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23 September

Saint Padre Pio of Pietrelcina

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Los Negrales - April 23 to June 21, 2009



“Umbrales” - A course offered to Brothers between the ages of fifty and (about) seventy

19/05/2009: Spain - Photo gallery

To move from one threshold to another: the image is a manner of describing life. Crossing the threshold, one finds a road. On the road... how many experiences, how many steps one takes to go forward and even to go back! So it is, from threshold to threshold, from year to year, from the spring times of youth to the glimpses of autumn, one advances into life traversing “DOORWAYS AND PATHWAYS.”

On April 23, eighteen Brothers arrived at Negrales in order to “cross new thresholds and enter new passageways” . . . in all, eight such thresholds, as laid out on the course plan.

Where have we come from? : Paraguay (Enrique Planas), Cruz del Sur (Miguel A. Schonfeld and Oscar Enrique Perl), Iberica (Antonio Martinez Fernandez), Brasil - Centro Norte (Jose Machado and Benedito Odeto de Lima), Brasil Centro - Sul (Lino Alfonso Jungbluth and Tercílio Sevegnani), Mexico Central (Benjamin Heredia and Armando Heredia), Mexico Occidental (Manuel Franco), Central America (Andres Guezmez and Rodrigo Cuesta), Mediterranea (Pedro Menarguez, Marino Carlavaris and Georges Sabe) and Norandina (Ramon Benseny and Juan Miguel Santos). We can communicate, more or less, in French, Italian, Arab, Portuguese, Spanish.

Because remodeling work is going on at the Marist Brothers’ Center in Escorial, our Threshold course is taking place in Los Negrales, where we have been cordially received by the Claretian community in the building that used to be their novitiate.

At present we are engaged with the suggestion that has been presented as the first Threshold: to re-read - and re-live - our personal life journey as “sacred history,” as the entry into our lives of the God of Life, of the Resurrected Jesus.

Several means are being used to help us with the process, among them: road maps, small-group sessions, times reserved for prayer and reflection. As a result we are being assisted in finding the most suitable path for conducting a personal examination (and a community one too) of our life history, being invited to appreciate it, to live and celebrate a personal life-journey that is ever unfolding within the outpouring of God’s love.

The Team which is leading the program consists of Brothers Javier Espinosa (Central America), Afonso Levis (Brasil Centro-Sul) and Alfredo Villanueva (Iberica). They welcomed us in a very warm, brotherly way and have given us their full attention. With guides like these, we are confident that we will get safely across all eight thresholds!

Brother Ramon Benseny

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