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The General Conference is taking place on the largest continent on earth

05/09/2005: Singapore

The convocation in Sri Lanka will bring the leaders of the Institute to Asia for a month. With them, brothers, postulants, novices and laypeople are turning their attention towards the largest continent, inhabited by about two-thirds of the world’s population. China and India together form nearly half of the world’s population.

I am turning my attention today towards Asia to accompany the pilgrimage of Brothers Provincial who carry in their dossiers and hearts the dynamism of the Marist Congregation for the countries of this continent. Each one of them has been encouraged to undertake a voyage with hearts and eyes open so as to be in harmony with the lived experience of the Church in Asia and of the Marist Brothers who give witness to the Gospel by their lives on this continent.

Encouraged by this desire to open new Gospel pathways, I also have started a contemplative journey in my heart towards these immense lands, by trying to discover their richness which is always concealed behind these unknown and faraway places, these numerous and different cultures or these foreign religions. I am sharing these reflections with you confidently and freely, reflections that arouse in me certain elements that form the setting of this institutional event that constitutes the VII General Conference.

Sri Lanka is a pause on the journey between the XX General Chapter, through which our Institute started the new millennium by choosing life, and the XXI General Chapter which will crown the first decade of this itinerary towards more vitality and vigour. Looking towards the future, I contemplate these countries that speak to me of an uncertain present, a past with a rich heritage and a future that is calling for responsibility.

The Convocation of the General Conference in Sri Lanka, from the 5th to the 30th September 2005, cites its objective as “fostering vitality in Marist Life and ministry today”. It is a proposition addressed especially to the leaders of the Congregation, to brothers and to laypeople. Each Brother Provincial sees himself being assigned the task of energising his Administrative Unit in his own way. It is an invitation to discern where the Spirit is blowing and what the calls are for the Church in Asia and for these people who have developed cultures and religions that have lasted thousands of years. It is an occasion to arouse initiatives capable of renewing our communities and our works, so that they manifest the plans of God and write a new chapter in the history of the Church and of the Congregation. It is also a formidable occasion for each of the works and communities of the Institute. Brothers and laypeople, we have a rendezvous at the VII General Conference, where we will take a pause in our institutional journey to see if the direction which we are navigating is really that fixed by the XX General Chapter. But we must also “take up more ambitious topics” as Brother Seán Sammon mentioned in his letter of convocation. We are living today full of hope.

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