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A farmer went out to sow his seed



Marist presence in Korea

27/02/2013: South Korea

A farmer went out to sow his seed. Some sprang up quickly, some took a while to bear fruit, others never grew. In our life, sometimes we expect to see the plant grow and taste their fruits but that does not always happen. I remember a story about some seeds that were discovered in one of the ancient Egyptian tombs. These seeds had been there for hundreds and thousands of years. Nobody thought that they would grow but a group of scientists took some of them and planted them in a conducive environment - good soil, water and sunlight. And the miracle occurred! Those seeds had kept within them the energy to produce life and so they grew and bore fruits. This miracle doesn’t only occur in the seeds but also within us when the charisma of Marcelin finds a conducive environment to grow.

Last December, I was in Seoul and had the opportunity to witness the strength and energy hidden in the seeds of the Marist charisma, which was sown in Korea in September 1971. The years passed quickly and it seemed as if nothing was happening, the seeds were not growing. But now, after 40 years, I was able to witness the growth – the seeds are finally starting to bear fruits.

In the place where the Brothers are working, I could see the faces of young people singing and dancing, playing and studying. They are part of the group of children and adolescents who attend the educational centre for youth every day. It was surprising to see the Brothers, who were postulants and novices years ago, directing these activities.

I was reminded of Ad Gentes and how the Brothers in each community are putting much effort in sowing hope and spreading the seeds of Marist charisma in new soils. Would we be able to see the fruit of this work? I don’t know, but I believe that our effort will bear fruit and I am sure all the Brothers in the AMAG Sector share my belief. One day, the seeds that we are sowing today will produce fruit, one day the dreams of today will be the realities of tomorrow.

Hoan Castro, fms - AMAG

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