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Marist Fraternities in the Province of Mediterránea, Spanish sector

24/03/2006: Spain

Scarcely had Brother Charles Howard launched the Champagnat Movement of the Marist Family at the start of the eighties, that some fraternities started to be constituted in the Levante zone of the Province of Mediterránea. In the Bética sector, the rhythm of implantation was slower and started after the canonisation of Father Champagnat.

At the present moment, more than twenty fraternities function in the Spanish sector of the Province. Each has its own dynamics. While some are already consolidated, others are still being structured. You can say that in the majority of places where there is a Marist presence, one or more fraternities exist. There are about 230 members of these fraternities which surpass the number of brothers in this sector of the Province of Mediterránea.

There are different types of members in the different fraternities: numerous couples but also individuals: teachers, former students, youth group members, former catechists who prepare the people to receive the sacraments, etc.

Their formation is usually rigorous. One takes into account anthropological, Christian and Marist dimensions. The common objective of all is to come to know the spirituality of Marcellin. In the same way, biblical and theological subjects are deepened and Marist documents are analysed. Furthermore, the members participate in workshops on spirituality and in meetings called “Marcelino. Y seguido”. At least once a year, all the fraternities meet together.

In their meetings, usually every two weeks, the members dedicate themselves to their formation and they have moments reserved for prayer, dialogue and reflection in groups.

Generally, each fraternity is in close relationship with the brothers of their neighbourhood. In fact, when a group of laypeople ask the Provincial Council to form a fraternity, one of the conditions is that a brother from the local area must be in liaison with them. It is frequent to see communities of brothers sharing moments of prayer, meeting and conviviality with the fraternities.

The incorporation of new members, of whom many are young, and the rapid flourishing of fraternities in the Province of Mediterránea highlight that many laypeople have today made Champagnat’s charism their life style.

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