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20 September

Saints Andrew Kim, Paul Chong & companions
1936: Brother Eusebio was murdered in Barcelona. We also remember 58 other brothers who were killed in different places and at different times
2000: John Paul II blessed the statue of Saint Marcellin placed on the exterior wall of the Vatican Basilica

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The “Awakening” or “Dawn” Program



Curse “Amanecer“: Brothers of the “third age”

28/10/2009: General House

The General House in Rome has opened its doors to a group of Portuguese and Spanish speaking veteran Brothers. In the coming days another group of English speaking Brothers is expected to arrive. Since the termination of the General Chapter plenty of rooms and space are now available in the house. With the departure of the Chapter delegates to their own provinces the hush and bustle and dynamic brotherhood of the Chapter have also gone. But the rooms of the general house are starting to fill up once again. This time with senior Brothers who have been long journeying in the mission fields.

On Tuesday, the 20th of October, the course entitled “Amanecer” began for Portuguese and Spanish speaking Brothers of the “third age”. They total 22, including 3 animators. Among them are 5 Brothers from the Provinces of Brazil, 8 from Latin America, and 6 from Spain. Also with the group are 3 Marianists.
At the start of the program the voice of the prophet was heard, which rang out during the Eucharist: “Arise, eat and drink, because you are still on the journey; strengthen your spirit, lift up your souls and regain your vig
or, because you must continue to be my messenger in the midst of my people.

From the start of the program, the Brothers have taken to heart its objectives and they realize that they will dedicate many hours of careful listening to each other. From the very start the path to God is being felt and sensed through the long lives of these 65-81 year olds. The “Dawn” program opens wide its large windows to let in the gentle breeze of the Holy Spirit, may it allow the Spirit to penetrate what is most hidden in each one of us.

Being interested in this project and the fully supporting it are: Our Good Mother, Marcellin Champagnat and William J. Chaminade. It cannot fail with the Spirit of Jesus in our midst.

Brother Inocencio Martinez, Director

Manuel Andreva - Hermitage
Fermín Bahl - Cruz del Sur
Dario Bortolini - Brasil Centro-Sul
Bernardo Buitrago - Norandina
Nemesio García - Ibérica
Julián García - Paraguay
Lauro Gutiérrez - Marianista
Daniel Hernández - Marianista
Horacio Hernández - México Occidental
Ricardo Izura - Ibérica
Raúl Lorenzón - Cruz del Sur
Enrique Lozano - México Central
J. Efraín Martín - Cuba
Dealmo V. Lunkes - Rio Grande do Sul
Alfredo Olalde - Ibérica
Martín Orduz - Norandina
Pedro Pellizzaro - Rio Grande do Sul
Ivo Strobino - Brasil Centro-Sul
Felipe Vegas - América Central
P. Antonio Bringas - Capellán
Genuino Benini - Vicedirector
Inocencio Martínez - Director

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