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Members of the General Administration in Rome

28/08/2009: General House

From time to time, the Web page presents a new member. Today we wish to present all the persons who make up the General Administration (GA). This presentation is made according to the scheme of the Staff Handbook adopted by the General Council in February 2007. Some members of the GA live in Rome and others outside Rome, but still in the service of the GA.

I – Members of the General Administration in Rome

The General House accomodates the members of the General Council, elected by the General Chapter to govern the Institute for a mandate of 8 years. Brother Superior General and the Councillors form the General Council community, together with the Secretary General and the Econome General. The house, however, also accommodates the members of another community, made up of Brothers nominated by the Council to carry out the various services which it has decided to set in place or which are provided for in the Constitutions. These Brothers are loaned to the GA by the Provinces and have a mandate of 3 years, which can be renewable. There are also a certain number of lay people who collaborate in the mission of the GA. In the community of the GA, we have also a group of student brothers and 2 priests who presides the Eucharist. The Superior of this community is Br. Onorino ROTA (Mediterranea) and he will be substituted by Br. Pietro BETTIN (Mediterranea) at the end of this year.

1. Department of Administrative Services: the General Secretariate

* Secretary General:
Br. Jean RONZON (L’Hermitage) took up office in September 2003. He will be replaced by Br. John KLEIN (USA) in April 2010, when he has completed his term as Provincial.
* Assistant to the Secretary General: Br. George FONTANA (USA) began a first a mandate in August 2007. His particular responsibility is despatches.
* Archives Service: Br. Juan MORAL (L’Hermitage) commences his second term in September 2009. Working with him are Lucia DISTEFANO, since October 2006, and Dorotea CINANNI, since January 2009.
* Communications Service: Br. Antonio MARTINEZ ESTAUN (L’Hermitage) began a second term in September 2008. Working with him are Br. Onorino ROTA (Mediterranea), who completes his mandate as Superior of the community, and Luiz DA ROSA, from Brasil, who, since 2003, has been webmaster of the champagnat.org. site.
* Translations Service: It is coordinated by Br. Josep ROURA (L’Hermitage), secretary-translator for French since February 2008. With him are working Br. Edward CLISBY (New Zealand), since January 2009, for English, Br. Aloisio KUHN (Brasil Centro-Sul), since February 2007, for Portugese, and Gabriela SCANAVINO, for Spanish. The latter has been in this service since January 2009, after having started in the Archives in October 2004 and after having done two years in the Statistics service.
* Postulator: Br. Giovanni BIGOTTO (Madagascar), who will complete his service in September 2010, when he will be replaced by Br. José Maria FERRE (Mediterranea).
* Procurator: Br. Juan Miguel ANAYA commenced a third term in July 2008.
* Statistics: the responsibility of Emanuela LISCIARELLI since January 2009, after she had been working in the Archives since January 2004.
* Technical Services: under Stefano ANGELUCCI, employed since 1995.

2. Department of Financial Services: Office of the Econome General

* Econome General:
Br. Victor PRECIADO (Mexico Occidental) succeeded Br. Antonio MARTINEZ in January 2009.
* Assistant to the Econome General: Br. Guy PALANDRE (L’Hermitage) will complete his mandate in September 2009 and will be replaced by Br. Roy DEITA (East Asia).
* Director of the General House: Br. Antoni SALAT (L’Hermitage) commenced a first term in September 2008.
* Econome of the General House: Br. Javier OCARANZA (México Occidental) commenced a first term in September 2008.
* Reception at the Centralino: 3 lay people provide this service: Iolanda GALLO, Antonio GARCIA and Claudio DE FRANCESCO.
* Personnel of the house: Stellina CAVALLARO and Antonella MAGNASCHI are employed in the laundry and Arabella FORTE in charge of cleaning.

3. International Bureau of Solidarity (BIS)

* Director: Br. Dominick PUJIA (USA) has now completed his second term and is replaced by Br. Richard CAREY (USA).
* Secretaries: Sara PANCIROLI, employed since February 2005, currently executive secretary of FMSI/ONLUS and responsible for follow-up of micro-projects, and Angela PETENZI, employed since January 2006, responsible for follow-up of macro-projects.

4. Secretaries of Commissions and Directors of Bureaus

* Personal secretary to the Superior General: Br. Don NEARY (USA) will finish his second term in October 2009.
* Secretary of the Mission Commission: Br. Juan Miguel ANAYA occupies this role to the end of September 2009.
* Secretary of the Religious Life Commission: Br. Teofilo MINGA (Compostela) completes his mandate in October 2009.
* Director of the Bureau of Vocations: Br. Ernesto SANCHEZ completed almost two terms and has not been replaced since being named Provincial of México Occidental in December 2008.
* Director of the Bureau for the Evangelical Use of Goods: Br. Pedro OST (Rio Grande do Sul) will complete his mandate in October 2009.
* Director of the Bureau for the Laity: Br. Pau FORNELLS (Norandina) will complete his mandate in June 2010.
* Secretary for Mission ad Gentes: Br. Michael FLANIGAN (USA) completed his mandate in July. The General Council is looking for a replacement.
* Co-ordinator for « fundraising » for the Asia Mission ad Gentes project: Br. Jude PIETERSE (Southern Africa), who commenced his mandate in June 2009.

II – Members of the General Administration outside the General House

1. Manziana (Italy)
Director of renewal sessions:
Br. Barry BURNS (New Zealand), who assumed a first mandate in January 2008.
* Assistant Director of renewal sessions: Br. Antoine KAZINDU (Afrique Centre Est), who completes a second term in the service of the GA in December 2010.
* Br. Inocencio MARTINEZ (L’Hermitage) and Br. Genuino BENINI (Rio Grande do Sul) * are in charge of a third age 2 months session for third age Spanish and Portuguese speaking Brothers.

2. Manila (Philippines)
Director of English course for missionary volunteers for Asia: Br. Santos GARCIA (Norandina) began a first term in July 2009.

3. El Escorial (Spain)
Director of renewal sessions: Br. Eduardo NAVARRO (Mexico Occidental) will begin his first term in January 2010.
Assistant Director of renewal sessions: Br. Afonso LEVIS (Brasil Centro-Sul), who will complete his mandate in December 2010.

4. Davao (Philippines)
Director of orientation sessions for missionary volunteers for Asia: Br. Antoine KAZINDU will commence his work in June 2010.

5. Geneva (Switzerland)
• Director of Bureau for the rights of the child:
Br. James JOLLEY (Melbourne), who takes up office in September 2009. He carries out his mission in close contact with FMS

To provide these services, the members of the GA try to live the spirit of Marcellin Champagnat. Marist values which are especially important for us are:

* Family spirit and solidarity: each is responsible for the well-being of the others. This expresses itself through mutual respect, the interest shown in the activities of the others, mutual support and encouragement;
* Multi-culturality: well represented in the GA, it reflects the character of the Institute. It is a reality which enriches our work place, for each culture brings its own riches and manner of contributing to the common mission.
* Co-responsibility and subsidiarity: each one feels responsible for the quality of the service provided by the GA, and brings his/her contribution to the task and responsibilities entrusted to him/her.
* Spirit of work: it is evident in the professional competence and savoir-faire for carrying out one’s specific task.

Finally, the mission of the GA is inspired by Mary at the Visitation. She looked, saw a need, and set out immediately to put her savoir-faire at the service of the other.

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