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Exhibit of Marial Art, Baie-Saint Paul (Quebec)

12/08/2009: Canada

In Charlevoix, Canada, an exhibit took place from July 3 to 15, on the theme: Mary in the Arts: Painting, Literature, Stamps, Postcards. At this time of the year, many visitors come from various parts of Quebec Province, drawn to the picturesque charms of Charlevoix. Many of the visitors took advantage of their visit to drop by the Marial Exhibit. A look at the Visitors’ Book allowed us to read some of their reactions and to learn of the places from which they had come: France, Belgium, the United States, Romania, etc. The comments indicated their favorable reaction to the various elements and high quality of the display. The visitors did not conceal their surprise on seeing that such an exhibit was being held in the very place they were visiting or - in the case of the local residents - in which they live.

The Sisters of the community called « Petites Franciscaines de Marie » were kind enough to loan the exhibit a statue in their possession, one that turned out to be the “star” of the display: Our Lady of the Casseroles. All the visitors were anxious to take a look at a statue bearing such a curious name. Of course, the name helps us remember that Mary was one of us, a woman who lived out her life amidst the humdrum events of everyday life and who was engaged in the same daily chores which are the lot of all mothers.

For the one who organized the exhibit, it was quite a thrill to renew ties with many people whom he had forgotten. After all, he had been away from his boyhood home for sixty-five years.

Brother Paul André is deeply grateful to Brothers Roger Côté, Guy Lachance, Gaston Simard and the others who helped him set up and take down the exhibit. He knows that, without their assistance, he would never have been able to organize such an event. Brother Paul also thanks the Petites Franciscaines de Marie who very graciously allowed us to hold the exhibit at their center from July 2 to 16.

He also desires to thank Brothers Bernard Beaudin and Fabien Landry for the books on Mary and on Champagnat, books which they have authored and which they contributed to the exhibit. The books allowed the visitors to acquire a better idea of Mary and of Champagnat, apostle of youth.
Château-Richer, July 18, 2009
F. Laurent Potvin

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