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23 January

Saint Margaret
1939, Marist foundation in Kutama (Zimbabwe) and Marist foundation in Phnom Penh (Cambodia)

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Collaboration for Mission, International


The Cmi department is part of the General Administration. It works with the General Council in the development and accompaniment of projects and initiatives which respond to the calls of the General Chapter appealing to global availability, intercultural living, and collaboration at all levels of the Institute.


Collaboration for Mission, International

Cmi Department

Marist Volunteers

International Communities

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Marist Volunteers
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NEXUS System

Fratelli Project
Solidarity with South Sudan
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Last updates

10/12/2019: General House
When the Spirit Sings, the Dance of Mission begins. Join in?
International Communities for a New Beginning
03/12/2019: General House
Coordinators of Province Volunteering
International Network created to promote the Marist Volunteers
22/11/2019: General House
United as a Global Charismatic Family
First Gathering of Province Volunteer Coordinators
06/11/2019: South Africa
A beacon of hope in Atlantis
Lavalla200> Community Atlantis does activities with women who have experienced domestic violence and their kids
21/10/2019: General House
Communities for a new beginning
Appointments and conclusion of 2019 preparation program
18/10/2019: South Africa
Provide a great celebration in Christ
Atlantis Community Lavalla200> at the Taizé pilgrimage of trust
18/09/2019: South Africa
A Place of Mercy and Hope
Infant and Child Care Center in Addo
13/09/2019: Brazil
Strengthening Marist Volunteering
Br. Valdicer Fachi, director of CMI, visits Marist institutions in Brazil
23/08/2019: Cambodia
International Marist Volunteering
Kimberly, Philippines volunteer in Pailin
21/08/2019: South Africa
“A sower went out to sow his seed”
Review of strategic planning of the Atlantis Lavalla200> Community
02/08/2019: South Africa
Marist International Community Atlantis – Lavalla200>
Holiday program for children and young people of Atlantis
08/07/2019: East Timor
International Marist Volunteers
Janaíne, a Brazilian volunteer in Baucau
05/07/2019: United States
Thanksgiving event in East Harlem
Five Years of Presence with New York's Latino Community
14/06/2019: Cuba
Community Lavalla200> Holguín
The Community "Montagne" takes part in the Course for Inculturation into Cuban life
29/05/2019: General House
Beyond geographic and existential walls and borders
Marist International Volunteering
22/05/2019: Australia
Champagnat Marists help students re-engage with learning in Sydney
The international Lavalla200> community at Mt Druitt
20/03/2019: South Sudan
31 Religious and Laypeople from 19 congregations and 18 different nationalities
Brohters Christian Mbam and Longinus Uche in special mission in Africa
05/03/2019: General House
“Always and in every case the victims must have priority”
Brother Emili Turú talks about the meeting held in the Vatican on the protection of children
04/03/2019: Australia
Marist Volunteers
The Programme Bridge Builders supports Marist collaboration
28/01/2019: Italy
If everybody helps with prayer, for sure, we will be able to do something beautiful
The Community Lavalla200> has inaugurated a Center for immigrants
13/12/2018: South Sudan
Five intercongregational religious communities
The assembly of solidarity commemorates 10 years of religious commitment to the African country
21/11/2018: Italy
Community Lavalla 200> of Syracuse
Immigrants remember the journey that has brought them to Europe
19/11/2018: General House
Joining the Communities for a New Beginning
16/11/2018: Germany
Since 2013, 29 young were sent for a voluntary mission all over the world
Anniversary of five years of Cmi in Mindelheim
06/11/2018: Lebanon
Project Fratelli begins a new cycle, 2018-2019
Marist Brothers and Lasalians working together in favor of the displaced
29/10/2018: Brazil
Transformative Solidarity
Forum on Volunteering conducted by Marists in Brazil
28/09/2018: Germany
Marists from Mindelheim in Kenya
Summer camp for children in Orore
09/08/2018: Australia
Marist Learning Zone centre is officially launched
Working with disadvantaged young people
17/07/2018: France
Global family
Volunteer work in N.D. de l’Hermitage
13/07/2018: United States
“Open your heart to a new beginning”
International Community Lavalla200> in East Harlem
12/07/2018: General House
Announcement of the appointments of the new members of the Lavalla200> Initiative
Commissioning of the new members of the International Communities for a New Beginning
06/07/2018: Australia
Marist Learning Zone participates in Jarara Reconciliation Day
Mount Druitt Lavalla200> community strengthens ties with the aboriginal community
03/07/2018: General House
Collaboration for Mission, International (Cmi)
Br. Valdícer Fachi replaces Br. Chris Wills in the General Administration
02/07/2018: South Africa
International Communities for a new beginning
Community Lavalla200> Atlantis
29/06/2018: Italy
International Communities for a New Beginning
Last week in San Martino a Monte for the third group of the Program Lavalla200>
21/06/2018: Italy
Lavalla200> | Week6
Interculturality was the theme of the sixth week of formation in Camaldoli
14/06/2018: Italy
‘May their lives become a beautiful song’
Testimony of the Lavalla200> Community in Syracuse
11/06/2018: Italy
Spirituality and the new relationship of brothers and lay people
Fifth week of the Lavalla200> project’s formation programme
11/06/2018: Lebanon
‘I have to do my part to make this a better world’
Testimony of a volunteer of the Fratelli Project
05/06/2018: Italy
Deepening the intercultural experience in fraternity
Fourth week of formation of the candidates for the Lavalla200 Project>
31/05/2018: Romania
The Lavalla200> community of Moinesti
International communities for a new beginning
28/05/2018: Italy
Lavalla200> 2018 - Week 3
Formation on assertive communication and intercultural experiences
22/05/2018: Italy
Lavalla200> - Week 2
Lavalla200> participants receive formation on the enneagram and discernment
18/05/2018: Germany
A Marist international youth community in Mindelheim
South African young Marists volunteer in Europe for the first time
11/05/2018: General House
Lavalla200> 2018
First formation week of the Lavalla200> programme
07/05/2018: General House
International communities for a new beginning
Marists of Champagnat are welcomed in the Lavalla200> formation programme
03/05/2018: General House
International Communities for a New Beginning
Lavalla200> Third Preparation Programme
20/04/2018: Lebanon
Two years and a half of the Fratelli Project
Inter-congregational project members share their experience
05/04/2018: South Africa
‘Coloured’ and mixed-race community
Lavalla200> Atlantis Community will get involved in youth initiatives
09/03/2018: Brazil
New Marist community gathers for the first time
Community Lavalla200> Tabatinga
08/03/2018: General House
Br Valdícer Civa Fachi
Appointment for the Collaboration for Mission, International (Cmi) secretariat
27/02/2018: Australia
The reality of aboriginal groups is ‘sad and regrettable’
Mount Druitt Lavalla200> strengthens ties with the aboriginal community
23/02/2018: France
Bishop Sylvain Bataille
Visit of the Bishop of Saint-Étienne to the l’Hermitage community
23/02/2018: Germany
The solidarity of Marists in Furth
Raising money for Cambodia and refugees in South Africa
05/02/2018: United States
Project Lavalla200> - Community of East Harlem
Learning to conjugate these four verbs: welcome, protect, promote and integrate
24/01/2018: Lebanon
Fratelli Project Council meets for further planning, evaluation
Council to receive a new member
17/01/2018: Australia
Lavalla200> Mount Druitt Community
Marist Learning Zone
04/12/2017: General House
The awakening of the laity in the Church and the international Marist communities
International communities for a new beginning
19/10/2017: General House
Preparation Program for Lavalla200> 2018
The Superior General wants you!
13/10/2017: Colombia
Marist International Volunteering in Colombia
Uruguay volunteers tell of experience
13/09/2017: South Africa
Three2Six gets long term volunteers from abroad
Volunteering with refugee children from 5 – 12 months
19/08/2017: Italy
Who are the unaccompanied minors?
Marist of Siracusa and the immigration drama in Europe
24/07/2017: General House
International Communities for a New Beginning
The Lavalla200> 2017 group concludes its programme at L’Hermitage
29/06/2017: General House
International Communities for a New Beginning
15 Marists assigned to Cape Town, Tabatinga, East Harlem, Romania and MDA
31/05/2017: Italy
International communities for a new beginning
Formation of the candidates according to the Program Lavalla200>
28/04/2017: General House
Second Lavalla200> formation programme
First week of orientation will begin April 30
21/04/2017: Mexico
Youth for Service programme
Youth prepare themselves for Marist volunteering
10/03/2017: General House
International communities for a new beginning
Accompanying Lavalla200> in Asia and Australia
08/03/2017: United States
Lavalla200> in New York
Last member arrives to the new East Harlem Community
16/02/2017: Canada
Collaboration for mission, international (Cmi)
Province of Canada prepares Marist volunteers
13/02/2017: Italy
Lavalla200> in Syracuse
New way to share life with Laypeople and Brothers
03/02/2017: South Sudan
Over 5,000 seek refuge in Solidarity with South Sudan compound to escape death
One Marist Brother and three sisters live at the location
13/01/2017: General House
Child Migrants, the Vulnerable and the Voiceless
World Day of Migrants and Refugees - Lavalla200> Siracusa
29/12/2016: Italy
Project Lavalla200>
An intercultural and international in Siracusa
23/12/2016: Brazil
International Communities for a New Beginning – Lavalla200>
Brothers Jeff Crowe and Ángel Medina visit the community in Tabatinga
24/10/2016: Thailand
District of Asia receives five new missionaries
Destination countries include Philippines, Sri Lanka and Cambodia
13/10/2016: Brazil
LaValla200> Project
International Community of Tabatinga
07/10/2016: Lebanon
Youth from a Lebanese Marist School volunteer with the Fratelli Project
Students vist 150 children and their families
30/09/2016: Australia
Mother of Cmi director passes away
Institute offers deepest condolences to Brother Chris Wills
12/08/2016: Lebanon
The Crisis of the Refugees in Lebanon
Letter from one in charge of the Project ‘Fratelli’
29/07/2016: Australia
Mount Druitt Community
07/07/2016: General House
International Communities for a New Beginning
Marists sent in mission by the Superior General
10/06/2016: Italy
International Communities for a New Beginning
Chronicle of the 4th week in San Martino a Monte - From May 30 to June 5, 2016
03/06/2016: General House
LaValla200> Life together
Chronicle of the 3rd week in San Martino a Monte - From May 22 to May 29, 2016
26/05/2016: Italy
La Valla 200>
New keys on the project 'international communities for a new beginning'
20/05/2016: Italy
La Valla 200>
First week of the formation program in Camaldoli
03/05/2016: General House
Lavalla200> Formation Programme begins in Rome
Formation begins for international communities
31/03/2016: General House
La Valla 200>
International Communities for a New Beginning
26/02/2016: Lebanon
Fratelli Project Council meets to finalise groundwork
Preparations finish for two socio-educative projects for displaced children in Lebanon
11/12/2015: Italy
A new model for community and mission
General Assembly of Solidarity with South Sudan
09/12/2015: General House
International Communities for a New Beginning
23/10/2015: General House
A Team for International Communities for a New Beginning
Project plans move forward with more details on formation for candidates
06/10/2015: General House
New internet application for international collaboration
Secretariat Collaboration for mission international
09/09/2015: Lebanon
A Marist and a La Salle Brother arrive to Lebanon to help displaced children
A new inter-congregational community begins Fratelli Project
13/08/2015: South Sudan
Three Marist Brothers in collaborative and inter-cultural ministry
Solidarity with South Sudan
05/06/2015: South Sudan
‘Solidarity with South Sudan’ director: We pray fighting ends
Three Marists involved in the project live in South Sudan
16/04/2015: Brazil
On the path of the mission
Peggy Vivas, Marist voluntary for the mission
27/10/2014: United States
Collaboration for Mission, International
Building Our Juan Diego Community
10/10/2014: Australia
A year to remember in Cambodia
Reflections from a Marist volunteer...
01/08/2014: Argentina
Missioning Mass of Verónica Rubí
International Project of Mission in Tabatinga
02/05/2014: Sri Lanka
International Missionary Collaboration
Marist volunteer from the Province of Brasil Centro-Sul
01/04/2014: South Sudan
Solidarity with South Sudan (SSS)
News from Br. Bill Firman
28/03/2014: Australia
Ashley Bulgarelli
Marist Volunteers Australia Coordinator
07/03/2014: South Sudan
Solidarity with South Sudan (SSS)
Report from Brother Christian Mbam
18/02/2014: Germany
Collaboration for Mission, International
An International Volunteer Service of the German Marists
11/01/2014: General House
Solidarity with South Sudan
Malakal community
09/01/2014: General House
Capturing our imagination
Secretariat of Collaboration for Mission, International
23/09/2013: South Sudan
Unions of Superiors General
Project Solidarity with South Sudan
18/03/2013: South Sudan
News from Br. Christian Mbam
Solidarity with South Sudan
13/03/2013: Mexico
A young couple with the Marist missionary vocation
A Mexican family will take part in Mission ad gentes
24/08/2012: Australia
The Marist presence grows in Asia
The international aid and development agencies of the Australian Marist Brothers
23/08/2012: South Sudan
Solidarity with South Sudan (SSS)
Br Christian Mbam will take part in the project
09/03/2012: Cambodia
Ad Gentes, Phnom Penh
Ad gentes Brother directs Catholic Church Student Center
10/11/2011: General House
To all Dioceses of the world
AD GENTES - Documents in the Archives
07/11/2011: Philippines
Br. César Henríquez
Mission Ad Gentes – Group VIII
28/07/2011: Bangladesh
Ad gentes in Mymensingh
A community of Marist formation
26/07/2011: India
A day in the Hostel for boys entrusted to the care of the Brothers
Talit Community Ad gentes
17/06/2011: General House
Voluntary services
Voluntary work and new social conscience
28/02/2011: General House
The contribution of Brothers and laity in mission
Mission AD GENTES as a promoter of vitality in the Institute
22/01/2011: General House
Sharing a meditation
Epiphany readings and the Ad Gentes people
15/12/2010: General House
SEDOS - purpose and identity
Brother Teófilo Minga appointed member of the Executive Committee of SEDOS
07/12/2010: Brazil
Ad Gentes and the Champagnat Mouvement
ChMMF of the Province of Rio Grande do Sul
30/11/2010: Brazil
“To all dioceses of the world“
Ad gentes in the Marist Hospital Units of Curitiba
28/11/2010: Brazil
Ad Gentes
Marist Fraternities of the ChMMF of Rio Grande do Sul
23/11/2010: Brazil
“All the dioceses of the world enter into our plans.”
Ad gentes – Interview in Porto Alegre
17/11/2010: Brazil
Province of Brazil Centro Sur
Ad gentes and the pastoral agents
01/11/2010: Spain
Why am I involved in the Mission Ad Gentes project?
Ad gentes: Br. Santiago Fernández García
29/10/2010: Thailand
I am growing little by little in the Marist spirituality
Ad Gentes: Christina Kim Young Ja
26/10/2010: India
With mary, in haste to West Bengal
Ad gentes: Br. José Javier Bometón Aguilar
18/10/2010: Philippines
Why I want to be a missionary
7th Ad gentes group: Br. Ignatius In
14/10/2010: Philippines
Mission ad gentes for me is a grace
7th Ad gentes group: Agnes Segovia Reyes
09/10/2010: Philippines
May Jesus help me love what He has given me
7th Ad gentes group: Br. Juan Gustavo Gil
07/10/2010: Philippines
To All the Dioceses of the World
Ad gentes: VII Orientation Session in Davao
05/10/2010: South Korea
Journey toward uncertain future in India
7th Ad gentes group: Abel Eom (Korea)
04/10/2010: Philippines
A retreat centred on missionary spirituality
7th Ad gentes group
30/09/2010: Thailand
To be a missionary !
Ad Gentes: Neiva Hoffelder, Province of ”Brasil Centro-Sul”
18/09/2010: Philippines
Signs of a changing model
Ad Gentes: the experience of internationalism
08/09/2010: Mozambique
« Maputo is at present a hell »
A Marist Brother gives a warning cry from the capital of Mozambique
08/09/2010: Thailand
Forty-five participants, twenty-two nationalities
Assembly of the Ad gentes Sector
07/09/2010: New Zealand
The Brothers are well
Earthquake in Christchurch
02/08/2010: General House
Marist Mission Ad Gentes Project
Mission AD GENTES and the « new land »
29/07/2010: Brazil
Ad Gentes yesterday
Ad Gentes today
17/07/2010: Philippines
How good and delightful it is to live together like Brothers
Beginning of the VII Mission Ad Gentes Program in Davao
15/07/2010: General House
The Marian Church has the heart of a mother
Female Presence in Mission ad Gentes
13/07/2010: Thailand
Quy, one of the aspirants of the Sector Ad Gentes
Reflexion of Br.Luis Sobrado, Superior of the Sector Ad Gentes
09/07/2010: Philippines
Homily during the opening eucharist celebration
Ad Gentes Mission – Davao Group 2010
14/06/2010: General House
7th Ad Gentes group
Message to the Ad Gentes «Davao 2010» group
08/06/2010: General House
My first trip Ad Gentes
Ad Gentes Project
17/05/2010: Bangladesh
Young Bengalis in the footsteps of Jesus
Vocations Day in Srimongol
16/03/2010: Spain
Holy Year Compostela 2010
Letter of the Marist Province “Compostela” to the Marist Communities
15/03/2010: Thailand
Marist Mission Ad Gentes Project
The communities in Tailandia
11/03/2010: Brazil
International Women’s Day (8 March)
Homage to Doctor Zilda Arns Neumann
01/03/2010: Chile
Reassuring news
The Marists in Chile after the earthquake
24/02/2010: Cambodia
Marist Mission Ad Gentes Project
Communities in Cambodia
22/02/2010: India
Marist Mission Ad Gentes Project
Tribal Boys Hostel in Burdwan
17/02/2010: Bangladesh
Marist Mission Ad Gentes Project
Communities in Bangladesh
29/01/2010: General House
Brother Teófilo Minga assumes his new position
A new coordinator in Rome for the Mission ad Gentes Project
18/01/2010: Haiti
Communication of Brother Sergio de Jesús Cáceres from Haití
The Marists in Haití
13/01/2010: General House
Earthquake in Haiti
Brother Emili Turú, Superior general, confirms that the brothers in Haiti are unharmed
07/12/2009: Cambodia
Ad Gentes
Letter o Br. Agustí Cassú from Phnom Pehn
10/11/2009: Cambodia
A “United Nations” Pickup Truck
Ad Gentes Project in Cambodia
29/10/2009: Philippines
This the way we bake our bread
Marist English Language Learning Program for Ad Gentes volunteer
09/10/2009: Brazil
Marist Province « Brasil Centro-Sul »
Two lay collaborators for Mission ad gentes
25/09/2009: Brazil
Marist Province « Brasil Centro-Sul »
Three young Brothers in the « Mission ad gentes » project
22/07/2009: Philippines
Mission Ad Gentes
Missioned the VI group of brothers in Davao
28/06/2009: Cambodia
Carried on his shoulders
Community of Phnom Penh – Ad Gentes
23/06/2009: Philippines
The Society of Mary and the Brothers of Davao
Experience of the Brothers of the VI Mission ad gentes group
04/05/2009: United States
A fund Raising
Program in support of Mission ad Gentes
24/04/2009: Cambodia
Mission Ad Gentes
Pailin, the brothers move
24/02/2009: Philippines
From Davao prison
Brother Juan Castro’s experience - Mission ad Gentes
13/02/2009: Philippines
Experience and Youth
Mission ad Gentes Davao - Group 6
04/12/2008: Philippines
We have seen the Lord
News from Davao
22/10/2008: Philippines
Continue walking forward with great faith
Mission Ad Gentes Brothers in Davao
04/09/2008: Philippines
First steps
5th group in Davao
02/09/2008: United States
Ad Gentes
Third group at the Monastery Community in Chicago
01/09/2008: Bangladesh
Mission Ad Gentes
Letter of Brother Hilario Schwab
30/07/2008: Thailand
Ad Gentes
Sector Ad Gentes Retreat and Assembly
26/07/2008: General House
43 brothers were sent on mission
A review of the success of the Mission ad gentes
22/07/2008: India
Ad Gentes
India Celebrates the Founder’s Day
07/07/2008: General House
Ad gentes
A Visit from the Bishops of Bangladesh
30/06/2008: Philippines
Ad gentes
Ten brothers sent in Mission
16/06/2008: General House
The Mission ad Gentes program increases its list
Missioning celebration for Brother Ticiano Cagigal to Angola
07/03/2008: Canada
Analysis of pastoral perspectives in Canada
The Ad gentes Community of Canada: a new step
07/03/2008: United States
Ad gentes project
A new group of brothers of the Ad gentes Mission in Chicago
03/03/2008: Philippines
Learning Gained through Experience
Mission Ad Gentes
12/02/2008: Philippines
Mission Ad Gentes
New Group in Davao
25/01/2008: Bangladesh
Mission ad Gentes
News from Dhaka
14/12/2007: General House
From Chiapas to Canada
New reinforcements for Mission ad Gentes
27/11/2007: United States
American Thanksgiving
The Mission Ad Gentes Brothers in Chicago
26/11/2007: Philippines
Marist mission Ad Gentes project
An experience in Davao
23/10/2007: Philippines
Marist Ad Gentes III
The Church in Asia is inviting us to the dialogue
09/10/2007: General House
Mission Ad Gentes Sector
Br. Mike DeWass new superior
03/10/2007: United States
Mission Ad Gentes in Chicago
Future missionary brothers learn English
25/09/2007: Canada
Mission Ad Gentes
An Ad Gentes community to open in the Marist Province of Canada
24/09/2007: Philippines
Marist presence is extended in the world
Davao : Third group gets under way
20/09/2007: India
Mission Ad Gentes
A Letter from Brother Hilario from Calcutta
24/08/2007: Bangladesh
“On the way” to Bangladesh
Our Mission Ad Gentes Brothers
16/07/2007: General House
Marist Mission in Asia
Mission Ad Gentes Advisory Council
02/07/2007: Haiti
Visit of Br. Michael Flanigan
Mission Ad Gentes in Haiti!
01/06/2007: Philippines
The smoker boy
An experience at Davao
04/04/2007: Canada
Two brothers have opted to become missionaries to Canada
The “Mission Ad Gentes” programme and the Province of Canada
19/03/2007: General House
Mission ad gentes
Missionaries from the time of Fr Champagnat
02/03/2007: Philippines
I will take it to my brothers and we will eat it together
Thirteen brothers at Davao and one bread
07/02/2007: Philippines
Mission Ad Gentes Orientation Programme
Second batch of thirteen Brothers
31/01/2007: Philippines
Davao: the first missionary group leaves
The mission ad gentes project already starts to become a reality
20/12/2006: Philippines
The Mission Ad Gentes project Davao
The new frontiers of the Marist mission
18/12/2006: General House
Sent on mission
Three generous brothers whose heart has matured in the sun of the love of God.
16/11/2006: Thailand
From the meeting with Christ to evangelisation
First Asian Missionary Congress: from the 19th to the 22nd October
10/11/2006: General House
Finalising the last details
Meeting of the Consultative Council for the Mission Ad Gentes project
06/09/2006: Philippines
Mission ad Gentes
Opening of the first orientation session in Davao
14/07/2006: Philippines
All the Dioceses in the world enter into our designs
Marist Mission Ad Gentes - Orientation Programme in Davao
22/05/2006: General House
Looking towards the lands of Asia
Meeting of the Consultative Council for the project of mission ad gentes
21/04/2006: Haiti
“Missionary” brothers to Haiti
First “Mission Ad Gentes” brothers are in place
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