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Marian Exhibit in Saguenay City, Quebec

19/10/2009: Canada

The Notre-Dame de La Salette Catholic Center of Chicoutimi asked that a Marian Exhibit once again be set up in the city of Saguenay (September 17 to 24). The beginnings of the Center go back to Michel Marcotte. In l979 he submitted the project to Bishop Jean-Guy Couture, who suggested that Mr. Marcotte pray over the matter.

A team was then created and, over a period of ten years, the group conducted weekly prayer meetings dedicated to the Virgin Mary. In La Salette, France a first sign arose that was interpreted as a token that the group’s goals were worthy ones. A couple who were friends of Mr. Marcotte were reconciled and, in the process, discovered a new harmony in their marriage of six years. The reconciliation occurred in Canada, at the very time when Mr. Marcotte was praying at the shrine of La Salette. Later a second sign took place. On May 23, 2003, an oil-like substance appeared upon a crucifix. The same phenomenon re-occurred upon the crucifix and also upon a statue of Mary, in the presence of three priests, Mr. Marcotte and three Haitians.

Bishop Couture agreed to inaugurate the Center officially on November 1, 1991. More of the faithful kept coming to the Center in order to pray before Our Lady of La Salette.

The purpose of the Marian Center is to make known a prediction that was delivered at La Salette in the course of apparitions on September 18, 1846. “Books of an evil nature will become ever more available around the world, and the spirits of darkness will everywhere spread a lessening of practices that render hommage to God. The Pope, Vicar of my Son, will have much to endure because, for a period of time, the Church will be subject to grave persecution. Once faith in God has been forgotten, all will wish in a self centered fashion, to be their own guides and so feel superior to all others. Under foot will be trodden the proper order which is created by justice; there will appear nothing but murder, hatred, jealousy, falsehood, discord, scorn of one’s homeland and even of one’s family

As is evident to all, the prediction is relevant in the contemporary world. Let us pray to Mary, asking that she obtain for us the strength to resist the errors of our contemporary world, and the grace to return to the spirit of the Gospel, to become passionate apostles of the Catholic faith.

André Rivest, the diocesan bishop, has written, «May Our Lady of La Salette raise up among us people of good will who ask but one thing: to help in the new evangelization of our society.”

The Marial Exhibit was held at Notre-Dame-de-Grâce church from September 17 to 24. We are most grateful to those in charge of the parish for being willing to host us at their church. Thanks also go to Brothers Gaston Simard, Raphaël Tremblay, Guy Lachance, and parish volunteers: all provided important help in getting the exhibit set up. Thank you as well to Gabrielle Lavallée who was the driving force behind the Marian Exhibit.

let us open the visitors book

A number of visitors were anxious to express their feelings about the Exhibit in writing. Here are some of their comments.

« What a beautiful collection of pieces! How well arranged! We will be inspired still more to love the Virgin who still keeps one foot upon earth. Thanks for your wonderful efforts. How deeply proud of you must Mary be!” Michel Marcotte

«Terrific! An exhibit that enables us to rediscover our past. I wish you much success. Thanks for the warm welcome.” Kate Trembly, TVA journalist.

« Through your hands, my dear Brother, may the Virgin flood the world with her graces and blessings. Congratulations! A splendid undertaking! Thanks so much. Thérèse Guillemette, amj.

« We have greatly enjoyed visiting the Marian Exhibit organized by Brother Lavoie. Our guide explained it exceptionally well!” Gaston Boudreault.

« Keep up your very interesting work of setting up top class exhibits for the general public.” » Claude Lavallée, fms.

« We leave here our eyes filled with beautiful images. We will bear witness to such beauty. Denise Villeneuve, am.

« It is marvelous to see your love and devotion to Mary. It is a real support for me. Lucie Naud, am.

« We are singing the famous song, ’J’irai la voir un jour … [One day I shall go to see her….].’ Your wonderful exhibit has given me a foretaste of heaven. It has been a real pilgrimage. Lisette Poitras.

« I have really appreciated all the varied representations of the Virgin Mary. I hope that this visit will help awaken faith in the hearts of all. Mélanie Raymond, CÉGEP.

« Congratulations on your magnificent exhibit. May the Virgin Mary be with you always, so that our Mother may be ever more known and sought in prayer.” Paul Larouche.

« I am happy to have had the chance to examine your exhibit on the Virgin Mary. An entrancing vision! Congratulations! Keep up the good work of making Mary known and loved. Edmour Boutin, ptre.

« I have never seen such a beautiful display. Congratulations! And thank you for making me welcome.” Marcelle Lavoie.

About thirty young people and three adults came to see our exhibit from a school not so far from Notre-Dame-de-Grace church. In addition, several students from the Chicoutimi post-secondary school also came to visit.

The exhibit was featured twice on the local television station, Société TVA. Appearing on television allowed us to reach a lot of people and let them know the venue and the hours of the Marian Exhibit

The associates belonging to the Friends of Our Lady of La Salette helped us assemble the exhibit and to break it down. We thank them for their important assistance.

We were given a gracious welcome by the Antoniennes de Marie, a welcome that put us all at ease. Our thanks to Sister France Crous-sette, Superior General, for her sensitivity to our needs. I am grateful as well to Sister Cécile Paradis and Sister Lucienne Boivin who took care of my residential requirements so effectively.

September 26th, 2009
Br. Paul-André Lavoie

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