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1826, Father Champagnat went to convalesce with Father Dervieux, parish priest of Saint Peter’s at Saint-Chamond

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Joint formation Brothers-laity

21/03/2013: France

As in previous years, two week-ends for the deepening of vocation, as part of the plan of joint formation of brothers and laity, were held this year too. These experiences are moments of pause and reflection for the deepening of the new relationship between brothers and lay people based on communion. They are held at country level, specifically in  France and in Catalonia. In the near future, it is proposed to have a more long-term experience at the provincial level.


17 persons (5 brothers and 12 laity) took part in the first week-end, on 6 and 7 February 2013. It was held at Les Avellanes and its aim was to help participants to review their lives in the « Marist » light and to become aware of their own vocation and the new way of communion initiated.

18 persons (9 brothers and 9 laity) took part in the second week-end, 2 and 3 March. It was also held at Les Avellanes. Its purpose was to further study the Marist vocation, rooted in the spirituality which drives us to mission and which is lived in fraternity.

The first week-end was proposed in 2009 ; more than 70 persons have since participated. As for the second, it was proposed in 2012 and the number of participants has been around 30.

 Participation in these week-ends is open, but to take part in the second, one has to have already followed the first.

Testimonies from the first week-end (6-7 February)

• (...)It has taken me a few days to assimilate all the emotions experienced, all the moments shared… the conversations started and not finished… Truly interesting ! What richness in the testimonies, what a variety of lives, vocations, career paths… and what love of Jesus and Mary…what admiration for Marcellin and for those who followed him in those first days when he wanted to open a new path, unexplored, with an ideal to attain ! I observe that it is possible to be so different and to believe in the same ideal !

I feel a commitment to my occupation-vocation and with regard to the Marist charism. I would not be the person I am if at one moment in my life, twelve years ago, I had not started working in the « Maristes Champagnat » school. I was welcomed with trust and the doors were opened to a way of educating and to transmitting the charism of Marcellin (…)

Testimonies from the second week-end (2-3 March)

• This week-end has been filled with shared emotions and experiences which have led me to be aware of the importance of feeling myself a « Marist lay person ». I believe that it is very important to feel in communion with other persons with whom one is travelling a distance.

• It is on theoccasion of meetings like this that one takes note that the CHARISM of Marcellin is more alive than ever. The tent is definitely enlarged… Laity and brothers, we have reflected on and furthered the following of Jesus in Marcellin’s way.

• Moment of pause, a personal gift from the fact of being able to question ourselves about our life, the place of the Gospel, of Jesus, Mary and Marcellin in our life.

• Yes, the Marist charism has a meaning, the more so as it is shared under conditions of equality, brothers and laity, forming a single community. A community whose members wish to walk together.

In France, the second week-end will be held in May, at N.D. de l’Hermitage. There will be 20 participants (10 laity and 10 brothers) who did the first week-end last year.

The experience of these last years has reconfirmed for us the validity of the proposition ; it is a road we travel with joy and hope.

Pep Buetas
Secretariat of Communion Brothers-Laity
Province of L’Hermitage


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