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Saint Anthony of Padua
1956: In Nigeria, the Brothers of St. Peter Claver joined the Marist Brothers’ Congregation.

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San Lorenzo de El Escorial, from the 2nd February to the 21st June 2006

24/02/2006: Spain

We officially started the Marist spirituality course on the 2nd February at eight o’clock in the evening with the welcome, individual introductions, the expectations and various directions. The house is well suited for such a course. Here, everything helps to attain the objectives to live Marist spirituality fully: “To live our life fully by centring it on God. To seek ways of vitality and of renewal for the Province and the Institute. To centre our lives and our communities passionately on Jesus Christ, as Mary did.”

With joy, affection and Marist know-how, we have been welcomed very well by the brothers here. With those of the house, we form an international, joyous, open, happy and hospitable community of eighteen brothers.

We thank all the Marist Provinces, from where we have come, for this rich and important chance of being here to renew ourselves spiritually and to take another step in our personal growth. This course will assuredly bring some fruit for our communities, our Provinces, the Institute and the Church itself.

Impressions of the first week
All the brothers know what it means when we talk about the course at El Escorial. It is not truly a course in the ordinary sense of the word; it is rather more an encounter, a time given to brothers to relook at their lived experience until the present, to remake the choices that they made several years ago, to reorientate oneself as well as their apostolate for the coming years, in the service of the mission and by a commitment to create more fraternity.

In fact, the official name of this meeting is Spirituality Session, for it is a unique time to recover the deepest dimension of our life, that which links the heart to everyone’s dreams and hopes, and allows him to transform all that into concrete realisations.

The thirteen brothers participating in this session, accompanied by five brothers on the team, represent eight Provinces. We have consecrated the first week to getting to know each other better and to consolidate our group. As we cannot give what we do not have, we have benefited from long moments of personal reflection about self-knowledge and we have been enriched by exchanges in small groups at the end of the morning.

Reading, reflection, meetings, simple and familial relationships, prayer and the Eucharist… all of that makes this session (it is the seventy-fifth since Brother Basilio started them) rich with hope and excellent realisations… as has already been the case up to the present.

Seated from left to right: MARCONDES BACHMANN - Brasil Centro-Sul, LUIS MIGUEL GONZÁLEZ RODRÍGUEZ – Compostela, GREGORIO CASTELLANOS CASILLAS – México Occidental, JOSÉ ALBERTO KUHM GERLING - Cruz del Sur, JAVIER ESPINOSA MARTICORENA – América Central, JORGE OMAR DITTLER SENGER – Cruz del Sur, ROBERTO ALDRETE PADILLA - México Occidental. In the middle, from left to right: OSCAR LEONEL FAVATIER TOURN – Cruz del Sur, ENRIQUE FERNANDO ALFARO MENÉNDEZ - América Central, LÉDIO DE JESUS MATIAS - Rio Grande do Sul, LÉCIO JOSÉ HECKLER – Rio Grande do Sul, Father GUILLERMO RUBIO MAROTO – El Escorial Monastery (chaplain), RUFINO GONZÁLEZ DE LAS HERAS – Ibérica, ALFREDO VILLANUEVA SAINZ – Ibérica. Standing, from left to right: GUILLERMO ANTÓN CAMPO – Norandina, JOSÉ SUÁREZ GÓMEZ – Compostela, TEÓFILO MINGA – Compostela, HÉLIO KOLLET – Brasil Centro Sul, LUIS SERRA – L´Hermitage (presenter for the week), ELÍAS PEÑA RODRÍGUEZ – Ibérica.

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