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1810, death of Marie-Thérèse Chirat (64 years old) Marcellin’s mother

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Restructuring in the functioning of the General Council

07/03/2006: General House

In the new functioning of the General Council, reorganised during the January and February Plenary Sessions, it was decided that the Commissions with which they will continue to energise the life of the Institute in the coming years will be those of Mission, Religious Life and Evangelical use of Goods. Each Commission will have a General Councillor as President and a brother who will assume the responsibility of Executive Secretary.

In the Mission Commission the President will be Brother Emili Turú and the Executive Secretary will be Brother Juan Miguel Anaya. Brother Maurice Berquet will be the President of the Evangelical Use of Goods Commission with Brother Guy Palandre as the Executive Secretary.. Brother Peter Rodney will be the President of the Religious Life Commission but at the present moment the position of Executive Secretary for this Commission has not been filled. The other General Councillors will be members of the different Commissions to support the reflection.

The Office of the Vicar General has been created to attend to the government of the Institute in close relationship with the Office of the Superior General. As well, three more offices have been created, one from each of the three Commissions, through which the General Council is going to function from now on: the Laity Office, with Brother Pau Fornells as Director; the Vocation Ministry Office, with Brother Ernesto Sánchez as Director and the Evangelical Use of Goods Office, whose Director is yet to be appointed.

The new organisation of the General Council and its collaborators is as follows:

Office of the Superior General
Seán Sammon
Don Neary (Secretary)

Office of the Vicar General
Luis García Sobrado
Michael Flanigan (Delegate of the Superior General - Mission Ad Gentes)
Renee Reyes (Delegate of the Superior General - Mission Ad Gentes)

General Council Commissions
Mission Commission

Emili Turú (President)
Pedro Herreros, César Enríquez, Juan Miguel Anaya (Executive Secretary), Pau Fornells (Director of the Laity Bureau).

Religious Life Commission
Peter Rodney (President), Théoneste Kalisa, Antonio Ramalho, Ernesto Sánchez and a brother to be appointed (Executive Secretary).

Evangelical use of Goods Commission
Maurice Berquet (President), Antonio Martínez Fernández, Dominick Pujia, Guy Palandre (Executive Secretary).

Laity Bureau

Pau Fornells (Director)

Vocation Ministry Bureau
Ernesto Sánchez (Director)

Evangelical Use of Goods
A brother to be appointed (Director)

MIC Antonio Ramalho
MAPAC Peter Rodney
Third Age, (Spanish, Portuguese) - Pedro Herreros
Mid-Life (Spanish, Portuguese) - Antonio Ramalho
Mid-Life, Third Age, English - Peter Rodney
Mid-Life, Third Age, French - Théoneste Kalisa
Cuba - Antonio Ramalho
Hermanitas - Pedro Herreros

Africa / Pacific - Théoneste Kalisa and Maurice Berquet
Europe / Asia - Emili Turú and Peter Rodney
America - Pedro Herreros and Antonio Ramalho
Community of the General Administration - Luis García Sobrado
International College - Luis García Sobrado

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