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23 January

Saint Margaret
1939, Marist foundation in Kutama (Zimbabwe) and Marist foundation in Phnom Penh (Cambodia)

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2017: A new beginning


Bicentenary of the foundation of the Institute


Bicentenary of the foundation of the Marist Institute On Jan. 2, the Marist Institute will celebrate the bicentenary of its foundation. The Marists of Champagnat have been preparing this historic event for three years making way towards a new beginning.

The celebration of the bicentenary will take place in 2017. The general council decided that this event will be celebrated in three different dates:

* On 2 January, a date that connects us with our past, the General Council will celebrate it in different places around the world, to highlight the internationality of the Institute: in La Valla, in Nairobi, in Lujan (Argentina) and in Rome. Superior general Brother Emili Turú will be in Bangladesh, where he will attend the launching of a school for the sons and daughters of workers of tea plantations. On that day, the superior general will connect with all Marists through a video message. 

* On 6 June, it will be celebrated in Rome to highlight our presence in the ecclesial community. On that day, the three volumes of the book History of the Institute will be presented and a photographic exhibition on the Institute today will be launched.

* On 8 September, it will be celebrated in Rionegro, Colombia, on the occasion of the opening of the General Chapter and representation of all Administrative Units of the Marist world. It will be a special moment of thanksgiving, of request for forgiveness and, above all, of commitment to the future.

Aside from this proposal of the general government, each Administrative Unit is organising a celebration for the bicentenary. 


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2017-11-09: General House
The book “Brothers” reaches the community
Fourth volume of the History of the Institute?
2017-10-10: Brazil - Province Brasil Centro-Sul
2,000 students taking part in Curitiba’s Marist Olympiad
A professional footballer and survivor of airplane crash will light the pyre
2017-09-20: France - Province LHermitage
Video: Bicentenaire mariste à st Laurent (Lagny sur Marne)
2017-09-19: Rwanda - Province Afrique Centre-Est / East Central Africa
Pilgrimage to Marian shrine commemorates bicentenary
Brothers visit Kibeho, Shrine of Our Lady of Sorrows
2017-09-18: Tanzania - Province Afrique Centre-Est / East Central Africa
Bicentenary coincides with 25 years of Marist presence in Tanzania
Three brothers left Mexico for the mission in Tanzania
2017-08-30: Vatican
Vatican Post office commemorates bicentenary
Vatican to sell postage stamps for Marist bicentenary
2017-07-20: Philippines - Province East Asia
NDMU launches Marist Bicentenary Celebration
2017-07-10: Philippines - Province East Asia
Coming Together 200 years for a New Beginning
East Asia Province Launching of Marist Bicentenary
2017-06-26: Spain - Province Compostela
Musical Champagnat y bicentenario, colegio San José- León
2017-06-23: Belgium - Province Europe Centre-Ouest / West Central Europe
Marist Bicentenary Celebrations around Belgium
2017-06-23: Ecuador - Province Norandina
Celebrando el Bicentenario en Loja - Instituto Daniel Alvarez Burneo
2017-06-20: Mozambique - Province África Austral / Southern Africa
Celebração do bicentenário
2017-06-16: General House
Video: The bicentenary and the feast of St Marcellin Champagnat at the General House
2017-06-16: El Salvador - Province América Central
Video: Colegio Santa Ana, El Salvador
2017-06-16: Italy - Province Mediterránea
La grande festa delle Maristiadi
2017-06-16: Canada - Province Canada
Bicentenaire à Château-Richer
2017-06-15: Greece - Province LHermitage
Memory of St Marcellin Champagnat
Greece’s Marist Family celebrates the Bicentenary
2017-06-15: Belgium - Province Europe Centre-Ouest / West Central Europe
Fête Champagnat à Habay-la-Vieille
2017-06-13: Cambodia - District Asia
Marist District of Asia
Champagnat Day in Pailin
2017-06-12: Spain - Province Compostela
Celebración del Bicentanario en la ciudad de León
2017-06-12: Nigeria - Province Nigeria
Bicentenary celebration in the province of Nigeria
2017-06-12: Fiji - District Pacific
Fiji Celebrates the Marist Bicentennial Jubilee
2017-06-12: South Africa - Province África Austral / Southern Africa
Video shown on Champagnat Day Mass at each of our five schools
2017-06-12: General House
Marist Charism in the Social Media
2017-06-12: Brazil - UMBRASIL - União Marista do Brasil
Maristas celebram o Dia de São Marcelino Champagnat
2017-06-12: Canada - Province Canada
Festivités à Iberville et à Château-Richer
2017-06-12: Spain - Province Mediterránea
Musical La Dama del Hermitage - Alicante
2017-06-12: Spain - Province LHermitage
Celebración del bicentenario marista en Vic
2017-06-10: General House
General administration celebrates Bicentenary on feast of St Marcellin
Guests include Cardinal João Braz de Aviz and two Bishops
2017-06-10: El Salvador - Province América Central
Collegio Santa Ana
2017-06-08: General House
To embark in the history and seriously commit oneself to it
Presentation of the “History of the Institute”
2017-06-01: General House
Appeal for Marist of Champagnat to share the Charism
2017-05-26: Canada - Province Canada
News of the Marist charism, around the same table and thanksgiving
The province of Canada celebrates the 200th anniversary of the Institute
2017-05-19: Brazil - Province Brasil Centro-Sul
Recurso para o Bicentenário: 20 propostas de Lectio Divina em perspectiva mariológica
2017-05-15: Colombia - Province Norandina
Marist world: Festival Musical Nacional Marista Bicentenario
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