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Centenary of Brother Serafin García González

22/12/2009: Mexico - Photo gallery

In this historic corner of Mexico, Morelia, the 12th of September was an exceptional day for our dear Institute on the occasion of the centenary of our dear Brother Serafin, originally from Spain, Cervera del Río Pisuerga, Palencia. But since his arrival in 1929 in these « Lands of Guadalupe », he has fallen in love with them and sowed everywhere the values of friendship and affection. Although he may have been born in Spain, it is Mexican blood that flows in his veins.

The Eucharist, as the Constitutions remind us, had a privileged place at noon that day. Our Brother occupied the place of honour, accompanied by two grand nieces arrived from Madrid. The finely-toned voices of the novices gave enhancement to this solemn ceremony, which took place in the Confraternity of the Visitation, with a good crowd, especially from the cities of Monterrey, Guadalajara, Morelia and Aguascalientes. Before the close of the Eucharist, Brother Eduardo Torres Jiménez addressed some words full of emotion to our Brother Serafin, a speech marked by accents of deep affection, coloured with poetry, and littered with philosophy and theology:

« Dear Brother Serafin: Thank you for your constant response to the ever-faithful God who has always loved you. Your face reflects your love of life, the peace in your heart and your great love of the Brothers and Sisters of the great Marist Family. Thank you for your loving fidelity and thanks to the Lord who has allowed us to be with our dear Brother centenarian in this place and at this historic time for our Marist family. Congratulations, dear ‘Dire’!»

AWARD OF THE DECORATION OF THE ORDER OF ISABELLE THE CATHOLIC bestowed by King Don Juan Carlos de Borbón on Brother Serafín García González and presented by the Honorary Consul of Spain in Michoacán, Mr. Alonso Fabriciano Gómez Sanz. This presentation to our dear Brother Serafin was a moment full of emotion, as were the very detailed words of our Master of Ceremonies, Professor José Luis Ochoa, and our Honorary Spanish Consul in Michoacán. It was the same with the eloquent words, at the time of the toast, pronounced by our very dear Vice Provincial, Manuel Franco Jáuregui, well known by all under the name of « CHIQUILIN » in « The Marist Universe ». He invited all those present to raise their glasses and offer a toast to the GREAT MASTER AND APOSTLE OF EDUCATION, our very dear Brother Don Serafin, who has brought us all together on this unforgettable and historic afternoon of 12 September.

At the table of honour, our Brother Serafin was surrounded by Marist Brothers, official authorities and his beloved grand nieces.

The meal took place in an atmosphere of vitality, openness and fraternity, as our Brother Sean D. Sammon describes it in « Marvellous Companions». Thanks to our former students of the the Valladolid College who offered us a magnificent tent where we could easily share our meal and our emotions, and who also entertained us with the joyful music and superb voices of the « Trío Aregio ». And to crown it all, there was also the « Mariachi Guadalajara » which, by its vibrant and joyful music, carried away the hearts and voices of those present. As many of the guests noticed the intense emotion and sentiments of our very dear « Dire », who spent the first years of his youth at « La Perla Tapatia » and decades as brilliant Director, we asked the « Mariachi » for the irrepressible music of « Guadalajara », a beautiful and very popular song which lives in the heart of our Brother Serafin. And as in a true FAMILY FEAST, the Brothers of the two Provinces and the guests who shared the meal took turns at the microphone, accompanied by the « Mariachi », to regale us with beautiful melodies and offer us their tenor and baritone voices.

In the judgement of the Brothers of the two Provinces and of our dear guests, we will long retain the extraordinary and pleasant impression left by this very Marist, VERY FRATERNAL celebration.
There is no doubt that the heart of this EVENT, are the traits which Marcellin wanted to see among his Brothers and which are today so attractive in the Church. The spirituality of Marcellin is the expression of a concrete Christianity, capable of transforming persons and the world in which we live, as our dear Brother and friend Don Serafin García has shown us.

Br. Roberto Valdivia, fms

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