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1936: Brother Eusebio was murdered in Barcelona. We also remember 58 other brothers who were killed in different places and at different times
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Personal Reflection on ‘Water from the Rock’

01/04/2009: India - Photo gallery

On 7th and 8th of March, 2009 the Marist Brothers in Tamilnadu, India gathered at the Carmelite Spirituality Centre for a two days workshop on Marist Spirituality. During these two days, all our reflections and sharing were based on our document ‘Water from the Rock.’ The facilitator offered us profound insights on our spirituality through his power point presentations and inspiring talk. At the end of the workshop, we felt ourselves refreshed and renewed in our faith and in our vocation as Marists. We had our doubts clarified and our minds enlightened to continue our Marist journey with new hope for a new world.

What is Marist Spirituality? As it is said in ‘Water from the Rock,’ ‘the story of our spirituality is one of passion and compassion (Art. #1) and it is a story of men and women who find within a thirst that only God can quench (Art. #43).’ Yes, it is our desire for God’s kingdom that draws us closer to people in our communities and in our societies. And our thirst coming from within is one of God’s gift given to Marcellin and has been handed over to us by those whose thirst had already been quenched by God and had become ‘living water’ for others.

Here, I would like to underline the two words ‘Passion and Compassion’ which give us a clear picture of our Spirituality. These are two sides of the same coin. In his letter, St. James says that faith without action is dead. Passion without compassion for God’s people and compassion without passion for God bears no fruits. Every day Eucharist speaks of this attitude and reminds us that we are to be broken and shared for others. Therefore, every Brother and Lay Marist reaches out to those in need with passion and compassion inscribed on his / her heart and mind to become the Eucharist for others.

People today have different thirsts in their lives. Almost every man and woman searches for meaning in life or tries to make their lives meaningful. While some people thirst for justice, freedom and peace, some others search for God in the daily experiences of their lives. This testifies to the fact that God alone can quench our thirsts.

Through the very life of Jesus and his disciples, we learn that we are dependent on God each moment of our lives. Jesus as the most perfect model teaches us to drink water from the fountain of God and become the ‘living water’ for others. By drinking water from God’s fountain and inviting others to drink and becoming as the source of living water for others, we live our spirituality which is both Marial and Apostolic. Let us have our lives anchored in Jesus in order that we may be the branches of one vine which is God Himself.

Br. Rajakumar. S
India, 14th March 2009

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