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The 11th Solidarity Walkathon



An Initiative for the Third World

03/06/2005: Spain

On the 18th April, the 11th Solidarity Walkathon took place in Granada (Spain), taking as its theme “The World is on the move, what about you?”
The first Walkathon travelled through the main streets of Granada in the spring of 1995, organised by the Pastoral Care team from the city’s Marist school. The two following walkathons followed in similar style. However, other institutions helped organise and participated in the fourth walkathon and hence the group “Solidarity on the Move” was formed. Its main centre continued to be in our school. This group consists of NGOs, youth groups, parishes, missionary groups and other schools from the city. There are now forty-five different bodies included!
The aim of this initiative is to be able to finance development projects in Third World countries, proposed by the members of the group. In each of the previous walkathons, more than 20000€ were collected and there were several thousand participants. The interest shown in this by young and old alike is enormous.
This year’s aim is to finance three projects: ‘Casa Hogar’ for abandoned children in the city of Calabozo (Venezuela), study scholarships for needy students at the Marist school in Korhogó (Ivory Coast) and finally, building a carpentry workshop in the city of Jenaro Herrera (Peru).
The way of collecting the funds is very simple: the participants, who are mainly students, write on a card the names of the people who have promised to give them money and the amount they have promised for each of the ten kilometres that they walk. These sponsors do not need to take part in the walkathon, only the children. Throughout the walkathon route, there are various places where the cards are stamped to verify that the students have completed these sections.
It takes around one hundred and fifty people to help run this event which is characterised by a very festive spirit: many children paint their faces and there is a lot of singing along the way. The aim is to make the people of Granada aware of the situations of injustice and inequality that exist in our world.

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