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Calendar of the General Council and Directors of Secretariats

04/10/2013: General House

02-05 October: Meeting with the European Laity Commission in l’Hermitage (France) – Javier Espinosa
3-5 October: Meeting with the coordination of the Third Age course, General House – Eugène Kabanguka, César Rojas.
3-8 October: Visit to Lebanon – Antonio Ramalho, Ernesto Sánchez
6-14 October: Meeting of the Secretariat of Laity in South Africa and in Madagascar – Javier Espinosa, Pep Buetas, Tony Clarke
7-8 October: Meeting of the European Vocational Team in Sevilla (Spain) – César Rojas
7-9 October: International Meeting of the Marist Printing Press in Zaragoza (Spain) – João Carlos do Prado, Miguel Angel
9-10 October: International Council of Economic Affairs, General House – Víctor Preciado, Mario Meuti
11-13 October: Beatifications of Marist Martyrs in Spain – Tarragona
11-15 October: Meeting with the Provincial Bursars, General House – Víctor Preciado, Mario Meuti
15-20 October: Workshop about relationship between Brothers and Lay People, Nairobi (Kenya) – Javier Espinosa
17-20 October: Meeting with superiors of the Province Mediterránea – Guardamar – Ernesto Sánchez
17-20 October: Meeting of the Cmi with Volunteers from Germany – Chris Wills
18-20 October: Meeting with the new Provincial Council of South Asia (Sri Lanka) - Michael De Waas
20-23 October: Provincial Chapter Southern Africa (Malawi) – Antonio Ramalho
21-28 October: Preparatory Commission for the II Marist International Mission Assembly, Nairobi (Kenya) – Javier Espinosa, César Rojas, João Carlos do Prado, Miguel Ángel Espinosa
23 October: Regular Council, Rome
24 October: Finance Committee, South Sudan Solidarity, Rome – Chris Wills
25-27 October: Meeting in the Province of West Central Europe (Germany) – Emili Turú
26-27 October: Meeting with the Provincial Council of Mediterránea – Ernesto Sánchez, Antonio Ramalho
28 October a 2 November: Preparation of II Marist International Mission Assembly with MIC and PACE – Miguel Ángel Espinosa, João Carlos do Prado
29 October - 4 November: Visit to the Novitiate of Matola (Mozambique) – César Rojas

1-24 November: Visit to the District of West Africa – Antonio Ramalho, Ernesto Sánchez
1-24 November: Meeting of the Cmi with Volunteers of the Province South Asia – Chris Wills
4-7 November: Workshop of the FMSI to Brothers and Lay People of the Provinces of West Central Europe and United States, in Geneva (Switzerland) – Jim Jolley
8-12 November: Commission of revision of the Constitutions, Rome – Emili Turú, Joe Mc Kee
11-14 November: Workshop of the FMSI to Brothers and Lay People of Africa, Nairobi (Kenya) – Jim Jolley
15 e 16 November: III Education Workshop of the UISG/USG, Rome (Italia) – Mario Meuti, João Carlos do Prado
17-23 November: Retreat Brothers-Lay People in El Salvador – Javier Espinosa
18 November: Regular Council
19-21 November: Annual Conference, South Sudan Solidarity, Rome – Chris Wills
25 November - 01 December: Retreat Brothers-Lay People 1, Guatemala – Javier Espinosa
25 Noember – 06 December: Visit to the District of Paraguay – Josep Maria Soteras
27 November – 01 December: Meeting of the Provincial Councils of Europe (Germany) – Ernesto Sánchez, Antonio Ramalho

4-7 December: Provincial Chapter of East Asia, Manila (Filipinas) – Emili Turú, Michael De Waas
4-10 December: Retreat Brothers-Lay People 2, Guatemala – Javier Espinosa
7-11 December: Visit to Uruguay  – Josep Maria Soteras, Eugène Kabanguka
11-18 December:
Assembly and Provincial Chapter of New Zealand, Auckland – Michael De Waas, Emili Turú
12-17 December: Provincial Chapter of Central America, Guatemala – Eugène Kabanguka
14-21 December: Retreat in the Province of Cruz del Sur, Mar del Plata (Argentina) – Josep Maria Soteras
23-31 December: Retreat and Assembly with the Brothers in Angola – Antonio Ramalho
31 December: Regular Council

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