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25 September

Saint Finbar
1897: The first Marist Brothers left for Brazil

Marist Calendar - September

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19/04/2019: General House
Mystery of God's immense love for men
Marcellin Champagnat and the Holy Week
31/12/2018: Rwanda
PACE - VI Provincial Chapter
Marist Province of Africa Centre East (PACE)
29/12/2018: Brazil
United we are both bridge and lighthouse
Provincial Chapter of Brazil Sul-Amazônia
28/12/2018: Brazil
Action for the triennium: commitment to the calls of the General Chapter
Assembly and Chapter of Brasil Centro -Norte
26/12/2018: Mexico
Shaping the future with openness to the new
Meeting of the Inter-American Networks of "Solidarity Heart" and Spirituality
24/12/2018: Algeria
Henri Vergès new Blessed Marist Brother
Echoes from the feast of the Beatification
21/12/2018: France
International Community, Global Family
Brother Luis Carlos at Notre-Dame de l’Hermitage
20/12/2018: Philippines
Marist Youth Servant Leaders: Weaving life, Living life
Marist Youth Festival 2018
19/12/2018: General House
Let God be the first guest of your Heart
Novitiate community of Save - Formation Year 2018-2019
18/12/2018: Bolivia
Novitiate of the Region América Sur
Five new Marist Brothers
17/12/2018: General House
Pierre Claverie and his 18 fellow martyrs
Response of the media to the beatification of the Martyrs in Algeria
17/12/2018: General House
Annual meeting of the group “Tutti Fratelli”
The experience of Brother Ernesto in the Synod on Youth
16/12/2018: Pakistan
Br. Zubair Yaqub
Final vows in Sargodha
14/12/2018: General House
Br. Robert Thunus
New Provincial of West Central Europe
14/12/2018: Switzerland
The situation of children in Chile, Uruguay and Vanuatu
Marists from Uruguay and Chile travel to Genève to present their reports
12/12/2018: General House
A year following the General Chapter
Message of Br. Ernesto Sánchez, Superior General
12/12/2018: South Sudan
Five intercongregational religious communities
The assembly of solidarity commemorates 10 years of religious commitment to the African country
11/12/2018: Italy
Third Age Renewal Session
Manziana - October – December 2018
11/12/2018: Nigeria
A colourful celebration and a joyful day
Celebration of final religious professions and golden jubilees
10/12/2018: General House
December 10, 2018: Seventy years of human rights
Marist young people in the United Nations
08/12/2018: Algeria
Blessed Br. Henri Vergès
Beatification of the martyrs of Algeria
07/12/2018: General House
European Marists
Formation of Marist Leaders for the mission
06/12/2018: East Timor
A Missionary land
Young people are looking for the consecrated Marist life
05/12/2018: France
Preserve and enhance the value of the Marist patrimony
Inauguration of the renewed cemetery of l’Hermitage
04/12/2018: General House
"Father, our lives are already given"
The beatification of the Martyrs of Algeria
02/12/2018: Brazil
Brasil Centro-Sul
Provincial Assembly and visit of the General Councillors
30/11/2018: Chile
Assuming the mission that we inherit from our Founder
Annual Assembly of the Champagnat Movement of the Marist Family
30/11/2018: Spain
Resilience and young people. A journey of discovery
Formation days for young people with Social Workers, Mediterránea
29/11/2018: Malawi
Marist schools in Africa
New Horizon Marist Schools leadership Project II launched
28/11/2018: Canada
Looking after our Young People
Marist Forum
27/11/2018: Italy
New Executive Council of the USG for the triennium 2018-2021
Brother Ernesto Sánchez is elected member of the Council of the Union of General Superiors
26/11/2018: General House
El Escorial, end of a virtuous cycle
Permanent Formation in the Marist Institute
24/11/2018: Spain
Structures for the mission
Meeting of Representatives of the Spanish Marist Conference
23/11/2018: General House
A light, which enlightens grief
The Martyrs of the Church of Algeria
22/11/2018: Italy
Saint Marcellin Champagnat, a challenge for today's world
Meeting of the Italian Marists of Champagnat in the General House
21/11/2018: Italy
Community Lavalla 200> of Syracuse
Immigrants remember the journey that has brought them to Europe
20/11/2018: Spain
Life and mission in Europe
Meeting of the Marist European Conference
19/11/2018: General House
20 November
Universal Children’s Day
19/11/2018: General House
Joining the Communities for a New Beginning
17/11/2018: Spain
Development of the strategic planning of the Institute in the financial field
Meeting of the International Commission of economic affairs in Les Avellanes
16/11/2018: Germany
Since 2013, 29 young were sent for a voluntary mission all over the world
Anniversary of five years of Cmi in Mindelheim
15/11/2018: Chile
Preservation of the historical, spiritual and cultural values of the Institute
4th Meeting of the Network of Memorial Centres in the Marist Region of South America
14/11/2018: General House
Witness of the Church
19 martyrs of the Church of Algeria
13/11/2018: Syria
Letter from Aleppo No. 34 - 4 November 2018
13/11/2018: Peru
Marist International Network of Institutions of Higher Education
Meeting of the Executive Committee of the Network of Marist Universities
12/11/2018: Canada
Arco Norte taking steps together as a global family
Meeting of the Regional committee and of the Provincials of the Arco Norte Region
09/11/2018: Peru
Walking together, we share the vitality of the charism
1st Assembly of Lay Marists of Champagnat
08/11/2018: South Sudan
Solidarity with South Sudan
Brother Christian Mbam shares his experience in an intercongregacional initiative
07/11/2018: Mexico
Witnessing to the God of Love
Gathering of the Marists of Champagnat
07/11/2018: General House
Amanecer Program
Third Age Formation Program (Spanish-Portuguese speakers)
06/11/2018: Lebanon
Project Fratelli begins a new cycle, 2018-2019
Marist Brothers and Lasalians working together in favor of the displaced
05/11/2018: Brazil
Evangelical administration of goods
Formation in the area of economic matters
03/11/2018: Spain
Province of Ibérica
Br Moisés Alonso Pérez appointed Provincial for a second term
02/11/2018: France
Family Spirit
General assembly of the Champagnat Movement of the Marist Family
31/10/2018: Spain
Province of Compostela
Br Tomás Briongos appointed Provincial for a second term
30/10/2018: Kenya
Province East Central Africa
Preparing the VI Provincial Chapter in PACE
29/10/2018: Brazil
Transformative Solidarity
Forum on Volunteering conducted by Marists in Brazil
26/10/2018: Mexico
United by the Charism and our following of Christ
Encounter of Enlarged Secretariat of the Laity
25/10/2018: Switzerland
Universal Periodic Reviewof the United Nations
Information concerning the rights of boys and girls in Mexico
24/10/2018: Colombia
A heart without bounds
The UN collaborating with the Norandina's Province that welcomes Venezuelan refugees
23/10/2018: Portugal
Marist Spirituality Groups
Seventh assembly in the Province of Compostela
22/10/2018: Syria
The Blue Marists
Why Resilience in Aleppo?
20/10/2018: Brazil
Marist Province Brasil Sul-Amazônia
Extension course in Spirituality and Marist Patrimony concludes last module
19/10/2018: France
«We share LIFE, we imagine the FUTURE»
Meeting of the contact people of local Marist teams
18/10/2018: General House
A New Pentecost
Brother Ernesto Sanchez, Superior General, recounts his experience in the Synod on Youth
17/10/2018: Brazil
Together, let us be bridges and beacon of hope
Brasil Sul-Amazônia prepares the Second Provincial Chapter
17/10/2018: Australia
Ensuring vitality and viability of Marist life and mission
Assembly of the Marist Association of St Marcellin Champagnat
16/10/2018: General House
Marists of Champagnat
Logo of the Marist Institute’s General Administration
15/10/2018: General House
Weaving live - Guatemala, 15 - 21 January 2019
Song of the International Gathering of Marist Youth
15/10/2018: Vatican
“Young people, faith and vocational discernment”
Speech of Brother Ernesto Sánchez during the Synod of Bishops
12/10/2018: Switzerland
FMSI submits reports on four countries to the UN
Children’s rights in Portugal, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Ivory Coast
11/10/2018: Brazil
Our brotherhood is a beacon of hope
Brasil Centro-Norte’s Chapter and Assembly to take place in December
10/10/2018: General House
Servant leadership
One-year anniversary since the election of the General Council
09/10/2018: Uruguay
Called to be and promote communities committed to their vitality
Provincial chapter of Cruz del Sur
08/10/2018: Philippines
Workshop for lay formation facilitators in General Santos City
As beacons of hope, we are creative bridge-builders of God’s tender mercy!
07/10/2018: Malawi
Water from the Rock
Retreat for the postulants of Mtendere
05/10/2018: Australia
Future developments in Oceania
Third chapter of the province of Australia
05/10/2018: General House
A visit to the 'Marist places' in Rome
Recalling the 194 days spent by B. François in Rome 1858
03/10/2018: Ireland
Building the future of Marist Europe
Meeting of the European Council of the Mission in Dublin
03/10/2018: General House
Br Ernesto Sánchez and Luis Carlos Gutiérrez
One-year anniversary since the election of the superior and the vicar general
03/10/2018: General House
Council of the Fratelli Project
Three years educating refugee children in Lebanon
02/10/2018: Portugal
Focus. Zoom. Dream.
IV Compostela mission assembly
01/10/2018: Brazil
Brasil Sul-Amazônia province
Perpetual profession of Br Jader Luiz Henz
01/10/2018: General House
October – December 2018
Calendar of the General Council and directors of Secretariats
29/09/2018: General House
New Marist community in Cuba
The Bishop of Holguín visits the General House
28/09/2018: Germany
Marists from Mindelheim in Kenya
Summer camp for children in Orore
27/09/2018: Brazil
Contemplatives in action: Itineraries in search for God
Retreat of brothers and laity in the Sul-Amazonia province
27/09/2018: Kenya
MIC - Marist International Center
44 brothers make their temporary professions
26/09/2018: General House
Blessed and martyr
Br. Henri Vergès
25/09/2018: Mozambique
Gathered around the same table
Meeting with the Lay Marists of Bilene
25/09/2018: Switzerland
Consultation of nearly 2,000 children and youth is released
Day of General Discussion of the United Nations 2018 on child protection and rights
24/09/2018: General House
A prophetic and servant leadership at the service of the global family
Planning of the general council with the secretariats of the general administration
21/09/2018: General House
Brother Ángel Medina
New assistant director of the Brothers Today Secretariat
20/09/2018: Brazil
Brothers and laity of the fraternities of Brazil
National Encounter of Leadership of the MChFM
19/09/2018: Germany
From L’Hermitage to Germany: Studies on the History of the Marist Brothers
Br Augustin Hendlmeier
18/09/2018: Spain
Horizons Group 2018
Formation programme for Brothers aged between 35 – 45 in El Escorial
17/09/2018: General House
‘Youth, faith and vocational discernment’
Superior general Brother Ernesto Sánchez will participate in the Synod of Bishops
16/09/2018: General House
Martyrs of Algeria (1994-1996)
Beatification of Brother Henri Vergès
14/09/2018: Canada
Association of Marist Laity
Canadian government recognises AMDL as on official entity
13/09/2018: Lebanon
21 Marists to form new mixed community
Marist laity and brothers of Champville
12/09/2018: General House
Journeying Together as Global Family!
New organisational chart of the general administration
11/09/2018: General House
Oceania Council holds first meeting via videoconference
Developing 6 initiatives to answer the Calls of the XXII General Chapter
11/09/2018: Guatemala
Provincial Meeting of the Mission of Central America
A high level of leadership in the Institute
11/09/2018: Mexico
Meeting of the provincial commission of the MYM of México Central
Marist Youth: a creative and transforming spirit
10/09/2018: France
Illustrated History of Notre Dame de l’Hermitage
A book by Br Barry Lamb tells the story of the Institute’s mother house
09/09/2018: Brazil
Program Happy Life
Week of the Project of life, which inspires educators to reflect on vocations
07/09/2018: Australia
Province of Australia
Marist Youth Ministry will launch a new programme in 2019
06/09/2018: General House
New personal secretary of the superior general
Br Jesús Alberto Rodríguez Delgado
05/09/2018: Colombia
A global charismatic family, a house of light
Meeting of Brothers and Lay Marists in Ibagué
04/09/2018: Brazil
Fourth Marist Provincial Youth Day
900 young Marists meet in the Brasil Centro-Sul province
03/09/2018: Brazil
Meeting of Young Marists (EJM)
Nearly 2,000 students discuss how to make a difference
03/09/2018: Cambodia
The General Council’s pilgrimage to Asia
Brothers Josep Maria Soteras and Ken McDonald
02/09/2018: Argentina
Cruz del Sur
Provincial meeting of the fraternities of CMMF
01/09/2018: Nigeria
Meeting of the African Mission Commission
Increasing the Marist Vocation and Mission in Africa
31/08/2018: General House
Programme ‘Amanecer’
Aiming towards new horizons
30/08/2018: Fiji
‘Champagnat in the Pacific’ (CITP) course
Empowering local Marist ministries in Oceania
30/08/2018: Bangladesh
From the peripheries to the centre
Brothers Luis Carlos Gutiérrez and João Carlos do Prado visit Bangladesh and India
29/08/2018: Guatemala
Region of Arco Norte
Regional Meeting of Animators of the MCHFM
28/08/2018: Brazil
Province Brasil Sul-Amazônia
Launch of the Marist Centre for the Promotion of the Rights of Children and Adolescents
27/08/2018: El Salvador
The Marist Family in Central America
Intercommunity Meeting of Marist Brothers and Sisters
26/08/2018: Vietnam
From the peripheries to the centre
Brothers Ernesto Sánchez and Sylvain Ramandimbiarisoa visit Vietnam
25/08/2018: Ghana
Seventh chapter of the West Africa district
Finance, community living, leadership and mission
24/08/2018: General House
Abuse is the very antithesis of our Marist values
The Pope invites the universal Church to “prayer and fasting” to ask for forgiveness
23/08/2018: General House
From the peripheries to the centre
Visit of the General Councilors Ben Consigli and Óscar Martín to Thailand and East Timor
22/08/2018: General House
The Laudato Si’ Committee aims at responding Calls of the General Chapter
Environmental sustainability – Laudato si' policy
21/08/2018: Spain
Constructing networks, building bridges
The third meeting of the Network of Marist communities in Europe
20/08/2018: Argentina
“There is life… and it convokes us!”
Mission Assembly of the Province Cruz del Sur
19/08/2018: Spain
“We do not know what we will be able to contribute, but this is the way!”
Retreat of Brothers and Laity in Compostela
18/08/2018: General House
New president of FMSI
Brother Ken McDonald
17/08/2018: Spain
New slogan for the scholastic year 2018 –2019
16/08/2018: Colombia
A heart without borders
Solidarity with the children of Venezuela
15/08/2018: Spain
Secretariat of the Laity
Gathering in Tui
14/08/2018: General House
To strengthen our “Marian identity”, our “Marist identity”
15 August: Patronal Feast of the Institute
13/08/2018: Canada
Province of Canada
Pilgrimage and formation of Marist leaders in Hermitage
12/08/2018: Philippines
Province of East Asia
Gathering of Marist Brothers, parents and affiliates
11/08/2018: Mexico
Province of Mexico Occidental
Loma Bonita: 8 brothers at the service of the Marist mission
10/08/2018: Mexico
Joint formation with an interprovincial character
09/08/2018: Australia
Marist Learning Zone centre is officially launched
Working with disadvantaged young people
08/08/2018: Haiti
Resilience formation is offered to Marist and Lasallian educators
Learning to overcome trauma, sickness and other issues
07/08/2018: General House
The ongoing formation of the ‘Marist Ongoing Formation Programme’
Manziana and El Escorial formators gather in Rome
06/08/2018: General House
Contribution to the strategic planning process
Meeting of the General Mission Committee
05/08/2018: Brazil
Province of Brasil Centro-Norte
Perpetual profession of Br Fabrício Alves da Cruz
04/08/2018: General House
General Council
Contact Visit to the Marist District of Asia and of East Timor
03/08/2018: General House
‘Wherever you go I will go, wherever you lodge I will lodge’
Meeting of the commission for the drafting of the Rule of life of the Marist Brothers
02/08/2018: Mexico
XIX Provincial Chapter of México Occidental
One heart, one spirit
01/08/2018: Brazil
Reflecting on the calls of the XXII General Chapter
Brothers and lay people participate in their 3rd retreat of the Brazil Centro-Sul province
31/07/2018: Mexico
Province of México Occidental
Provincial Assembly
30/07/2018: General House
European team of youth and vocational ministry
First edition of the Accompaniment for Discernment Program
29/07/2018: United States
USA Lay Marist Assembly 2018
28/07/2018: Mexico
Assuming the new life project in a fraternity
Revitalization of the MCHFM in the province of México Central
27/07/2018: Argentina
‘Programme Syria’
Cruz del Sur may collaborate with the Argentinian government to help host refugees
26/07/2018: United States
50 educators from around the province gather for a series of workshops
2018 Marist Leadership Institute
25/07/2018: Ecuador
Nearly 100 brothers and lay people participate in a joint retreat
Norandina: Wake up, it's time to walk!
24/07/2018: General House
Vanuatu, Uruguay and Chile
FMSI submits three new reports to UN on the rights of children
23/07/2018: Kenya
Marist vocation in Africa
Annual meeting of the African Lay and Brothers Commission
21/07/2018: United States
High-level Political Forum 2018
Two Marist youth attend UN talks in New York
20/07/2018: General House
Current Formators Programme
Formators make suggestions for a new formation guide
19/07/2018: Argentina
Br Raúl José Schönfeld Hergenreder
New provincial of Cruz del Sur
19/07/2018: Guatemala
International Gathering of Marist Youth - January 2019
Meeting of the Commission for the preparation of youth encounter
18/07/2018: Nigeria
Safeguarding the Rights Children and Vulnerable People
Child’s right seminar in Orlu
17/07/2018: France
Global family
Volunteer work in N.D. de l’Hermitage
16/07/2018: Mexico
The 17 Sustainable Development Goals
First Inter-American Encounter of Adolescents and Youth on the SDGs
15/07/2018: Spain
Marist Leadership and Spirituality
Formation for leaders in the Compostela Province
14/07/2018: United States
“Open your heart to a new beginning”
International Community Lavalla200> in East Harlem
13/07/2018: Spain
With passion
Assembly of the mission of the Ibérica Province
12/07/2018: Brazil
Dare, boost, revitalise, land, participate and advance
Third assembly of América Sur
12/07/2018: General House
Announcement of the appointments of the new members of the Lavalla200> Initiative
Commissioning of the new members of the International Communities for a New Beginning
11/07/2018: Syria
Letter from Aleppo No 33
The forgotten Syria
10/07/2018: Philippines
Marist Asia Pacific Center (MAPAC)
New formation year stated in Marikina City
10/07/2018: General House
Higher Education with the Charism of Champagnat
Assembly of the Marist Institutions of Higher Education in April 2019
10/07/2018: Nigeria
Reaching out for change
Province of nigeria launched a solidarity foundation
09/07/2018: France
Course for formators
Pilgrimage of the group of formators to Marist places
08/07/2018: Peru
The “Marist Gospel” based on the example of a life made love for neighbor
Marist Laity of Champagnat of Huacho
07/07/2018: Brazil
“The Sense of Life”
The PUCPR carries out an event of the Project Atrium of the Gentiles of the Pontifical Council for Culture
06/07/2018: Australia
Marist Learning Zone participates in Jarara Reconciliation Day
Mount Druitt Lavalla200> community strengthens ties with the aboriginal community
05/07/2018: Spain
The Laity commit themselves to make Jesus Christ known and loved
Lay Linking in the Iberian Province
04/07/2018: Philippines
A joyful celebration and an audacious vision
10 Years as East Asia Province and 70 years of Marist Presence in Philippines
03/07/2018: General House
Collaboration for Mission, International (Cmi)
Br. Valdícer Fachi replaces Br. Chris Wills in the General Administration
02/07/2018: South Africa
International Communities for a new beginning
Community Lavalla200> Atlantis
02/07/2018: Italy
International Communities for a New Beginning
Last week in San Martino a Monte for the third group of the Program Lavalla200>
30/06/2018: General House
July – September 2018
Calendar of the General Council and directors of Secretariats
29/06/2018: General House
Strategic Planning for the animation and Government of the Institute
Week of Integration between the General Council and the Secretariats
28/06/2018: France
BICE: Seventy years of commitment with children
Anniversary of the Catholic International Bureau of Children
27/06/2018: Brazil
America Sur region discusses education
Third meeting of the network of schools in the América Sur region
25/06/2018: South Africa
Impact oriented participatory project management cycle
Inter-congregational workshop on fundraising and project management
23/06/2018: Canada
Br Léopold Charland
“Quebec Volunteer” award goes to a Marist Brother
22/06/2018: General House
Ministry of Education accredits FMSI to offer work experience to students
Six high schools have applied to involve students in FMSI
22/06/2018: General House
Programme for current formators
Highlights of June 4 – 16
22/06/2018: Italy
Lavalla200> | Week6
Interculturality was the theme of the sixth week of formation in Camaldoli
21/06/2018: General House
Marist Spiritual Patrimony
Annual meeting of the Marist Spiritual Patrimony Commission
20/06/2018: Italy
New secretary general of the Union of Superiors General
Br Emili Turú Rofes
19/06/2018: Greece
Feast of Saint Marcellin Champagnat
Greek Marists honour the founder
18/06/2018: General House
Appointments of the General Council
New secretary of the superior general & new director of the 3rd age English language programme
18/06/2018: General House
Mediterranea’s provincial superior is re-elected for a second term
Br Juan Carlos Fuertes Marí
16/06/2018: General House
Discussing the Institute’s animation and government
Meeting of Br Ernesto Sánchez and his council with the former superior and general council
15/06/2018: Brazil
Brasil Sul-Amazônia
Brother Inacio Etges is appointed as provincial for 2019 – 2021
14/06/2018: General House
Celebrating with the former and the current general councils
Institute’s secretary general celebrates 50th jubilee as a Marist Brother
14/06/2018: Italy
‘May their lives become a beautiful song’
Testimony of the Lavalla200> Community in Syracuse
13/06/2018: General House
Persistent, courageous and hopeful
Nearly 1,000 Marist children and youth have their say in a major UN debate
12/06/2018: Philippines
Safeguarding of Children
Seminar for the staff of Notre Dame of Cotabato
12/06/2018: Brazil
Br. Ataide José de Lima
Superior provincial of Brasil Centro-Norte
11/06/2018: Italy
Spirituality and the new relationship of brothers and lay people
Fifth week of the Lavalla200> project’s formation programme
11/06/2018: Lebanon
‘I have to do my part to make this a better world’
Testimony of a volunteer of the Fratelli Project
09/06/2018: Haiti
A wide space to make ‘A new beginning’ a reality
The feast of St Marcellin in Dame Marie
08/06/2018: United States
Sharing life across borders
Youth gather from Mexico, USA and Canada
07/06/2018: General House
The feast of St Marcellin Champagnat
Archbishop Jorge C. Patrón to Marists: ‘Become like children’
07/06/2018: Philippines
All co-responsible for Marist life and mission
Meeting on Marist Lay Vocation
06/06/2018: General House
Institute seeks ties with Andorra’s Open University
Marists and Lasallians aim to strengthen their relationship
05/06/2018: Guatemala
The ‘Volcán de Fuego’
América Central province confirms that Marist institutions are safe
05/06/2018: Italy
Deepening the intercultural experience in fraternity
Fourth week of formation of the candidates for the Lavalla200 Project>
04/06/2018: General House
Sharing life during the current formators course
Chronicle of the second and third week of the Course in Rome
03/06/2018: Argentina
There is life... and it brings us together
Assembly of the Cruz del Sur province
02/06/2018: General House
Evangelical use of goods
A course in October will address Marist economic issues
01/06/2018: Brazil
Strengthening the mission and charisma of Champagnat
Meeting of bursars of the América Sur region
31/05/2018: Romania
The Lavalla200> community of Moinesti
International communities for a new beginning
30/05/2018: General House
Appointment of the Superior of the West Africa district
Br Cyprian Bankakuu Gandeebo
29/05/2018: Philippines
Renewed Marist Servant-Leaders for a New Evangelization
12th Marist Mission Congress
29/05/2018: General House
Laudato Si and the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals
The Secretariat of Mission presents an initiative to help raise ecological awareness among youth
28/05/2018: Italy
Lavalla200> 2018 - Week 3
Formation on assertive communication and intercultural experiences
28/05/2018: Brazil
Commitment as consecrated
Br Miguel Fernandes Ribeiro professes his perpetual vows
26/05/2018: General House
Life Project in Fraternity
Champagnat Movement of the Marist Family
25/05/2018: Ecuador
Manabí Marist Project
Norandina delivers 15 homes for families affected by the 2016 earthquake
23/05/2018: Brazil
Mobilisation against child sexual violence
New video of the “Defend yourself” campaign
22/05/2018: General House
May 14-19, 2018
The First Week of the Current Formators Program
22/05/2018: Italy
Lavalla200> - Week 2
Lavalla200> participants receive formation on the enneagram and discernment
21/05/2018: Brazil
Strengthening of the regional unit
Meeting of the communications team of the América Sur region
21/05/2018: Sri Lanka
Seven novices join the International Novitiate of Tudella
The Institute’s second largest novitiate
19/05/2018: Germany
A Marist international youth community in Mindelheim
South African young Marists volunteer in Europe for the first time
18/05/2018: Venezuela
For a child to live with more dignity
The province of Norandina appeals to solidarity
17/05/2018: Brazil
The future of the International Network of Marist Publishing Houses
Fourth assembly of the International Network of Marist Publishing Houses
16/05/2018: Brazil
The MYM retreat for self-knowledge, dialogue and listening
Young Marists of the Brazil Sul-Amazonia province
15/05/2018: Chile
Experiences of internships
Education team and network of Marist schools in América Sur
15/05/2018: General House
Current formators programme
17 formators take a nine-week course to renew their mission
14/05/2018: Peru
Can you live hope behind bars?
Marist life in Sullana
11/05/2018: Germany
Towards a model-structure of the CEM
Encounter of the European Marist Conference in Freising
11/05/2018: General House
Lavalla200> 2018
First formation week of the Lavalla200> programme
11/05/2018: Australia
“A New Beginning: Hope it means something”
Meeting with youth in three different cities
10/05/2018: Nigeria
The “New Horizons” implementation committee adopts three new initiatives
Province of Nigeria
09/05/2018: Philippines
Family day gathers four Marist branches
Marist Family Day
08/05/2018: Brazil
Brasil Centro-Sul province
Perpetual vows of Br Rafael Fagner Ferreira
07/05/2018: General House
May 8
Memory of the martyrdom of Br Henri Vergès and of Sister Paul Hélene
07/05/2018: General House
International communities for a new beginning
Marists of Champagnat are welcomed in the Lavalla200> formation programme
07/05/2018: Spain
Coffee-Colloquium in Palencia
Marists in Compostela deal with the theme of the XXII General Chapter
06/05/2018: Philippines
International Commission of Brothers Today
Visits to formation houses in Asia
05/05/2018: General House
Agios.Mar 21
A consistory in sight
04/05/2018: Guatemala
Vocational processes in América Central
First intercommunity meeting in Guatemala City
04/05/2018: Singapore
Asia will develop greater regional collaboration
Three commissions dedicated to spirituality, mission, and laity
03/05/2018: General House
International Communities for a New Beginning
Lavalla200> Third Preparation Programme
02/05/2018: Spain
‘The Marist family feels called to be beacon of hope in a turbulent world’
Coffee-Colloquium in Orense
01/05/2018: General House
Calendar of the General Council and directors of Secretariats
May – June 2018
30/04/2018: Singapore
Living with greater vitality the charism of St Marcellin
Promoting and nourishing lay Marist life in Asia
30/04/2018: Mexico
Provincial of México Central
Br José Sánchez Bravo is appointed for a second term of three years
28/04/2018: Mexico
Provincial of México Occidental
Br Miguel Ángel Santos Villarreal is appointed for a second term of three years
27/04/2018: France
European Marist Conference
Meeting of the European Council of the Marist Mission in Lyon
26/04/2018: Brazil
Province of Brasil Centro-Sul
Perpetual profession of Br Ronaldo Luzzi
25/04/2018: Australia
Provincial of Australia
Br Peter Gerard Carroll named for a second mandate of three years
24/04/2018: Syria
The situation in Syria is getting worse
FMSI calls for solidarity
23/04/2018: General House
FMS Message 48
22nd General Chapter
21/04/2018: General House
Leaders for a global family
João Carlos do Prado, general councillor
20/04/2018: Lebanon
Two years and a half of the Fratelli Project
Inter-congregational project members share their experience
19/04/2018: Switzerland
Marist Children from 16 countries to participate in major UN debate
FMSI at the forefront of children’s rights to develop their civil and political rights
18/04/2018: France
Following Marcellin, to be contemplative in action
Marist Weekend in Notre Dame de l’Hermitage
17/04/2018: Syria
‘We strongly condemn the Western aggression against Syria and the Syrians’
The latest news from the Blue Marists
16/04/2018: General House
Agios.Mar 20
Apostolic Exhortation: Gaudete et exultate
16/04/2018: South Africa
Working in five schools
Marist Schools Council
15/04/2018: Philippines
Notre Dame of Dadiangas University
Personnel gathered for a day of deepening marist life
15/04/2018: Syria
The letters of Aleppo
Blue Marists publish book on Syria
14/04/2018: Brazil
Vocation school in the América Sur region
Encounter of vocation leaders of Brasil Centro-Norte
14/04/2018: Chile
Haitians in Chile
Rafael Ariztía Institute opens its doors to immigrants from Haiti
13/04/2018: General House
Leaders for a global family
Br Óscar Martín, general councillor
12/04/2018: New Zealand
Australia, Melanesia and Pacific
Meeting of Oceania’s Council and College of Leaders
12/04/2018: Sri Lanka
First and final professions in Nebombo
Five new Brothers and final Profession of Br Jiji Dhasan
11/04/2018: Brazil
See, judge and act
Interprovincial meeting of youth commissions
10/04/2018: Brazil
Brasil Sul-Amazonia province
Marist memories project
10/04/2018: General House
Navigating vocational pathways for Marists of Champagnat
New presence community in the Marist District of Asia
09/04/2018: Brazil
Being a lay Marist
Formative meeting of leaders of the MCHFM of the Brasil Centro-Sur province
09/04/2018: Spain
“Being the face and hands of your tender mercy”
Thresholds spirituality course
08/04/2018: General House
Agios.Mar 19
New liturgical feast in the Roman calendar: Mary, Mother of the Church
08/04/2018: Argentina
Province of Cruz del Sur
Encounter of animators of the CMMF fraternities
07/04/2018: General House
Young people, the faith and the discernment of vocation
300 youth draft one of the synod’s instrumentum laboris documents
06/04/2018: Mexico
México Central and Occidental
Report on the rights of children and youth
06/04/2018: United States
Chapter of the United States of America province
New provincial council is installed at the beginning of Holy Week
05/04/2018: El Salvador
“Here I am Lord to do your will”
Perpetual Profession of Br René Montes
05/04/2018: South Africa
‘Coloured’ and mixed-race community
Lavalla200> Atlantis Community will get involved in youth initiatives
04/04/2018: Argentina
FMSI prepares a document on children’s rights
Annual meeting of FMSI Cono Sur
04/04/2018: Philippines
Lay Marists
CMMF formation on mission and generous service
03/04/2018: General House
108 novices in the Institute
Novitiates of the Marist Brothers across the world
03/04/2018: Nigeria
Meeting in Orlu
Marist Youth Commission decides a two-year strategic plan
02/04/2018: Brazil
Strengthening regional identity
América Sur’s regional committee meets in Curitiba
31/03/2018: Switzerland
Children and adolescents, human rights defenders
General Discussion in the UN
30/03/2018: Australia
Calls of Pope Francis, discernment and accompaniment
Community Leaders gather at Mittagong
30/03/2018: General House
Agios.Mar 18
Persecuted Christians: Blood ecumenism
29/03/2018: Greece
Global charismatic family in Athens
Day of reflection on the calls of the 22nd General Chapter
28/03/2018: El Salvador
Joint formation brothers and laity
Lent with our common house: the Earth
28/03/2018: Brazil
Becoming present among the excluded and displaced
Brasil Centro-Norte mobilizes for the cause of the refugees
27/03/2018: Argentina
All Brothers
First inter-congregational meeting of community leaders
27/03/2018: Canada
Montreal, Quebec, Sherbrooke and Drummondville
Four youth communities
26/03/2018: Singapore
Administrative Units intensify collaboration
Meeting of the superiors of Oceania and Asia
26/03/2018: Philippines
Praying for our life’s direction
Lay formation for youth searchers
26/03/2018: General House
Civil and political rights in El Salvador
Marist International Solidarity Foundation
25/03/2018: General House
Leaders for a global family
Br Sylvain Romuald Ramandimbiarisoa
25/03/2018: General House
Marist ONG will offer internships for italian students
FMSI signs deal with the Regional Education Office of Lazio
24/03/2018: Vatican
New paths for the Church and for an integral ecology
Synod for the Pan-Amazonia
23/03/2018: Nigeria
Province of Nigeria
Mission Conference held in Emene
23/03/2018: Mexico
Building bridges with future horizons
Meeting of provincials of Arco Norte
22/03/2018: Solomon Islands
Leaders of Melanesia communities reflect on Chapter message
Communities hope to be more ‘homely’
22/03/2018: General House
Agios.Mar 17
Paul VI and Oscar Romero - Decrees of the Congregation for the Causes of Saints
21/03/2018: General House
Human rights of children in Peru, Argentina and Ghana
21/03/2018: Philippines
Rekindling the passion for Marist lay formation
CMMF Marist School Marikina Experience
20/03/2018: General House
Guatemala 2019: “Weaving Life”
International gathering of Marist youth
19/03/2018: General House
Team Leadership
Official photo of the general government
18/03/2018: Brazil
América Sur Region
Meeting of school education team
18/03/2018: Guatemala
Services for the vulnerable population
América Central’s provincial commission of solidarity
17/03/2018: Spain
“Solidarity is part of the DNA of the Marist charism”
200 people attend the 6th social forum of the Ibérica province
16/03/2018: Brazil
Get going! The new beginning is now
Marist pastoral week of the Brasil Centro-Norte province
16/03/2018: General House
“The war is my childhood destroyed under the ruins and stored in a box”
The diary of Myriam
15/03/2018: General House
Leaders for a global family
Br Ben Consigli
14/03/2018: Vatican
Agios.Mar 16
Young saints and blessed, the Vatican's latest book
13/03/2018: Brazil
Perpetual vows of Brother Alison Furlan
Marist province of Brasil Centro-Sul
11/03/2018: Syria
Blue Marists
Letter from Aleppo No 32 (March 4th, 2018)
11/03/2018: Argentina
There is life ... and it summons us!
Meeting of the areas of provincial animation
10/03/2018: Brazil
Charisma and Commitment in the Brasil Centro-Sul province
Meeting of the Marist lay youth
09/03/2018: Brazil
New Marist community gathers for the first time
Community Lavalla200> Tabatinga
08/03/2018: General House
Br Valdícer Civa Fachi
Appointment for the Collaboration for Mission, International (Cmi) secretariat
07/03/2018: Kiribati
33-year-old makes final vows in the Institute
Perpetual profession of Br Amberoti Nantei
07/03/2018: Guatemala
Weaving Dreams
SED and TVE delegation in América Central
06/03/2018: General House
Agios.Mar 15
Witnesses of the Church of Argelia
05/03/2018: General House
Br Ken McDonald
Leaders for a global family
02/03/2018: Argentina
The Cruz del Sur Province launches a mobile application
«Cruz del Sur» Provincia Marista
02/03/2018: South Sudan
FMSI is donating $ 60,000 for students in South Sudan
German Marists help an Africa's population
01/03/2018: General House
Calendar of the General Council and directors of Secretariats
March – April 2018
01/03/2018: Portugal
Something new has begun
Meeting of the European team of Brothers Today
28/02/2018: General House
Feedback of the XXII General Chapter

Chapter evaluation survey is now available
27/02/2018: Australia
The reality of aboriginal groups is ‘sad and regrettable’
Mount Druitt Lavalla200> strengthens ties with the aboriginal community
27/02/2018: Belgium
A day’s retreat prepares Marists for Lent
‘Recognising the traces of God in the other’
25/02/2018: General House
“Being able to change the railway without stopping the train”
The general council holds a week of talks with the secretariats
24/02/2018: France
Bishop Sylvain Bataille
Visit of the Bishop of Saint-Étienne to the l’Hermitage community
23/02/2018: Bolivia
Like Mary, welcoming experiences from God
Regional Novitiate Champagnat de Cochabamba
23/02/2018: Germany
The solidarity of Marists in Furth
Raising money for Cambodia and refugees in South Africa
22/02/2018: General House
Agios.Mar 14
Recalling those who gave their lives in Algeria in the 1990s
21/02/2018: Fiji
Br Tabunga Etuati
First profession in Lomeri
20/02/2018: General House
General council and Secretariats meet to discern Institute’s future steps
A week of awareness and joint reflection
19/02/2018: Peru
An Amazon mission with Marcellin Champagnat
A teacher for the “Datem”
16/02/2018: Rwanda
Sustainability of the Marist Mission in Africa and Asia
Seminar on the sustainability project for Marist life and mission
16/02/2018: General House
Agios.Mar 13
Inminente canonización de Pablo VI
15/02/2018: Bangladesh
FMSI raises €5,000 euros for Rohingya children in two months
Collaborating with Caritas Bangladesh
15/02/2018: Brazil
Two universities could start forming people involved in the Marist economy
Meeting of the technical team of sustainability of Africa and Asia
14/02/2018: Italy
Two Marists are awarded a diploma in safeguarding children
A new licentiate degree in child protection is now also available
13/02/2018: East Timor
Building a new school
Partnership between Australia and Brazil
12/02/2018: Spain
130 Marists gather from Lebanon, Syria, Spain and Italy
Box of 5 dreams
11/02/2018: General House
Agios.Mar 12
Beatification of 19 martyrs of the Church of Algeria
09/02/2018: Germany
Arquebuse, Hermite and other products from the time of the founder
New book on famous Marist beverages
08/02/2018: Papua New Guinea
Final profession in newly built chapel
Brother Blaise Jai
07/02/2018: General House
Marist Association of St Marcellin launches social media accounts
Social media launch
07/02/2018: Brazil
Project concludes with more than 200 solidarity actions
Networking Marists
06/02/2018: Italy
The General Council community gathers in Nemi
Laying the foundation of an international community
05/02/2018: General House
Fighting sexual abuse
International Catholic Child Bureau (BICE) develops a strategic plan
03/02/2018: General House
Agios.Mar 11
New regulations on relics of saints and blessed
02/02/2018: Brazil
Second edition of Vidamar III
An invitation to leave your comfort zone
01/02/2018: Brazil
Marist Solidarity Mission
Marist students begin the year with solidarity activities
31/01/2018: General House
Ongoing formation programmes for 2018
Brothers Today secretariat to hold five programmes
30/01/2018: Philippines
Draft itineraries are established for all formation stages in Asia
Asia formators meeting
29/01/2018: General House
Agios.Mar 10
The decree of beatification of Brother Henri Vergès has been approved
28/01/2018: United States
Project Lavalla200> - Community of East Harlem
Learning to conjugate these four verbs: welcome, protect, promote and integrate
27/01/2018: Paraguay
Strengthening Religious Vocation
Meeting of Young Brothers of the América Sur Region
26/01/2018: Spain
Towards new action plans in Europe
Second assembly of the councils of mission of Marist Europe
25/01/2018: General House
Message of Brother Ernesto Sánchez
The Superior general’s invitation to realize the construction of a new La Valla
25/01/2018: Venezuela
Celebration of lay bonding with the Marist charism
Thirty lay people publicly confirm their commitment as Marists
24/01/2018: Lebanon
Fratelli Project Council meets for further planning, evaluation
Council to receive a new member
23/01/2018: General House
Marist Solidarity
First assembly of the Marist International Solidarity Network
22/01/2018: United States
Br Patrick McNamara re-elected as provincial
Second term as provincial, from 2018 – 2021
20/01/2018: Mexico
Agios.Mar 9
Brother Basilio Rueda on his way to the altars
19/01/2018: Nigeria
Nigeria’s ninth Provincial Chapter
Br Vincent Abadom takes up office as new provincial
18/01/2018: General House
‘Hello – Goodbye’ at El Escorial
Marist Ongoing Formation Team
17/01/2018: Australia
Lavalla200> Mount Druitt Community
Marist Learning Zone
16/01/2018: Bolivia
Santa María de los Andes holds 6th provincial chapter
Capitulars elect council and choose guidelines for the next three years
15/01/2018: General House
Perpetual profession of Br José Manuel Burmes Rangel
First brother of Machiques de Perijá
15/01/2018: General House
Agios.Mar 8
Cause of Br Henri Vergès: Meeting of commission of cardinals
12/01/2018: General House
Welcoming, protecting, promoting and integrating migrants and refugees
World day of migrants and refugees
12/01/2018: Madagascar
Madagascar’s 15th provincial chapter
Br Michel M. Razafimandimby starts as new provincial
11/01/2018: Canada
Provincial chapter of Canada
“Together, witnesses of the Marist charism”
10/01/2018: General House
Global solidarity
First assembly of the Marist International Solidarity Network
09/01/2018: General House
Agios.Mar 7
Ecclesial interest for the canonical recognition of sanctity
08/01/2018: Spain
Colouring MarCha Compostela
Educating spirituality in youth movements
08/01/2018: General House
January – February 2018
Calendar of the general council and directors of secretariats
05/01/2018: Mexico
Connected with you, Passionate for life
Vocational Year in the Province of Western Mexico
04/01/2018: Philippines
A School and Community Leaders’Collaborative Advocacy
Seminar Workshop on Keeping Children Safe
03/01/2018: Malaysia
East Asia Province
The dawning of Lay Marist life has begun
03/01/2018: General House
201 years of the Institute
The General Administration celebrates the anniversary of the Marist Brothers
01/01/2018: General House
Anniversary of the founding of the Marist Institute
2 January 1817

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