Vocation
Ceremony of connection to the Marist charism
19/06/2017: Madagascar
Br Michel Maminiaina Razafimandimby
Madagascar’s new provincial superior
17/06/2017: Chile
Marist Model of Evangelisation
Provincial Strategic Project of Santa María de los Andes
16/06/2017: General House
Keeping Alive the Institute’s Heritage
Annual meeting of the Institute’s Patrimony Commission
15/06/2017: Chile
Annual meeting of the FMSI Cono Sur Office
Taking on new challenges
15/06/2017: Greece
Memory of St Marcellin Champagnat
Greece’s Marist Family celebrates the Bicentenary
14/06/2017: General House
Marist International Solidarity Foundation Onlus
FMSI launches “Rights without borders. Marist initiatives for the care of Migrants and Refugees”
13/06/2017: Cambodia
Marist District of Asia
Champagnat Day in Pailin
13/06/2017: Argentina
The life of religious Brothers
Encounter of Brothers in Lujan
12/06/2017: General House
Marist Charism in the Social Media
12/06/2017: Portugal
Marist Experience in Fatima
Celebration of the Golden Jubilee of the Bairo group of 1966
11/06/2017: Philippines
Revitalizing shared charism and mission
Joint Formation exploring the new relationship of Brothers and Lay
10/06/2017: General House
General administration celebrates Bicentenary on feast of St Marcellin
Guests include Cardinal João Braz de Aviz and two Bishops
09/06/2017: Kenya
Together, towards a common future
Extended Secretariat of Laity Meeting
08/06/2017: General House
To embark in the history and seriously commit oneself to it
Presentation of the “History of the Institute”
07/06/2017: General House
A look at the Marist Life during the Institute’s Bicentenary
Photographic exhibition on the life of the Marist Brothers
06/06/2017: General House
A Marist heart for children and youths
Brothers Today Secretariat’s project to commemorate the Bicentenary
05/06/2017: Brazil
Fostering communion in the American continent
Interamerican Conference of Provincials
04/06/2017: General House
Feast of Saint Marcellin
Feast of the Bicentenary at the General House
02/06/2017: United States
'Burn like A Star'
Marist Youth Gathering in Poughkeepsie
01/06/2017: General House
Appeal for Marist of Champagnat to share the Charism
31/05/2017: Italy
International communities for a new beginning
Formation of the candidates according to the Program Lavalla200>
30/05/2017: General House
Taking a very important turn in our lives
Message for the feast of Saint Marcellin Champagnat 2017
30/05/2017: Brazil
New relationship of communion
Joint Formation of Brothers and Lay Marists of Champagnat
29/05/2017: General House
Making the Journey Together
Report of the Superior General and his Council to the 22nd General Chapter
27/05/2017: Canada
News of the Marist charism, around the same table and thanksgiving
The province of Canada celebrates the 200th anniversary of the Institute
26/05/2017: Philippines
East Asia Province
Seven Brothers make their profession in Cotabato
26/05/2017: General House
Implementing a culture of communication
Communication Committee reflects on formation and institutional image
25/05/2017: General House
Authentic and Transformative Leadership for a New Africa
Second phase of the New Horizons Project
24/05/2017: General House
HUMANITY – To be human with human beings
FMSI continues to support the Blue Marists in Aleppo and the Fratelli Project
24/05/2017: South Africa
‘Three2Six’ programme
Marists educate nearly 300 refugee children in Johannesburg
22/05/2017: Spain
“Senderos” spiritual formation course
FMSI Course on the Rights of the Child in El Escorial
21/05/2017: Canada
Les Trois Violettes, Montréal, Desbiens and Château-Richer
Provincial retreats in 2017
20/05/2017: General House
A great spirit without cultural barriers
Groups of permanent formation visit Marist places
19/05/2017: Philippines
Marist Community Living Experience
Vocational meeting in General Santos City
18/05/2017: Brazil
Brother João Carlos do Prado
New Provincial of Brasil Centro-Sul
17/05/2017: Spain
Mediterranean Marist Province
3rd Assembly of the Fraternities of the Champagnat Movement
16/05/2017: South Africa
150th anniversary of the arrival of the Brothers in Cape Town
Saint Aloysius’ School, first Marist school outside Europe
16/05/2017: Lebanon
Testimonies of the Syrian tragedy
Marists continue to support Syrians
15/05/2017: Brazil
Being a lay Marist
The Secretariat of the laity reflects on a document it will present at the General Chapter
12/05/2017: Spain
To see him pray, it was a school of how to become face to face with God
Ex-General Councillor Br Fabián Javier García Terradillos passes away, aged 97
11/05/2017: France
Marists share time at The Hermitage
Marists from all five continents in the Marist Places
11/05/2017: Romania
Brothers without Frontiers
the Marist Brothers of Bucharest and the De La Salle Brothers came together
10/05/2017: Brazil
Provincial Assemblies in Curitiba
The Marist Province of Brasil Centro-Sul inaugurates the Marist Memorial and gathers Marists of Champagnat
09/05/2017: Nigeria
‘God accompanies a task with the appropriate grace’
Br Vincent Uchenna Abadom, new Provincial of Nigeria
09/05/2017: General House
Universal Periodic Review before the UN Human Rights Council
FMSI’s submissions for Ghana and Zambia
08/05/2017: Spain
Marists of Champagnat
Encounter of Brothers and Laity in Roxos
06/05/2017: General House
Authentic testimony of the love of Christ
8 May: 23rd anniversary of Brother Henri Vergès’ assassination
05/05/2017: Brazil
Marist family: promise, fidelity and commitment
National encounter of the Marist family
04/05/2017: Mexico
Perpetual vows of Brother Adán Cantú Solís
Indigenous ritual for a profession in the Mexico Central province
03/05/2017: Italy
Project Lavalla200>
International Community in Siracusa
02/05/2017: General House
May - June 2017
Calendar of the General Council and Directors of Secretariats
01/05/2017: Spain
“A Marist network in Europe today”
Meeting of the Marist Europe in Alcala De Henares
30/04/2017: Philippines
The Spirituality of St Marcellin Champagnat
51 Brothers gather for annual retreat
28/04/2017: General House
Second Lavalla200> formation programme
First week of orientation will begin April 30
28/04/2017: Brazil
Marist Youth Ministry
The Youth Formation Meeting beats the record of participants
27/04/2017: South Korea
Final vows
Br. Paul Won, Seoul
27/04/2017: Argentina
Walking together towards the 22nd General Chapter
Marist educational communities of Rosario
26/04/2017: General House
Process of coordination among Marist entities of solidarity
Encounter of the Marist NGO’s in Rome
25/04/2017: Spain
Excouncillor and econome general
Brother Ezequiel Vaquerín Fernández passes away
24/04/2017: General House
A New La Valla
Guests of the 22nd General Chapter
23/04/2017: Mexico
Youth for Service programme
Youth prepare themselves for Marist volunteering
22/04/2017: Cuba
The charism of Champagnat inspires Cuban educators
Workshop for educators in Cienfuegos
21/04/2017: General House
Marist International Solidarity Foundation
Micro-Projects approved by FMSI
21/04/2017: General House
The world's biggest challenges, according to the youth
Videos prepare youth that will participate in the General Chapter
20/04/2017: France
‘La Valla, the paths of a dream’
Provincial Encounter of Mediterranea in Hermitage
19/04/2017: General House
“Conversations that transform”
Dialogue of the Secretariat with teams and lay commissions
17/04/2017: General House
Pope invites to find new places and ways of educating, and to be close to children and youth
Br Emili Turú speaks about his encounter with Pope Francis
15/04/2017: Brazil
More than 42% of Brazilian children and youth live in poverty
Marist publication highlights social conditions of child-youth population
14/04/2017: Spain
New inter-congregational community
Marists and Lasallians stretch hands again
13/04/2017: Nigeria
Commitment to Religious Life: Renewed Heart for a New Beginning
Provincial Assembly of Nigeria
12/04/2017: General House
Marist International Solidarity Foundation
FMSI is looking for an International Fundraising and Projects Coordinator
12/04/2017: Australia
Meeting of the Oceania Council
Region of Oceania
11/04/2017: Papua New Guinea
Br Jean Marie Batick
Superior of Marist District of Melanesia appointed for second term
10/04/2017: Vatican
Pontiff acknowledges 200 years of Marist mission and life
Brother Emili Turú received by Pope Francis
10/04/2017: Switzerland
Institute attends UN Human rights Council
Children’s rights
08/04/2017: Mozambique
24 novices in Matola
11 new novices in the province of Southern Africa
07/04/2017: United States
‘La Valla Weekend’ retreat encourages students to service
Students hear testimonies of refugees, have a simulation experience
06/04/2017: Madagascar
To facilitate communication and enhance efficiency
African Mission Commission meeting
05/04/2017: Spain
300 youths celebrate bicentenary
Compostela Province
04/04/2017: Uruguay
America Sur Region
America Sur’s implementation team meets with provincial councils
03/04/2017: New Zealand
Mass of Thanksgiving in Auckland
Marists of Pacific celebrate the Bicentenary of the foundation of the Institute
02/04/2017: Spain
Joint Celebration of Marist Fathers and Brothers
Marist Bicentenary in Leon
31/03/2017: General House
Encounter of provincial and district administrators
The goods of the Institute at the service of Marist life and mission
31/03/2017: Philippines
Champagnat Marists walking together
The Philippine Sector Laity
30/03/2017: General House
Lavalla200> Formation Program
The second program of Lavalla200> formation is about to begin!
30/03/2017: Portugal
Active members of the new La Valla
Bicentenary celebration in Carcavelos
29/03/2017: Brazil
Brasil Centro-Sul Province
Assembly of the Marist youth laity
28/03/2017: Ireland
Students celebrate Bicentenary
Young Marist leaders stress importance in leadership training
27/03/2017: General House
La Valla: The Lighthouse
Letter of Brother Emili Turú - 25 March 2017
25/03/2017: Italy
President of Anti-corruption National Authority attends Marist celebration
Discussing honesty during a school’s 50th anniversary
24/03/2017: Italy
Permanent Formation for middle-aged Brothers
“Senderos” programme in Manziana
23/03/2017: Syria
Letter from Aleppo No 29
March 15: the sad 6th anniversary of the beginning of the war
23/03/2017: Spain
Nearly 1,000 celebrate Bicentenary in Granada
'Bringing children close to God is an exciting responsibility,' says Superior General
22/03/2017: Mexico
The Provinces of Mexico celebrate 200 years of the Institute
Marist Bicentenary in la Chona
21/03/2017: Rwanda
Second Workshop for the Sustainability of PACE
‘The Marist mission is in our hand’
20/03/2017: Nigeria
Province of Nigeria promotes educative programme
Schools gather to discuss successes, challenges of New Horizons programme
16/03/2017: France
Province L’Hermitage
The Animation Team of MChFM
15/03/2017: Australia
To ensure co-responsibility
Oceania Partnership Commission
14/03/2017: General House
Revision of the Constitutions
Second Draft of the Constitutions available online
13/03/2017: Colombia
Marist youth ‘row into the deep’
REMAR celebrates its 40th anniversary this year
10/03/2017: General House
International communities for a new beginning
Accompanying Lavalla200> in Asia and Australia
09/03/2017: Argentina
Provincial encounter of animators
Animators of Cruz del Sur Province gather to analyse their path
08/03/2017: United States
Lavalla200> in New York
Last member arrives to the new East Harlem Community
07/03/2017: East Timor
First Lady of East Timor addresses, encourages students at their graduation
Students graduate from country’s sole international primary teacher college
06/03/2017: General House
Marist Lives through the Lens
A book of living Marist portraits to be published in September
04/03/2017: Ghana
Marist District of West Africa
Second workshop on Sustainability of the Mission in Africa and Asia
03/03/2017: General House
New models of animation, government and management
Meeting of the Mission Committee
02/03/2017: General House
Marist International Solidarity Foundation
FMSI - Board meeting
01/03/2017: Philippines
A Marist organisation helps integrate children back into society
The Marcellin Foundation helps give children a better future
28/02/2017: Uruguay
Former Marist student Servant of God
Isidro Alonso, of the Santa María School of Montevideo
24/02/2017: General House
March – April 2017
Calendar of the General Council and Directors of Secretariats
24/02/2017: Kiribati
In the Pacific, Bicentenary celebrations continue
New grotto of Our Lady inaugurated in bicentenary celebration
23/02/2017: Spain
SED to release a CD to fundraise for educational projects in Ghana
Marist NGO SED launches a CD on its 25th anniversary
22/02/2017: Scotland
“Global Citizenship Project” 10th Anniversary
Care for mothers and children suffering from HIV
21/02/2017: Spain
Dreaming of the future school
More than 500 gather in Barcelona
21/02/2017: Brazil
13th Ordinary general assembly
20/02/2017: Spain
Hermitage, School for Educators
Formation for 29 educators of Compostela
18/02/2017: General House
General House starts planning Bicentenary celebration held on June 6
Preparing June’s celebration of Father Champagnat
17/02/2017: General House
8-14 February 2017
Meeting of the International Commission of Brothers Today
17/02/2017: Colombia
Provincial to new novitiates: ‘fall in love with Jesus’
Official entry to the interprovincial novitiate La Valla, Medellin
16/02/2017: Canada
Collaboration for mission, international (Cmi)
Province of Canada prepares Marist volunteers
16/02/2017: Bolivia
New hearts for a new beginning
Formative itinerary of preparation for perpetual profession
14/02/2017: General House
To enter together in the territory of the new
Proposed workshop by the Secretariat of Laity in 2017
14/02/2017: Peru
Marist education towards a new beginning
Encounter of Educators in Lima
13/02/2017: Italy
Lavalla200> in Syracuse
New way to share life with Laypeople and Brothers
11/02/2017: Greece
Marist mission marked by ecumenism
The president of Greece participates in bicentenary celebrations in Athens
10/02/2017: Italy
Online child protection programme to be introduced
Institute starts a new collaboration with Rome’s Centre for Child Protection
09/02/2017: El Salvador
A new beginning. A new experience…
Community of Santa Ana receives two young lay people
08/02/2017: Malaysia
New Mission in Kuching
East Asia Province launches new school
07/02/2017: General House
International Gathering of Marist Youth
Marist family begin the way to Panana 2019
06/02/2017: General House
International Day of Zero Tolerance for Female Genital Mutilation
Institute promotes education of human rights to eradicate such practices
06/02/2017: Italy
President of Italy thanks Marists for “preparing one for life”
Sergio Mattarella attends bicentenary celebration
04/02/2017: Australia
Bicentennial Salve Regina
Marists worldwide participate in a special video to commemorate Bicentenary
03/02/2017: South Sudan
Over 5,000 seek refuge in Solidarity with South Sudan compound to escape death
One Marist Brother and three sisters live at the location
02/02/2017: General House
The Pope to Religious: “No to the culture of the provisional”
The Superior General participates in an encounter at the Vatican
02/02/2017: General House
Perpetual Professions
Marists consecrate for life at the West Africa District and México Central Province
01/02/2017: Greece
Spaniards spend Christmas holidays in Greek refugee camp
Spending Christmas with over 2,000 refugees
31/01/2017: General House
They are just children, not slaves
Feb. 8: International Day of Prayer and Awareness Against Human Trafficking
31/01/2017: General House
Marcellin Champagnat
A cartoon video on the history of the Marist charism
30/01/2017: Portugal
Hearts that are open to helping and welcoming
Marists of Lisbon welcome refugees
29/01/2017: Spain
European network for the Marist mission
First Assembly of the mission councils of Marist Europe
28/01/2017: Mexico
Have you lived? Have you loved?
Experiential workshop of interiority
27/01/2017: Philippines
Take Heart. Towards a New Beginning
Perpetual profession of Brother Jonnel M. Sisneros
26/01/2017: Philippines
‘John brings international Marist involvement and perspective’
MAPAC gets new rector: Brother John Hazelman
25/01/2017: Chad
Celebrating Marist mission in the District of West Africa
Marists of Koumra Community celebrate the Bicentenry
24/01/2017: Haiti
A new beginning
Dame-Marie, three months after the hurricane Matthew
24/01/2017: General House
1955 - 2017
The Institute Celebrates the Superior’s Birthday
23/01/2017: Sri Lanka
Lavalla200> in Asia
Br Réal Sauvageau: “Our Call” lived in the International Tudella Novitiate
19/01/2017: General House
Sustainability of the Mission in Africa in Asia
Glogal team work on successes and challenges to the Marist mission
18/01/2017: General House
“Sorry for all the times we have been the object of scandal”
The Church and the fight on paedophilia: the experience of the Marist Brothers - Br Emili Turú
17/01/2017: Brazil
I want to see justice surge like water, and goodness like an unfailing stream
The Marist Solidarity Network holds a mystagogical encounter
16/01/2017: Spain
Feeling like a family around the same table
Formation of Marist animators in Compostela
15/01/2017: South Africa
Marist-Mercy Summer Camp in Addo Valley
Marist Brothers and Mercy Sisters with the poor children
13/01/2017: General House
Child Migrants, the Vulnerable and the Voiceless
World Day of Migrants and Refugees - Lavalla200> Siracusa
13/01/2017: Argentina
Celebrating the Institute’s bicentenary in Lujan
Br Víctor Preciado participates in the celebration at the Cruz del Sur Province
12/01/2017: General House
XXII General Chapter
Letter concerning the pre-chapter process
11/01/2017: Canada
“Dare to dream a new beginning”
Marist Forum 2016
11/01/2017: Kenya
Marist International Center (MIC), Nairobi
The Bicentenary Celebration in Marist Africa
10/01/2017: France
The Bicentenary at the cradle of the Institute
Celebration of the Bicentenary at La Valla and at Our Lady of l’Hermitage
09/01/2017: Kenya
To deepen, share and celebrate
Enlarged General Council in Africa
09/01/2017: Bangladesh
“The Periphery is today the center of the Marist world”
Brother Emili inaugurates the Marist School in Giasnogor
07/01/2017: Kenya
African Patrimony Commission
Workshop on Marist Spiritual patrimony at MIC
06/01/2017: General House
A New La Valla
Participants in the 22nd General Chapter
05/01/2017: Philippines
Marist Formation in an Intercultural Community
Asia Region Initial Formation Colloquium
04/01/2017: General House
The Marist Bicentenary celebration begins
Marists of Champagnat remember the founding of the Institute at La Valla
03/01/2017: Haiti
International Marist solidarity
Réginald Sauvageau - lay Canadian Marist
02/01/2017: General House
Calendar of the General Council and Directors of Secretariats
January – February 2017

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