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Progress of the work groups

28/09/2009: General House

Today several of the work groups reported back on progress to the assembly. The one preparing the way the Chapter will transmit its message to the Institute informed the capitulants about the form and the style they are going to use and those for whom it is destined. The 20th General Chapter used the form of “a message” divided into seven parts. The group’s proposals received the placet of the assembly, which also provided some contributions with reference to the eventual addressees. It is suggested that it be a simple text, with direct language, capable of inspiring hope and encouragement.

A second group presented its reflections on the management of the different sections of the General House: General House, Villa EUR and Manziana. The property situated at Piazzale Champagnat 2, EUR, in Rome, functions according to Italian law accepted by different juridical figures. The group presented a report on the economic performance and management of the last eight years. The assembly listened to the report and will devote time during the week to react and draw the appropriate conclusions.

Union of Barcelona E.T.R. with The Celtic Mc Kee Club

The afternoon session began with an amusing game organized by Brother Tony Leon. Making use of his astute humour and his artistic abilities, he summed up the task of the Chapter in the next days with an image taken from the world of sport. An important football club: Barcelona E.T.R. (Emili Turú Rofes), has united with a rival: The Celtic Mc Kee Club, to organize a competition in the 31 administrative units of the Marist world. At the end of this week will be known the names of the team of experts and coaches of this new entity.

The group studying the best means of organizing the Institute for the animation and government of the Brothers and the works, pointed the reflection of the assembly in two directions, summed up in two words: regionalization and number of general councillors. With regard to the regionalization of the Institute, there was reflection about the instances most suitable for establishing dialogue in each Marist region and for managing human and economic resources better. At present, we make use of the following structure: Regions, Provincial Conferences, Extended General Council, Provincial Councils, General Council meetings with Regional Provincial, visits of the Brother Superior General or of his Council to the administrative units, the meeting of new provincials in Rome with the General Council and those in charge of the General Administration. Besides these structures, account must be made of the means normally used, as with the General Administration, the circulars of the superiors, the publications of the Institute, etc. The group asked the assembly if it had any mandate or suggestion for the General Council with regard to numbers, structures of animation and government, which could be put into practice over the next eight years.

The second topic the group raised with the assembly was the number of General Councillors they should give to the Superior General and his Vicar. Connected with this was the question whether any of the members of the Council should regularly reside in the Regions or whether all should form community with the Superior General in Rome. The subject was left to the discussion of the assembly in the work groups over the next days.

The Constitutions under consideration by the Chapter

The work group studying the Constitutions concludes that the current edition of the Constitutions is excellent with regard to content, but needs some changes of form, wording, references and numbering to provide consistency. The Chapter is very aware of the importance of the Constitutions for the spiritual life it arouses and maintains in the Institute. But, seeing that the Chapter alone is competent to make changes in the Constitutions, the group considered this would be an opportune time to do this simple work.

The capitulants at this stage turned off their computers and went quietly to celebrate the Eucharist. Here they found that there had been a change of chaplain. Fr. Pedro Alarcón, who had given excellent service for the first three weeks, had moved on to attend to other tasks. His place today was occupied by Fr. Mauro Filippucci, another Marist Father, who will accompany the capitulants to the conclusion of their work.

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