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Marist Brothers’ house at Eastwood

09/12/2005: Australia

Since 1997, the Marist Brothers’ house at Eastwood has provided care and accommodation for over 45 young men from AMSA schools in Sydney. Sponsored by Marist schools at Auburn, Dundas, Eastwood, North Sydney and Parramatta, Champagnat House is indeed a Marist family working with young people who, for all sorts of reasons, require an alternate living arrangement in their final senior school years.
As in any family, there will come a time when the young ones move on, but leaving home does not equate with leaving the family. It is quite common to have past Champagnat House community members return for a visit or a meal, sharing stories of nostalgia, challenges and achievements.

Here is one such story…
“The idea of facing the HSC alone is daunting; add to this the stresses of constant revision, multiple assessments and lugging at least ten textbooks around every day. This mix of pressures is enough to turn what is supposed to be ‘the best days of your life’ into a turmoil filled period plagued with stress ulcers all over my tongue and the beginnings of premature hair loss largely due to stress.
Enter stage right the saviour of my sanity and my hair line, Champagnat House and its occupants; Br Tony, Br Peter and Br David. On hand was the combined experience of three great educators, each more than willing to spend time helping us with assessments through a variety of subjects.
We received comprehensive assistance academically as well as emotional and spiritual support, in an environment that was very receptive and constructive. This assistance was beneficial to, not only my HSC, but helped my relationships at home as a great deal of pressure was taken off my time spent at home.
With a stable and structured study environment and the eager support of the community the year flew by with many great memories, experiences, and lasting friendships.” (Peter – a Year 12 resident of Champagnat House)

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