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1936: Brother Eusebio was murdered in Barcelona. We also remember 58 other brothers who were killed in different places and at different times
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The « Senderos » Program Successfully Draws to a Close

12/01/2009: Spain - Photo gallery

The program entitled «Senderos» which was held in San Lorenzo Escorial at the Marist Center of Spirituality, came to an end a few days before Christmas in an atmosphere of fraternity, joy and hope for the future. At the Center, the course concluded in excellent fashion just prior to the changes that will be made to the site in the course of the year 2009.

Let’s leave it to the participants themselves to say briefly «what they hold in their hearts» at the end of their five month experience.

« I thank God and I thank my confreres for this period of grace at Escorial. A time that has abounded in the spirit of brotherhood, providing the chance better to know one another and oneself, offering the opportunity to savor the joy of being brothers . . . .” (Brother Baltazar Muro)

«I thank God, our Institute, the Brothers and other people who have made this course possible. It was a wonderful occasion to grow as a person, as a Christian and as a religious. Prayer, reflection, fraternal life, service, study, rest and all the other experiences have assisted me in my personal journey, one which has not been free of mistakes or difficulties. May Mary and Marcellin continue to support our wish to work together in building the Kingdom of God.” (Brother Rosendo Corona)

« This time has helped to make me more conscious of the ways in which God has been present in my personal history. The program has strengthened the perception of how brother-hood is one of the elements of my proper identity. The course broadened my perceptions of the mediations through which the charism may grow. And so . . . I sense an invitation to contribute my energy to the energy of all those who draw the meaning of their lives from the Kingdom. On the other hand, I feel a greater appreciation of brotherhood, as I reflect upon the people who made the experience possible by their willingness to direct such a solid program and make it a really vibrant experience. An example: those who, almost without willing it, had to take upon their shoulders the duties of someone obliged to be absent.” (Brother Cruz Alberdi)

« From the moment I got here, overwhelmed by my busy life, I felt a calming effect which eventuated in a sense of both peace and joy. I accomplished more than I had expected in living out the varied aspects of my human life. I felt the present-day value of the charism and a new desire to live my celibacy more freely. I have discovered a greater sense of Jesus’ nearness, and a greater confidence in Mary” (Brother Arturo Buet)

« God loves me. He is faithful. He is patient towards me, awaiting me with open arms. He invites me to continue along the way, to continue to become simple in the everyday circumstances of my life. To be his presence in the midst of the people with whom I come in contact, primarily the poorest children and young people. To be one who sows seeds of enthusiasm and hope. To engender life. To be a good Marist Brothers like so many others who have been an example to me.” (F. Adolfo Cermeño)

« For me the experience has been life-giving and restorative. It has helped me become more reflective about my life, my faith experience, my experience as a religious, about compassion and about service to others. I thank the Lord for having given me this occasion, and I ask to be granted the grace by which he may become LIFE in my life, so that it may in turn become a life-giving stimulus among my confreres.” (Brother Javier Cotorro)

« The sense of community that we developed was a very positive element in being able to accomplish the course objectives. We got to see the Marist places, and I liked the in-depth study of Marcellin’s letters. The perspectives on religious life which were offered by Pepa Torres struck me as especially good. Also very interesting, the solidarity experience. In the course of the week dedicated to vitality, I enjoyed learning about the contemporary situation in our Marist Provinces, situations which I could not have imagined. They made me feel optimistic. “Everything was wonderful.” I attempted to live fully the sense of living in God.” (Brother Victoriano Hermando)

« My initial worries dissipated. Yet the graces received have become demands, invitations, appeals to make commitments, to change, to be more consistent. I look forward to the way in which the questions which have arisen will bring their practicable responses, not remaining mere pipe dreams. May the Lord who helps us to overcome our fears give us the strength to be Brothers for the XXIst century for the young people of the XXIst century, Brothers who look forward to the Kingdom of God and a new humanity.” (Brother Josep Castillo)

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