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The Postulation team met

12/04/2006: Spain - Photo gallery

The Postulation team met at Mataró, Spain from the 28th to the 31st March. On the 31st March we made a double pilgrimage to the sanctuary of the Virgin at Montserrat and to the Marist sanctuary of Les Avellanes, where the remains of several of our martyred brothers rest. We felt profoundly united with you, particularly in our prayer before the Virgin of Montserrat and before the mortal remains of our martyred brothers in the chapel of Les Avellanes. Through this message, we would like to share with you our emotions and express to you our fraternal sentiments.

We were guided in our meeting by the events that this year recalls: 125th anniversary of the death of Brother François, 100th anniversary of the murder of our brothers of Nanchang (China), 70th anniversary of our martyred brothers of Spain, 10th anniversary of the death of Brother Basilio Rueda and of our four brothers at Bugobe. This year will be enriched, we hope, by some future beatifications.

These were the centre of our attention. Brother Bernardo is waiting only for us to decide the date of his beatification. He must still be patient because the “positio” of the group of Brother Laurentino (forty-six brothers) has not been studied by the cardinals. This wait allows us to have one unique beatification. It is good that we undertake a spiritual journey towards this event during which some of our brothers, Marist like us and who have lived our ideal until the shedding of their blood, will be beatified. We owe a great debt of gratitude to Brother Gabriele Andreucci: he is the author of the “positio” which represents several thousands of pages. It is his work that bears fruit and that is why we express to him all our gratitude.

The cause of Brother Basilio is advancing according to a sustained rhythm. All the testimonies have been given as evidence to the tribunal of Guadalajara (Mexico). Other tribunals, opened in Spain, have also received the testimonies of brothers who had known Brother Basilio. This is the case with tribunals at Madrid, Valencia and Lérida. For the moment the cause is a little slow because the cardinal of Guadalajara has not yet found a second theologian censor and three historians to examine the writings of Brother Basilio.

Brother Henri Vergès is with a group of nineteen martyrs of Algeria. The cause has not yet started and it will proceed, without doubt, very slowly. The political and social situation in Algeria remains delicate. The seven Trappists brothers have left some writings that need to be studied, as with Pierre Claverie, the bishop of Oran. But we continue to receive testimonies full of sympathy regarding our Brother Henri, the first by date of the martyrs of Algeria. Very soon, you will receive an opuscule presenting a brief biography of each of these martyrs.

Brother Mariano Santamaría, who is working for the cause of the group of martyrs of Brother Eusebio (fifty-nine). has informed us that the “positio” will be finished this year and presented to the Congregation for the Saints.

We hope to be able to send you this April some publications that will bring us closer to our models of sanctity: an opuscule on Brother Basilio, another on our martyrs of Algeria, a book on Father Joche-Albert and another that has as its title: “Our Marist Models of Sanctity” which gathers together all our causes. It will help us get to know our generous and sympathetic martyrs.

We believe, as a team, that our saints are a part of the Patrimony of our family for whom they are the richest of treasures. It seems important to us to make them known and to give them a good place in a manual of Marist Spirituality. Didn’t they live this spirituality by enriching it with their reflections, their prayer and their life, a journey that led them to the Lord?

As a team, we stress our conviction that sanctity in our family overflows largely from that which is made manifest in the brothers with whom we are journeying towards a canonisation. In each brother faithful to the Lord and to people, the Spirit works his wonders.

To conclude, we are inviting you to do three things:

1-Visit the page on our website reserved to our Marist models of sanctity. You will be able to find there a lot of things that will be able to help your prayer.
2-Write to us at our e-mail addresses when you want to make suggestions, send some information or ask fro some clarifications.
Here are the e-mail addresses:
msantamaria@maristes.net (for Brother Mariano Santamaría responsible for the martyrs of Spain);
adelorme@maristes.net (for Brother Alain Delorme, responsible for the cause of Brother Henri Vergès);
chepinfms@hotmail.com (for Brother José Flores Garcia, responsible for the cause of Brother Basilio);
luchis@educadormarista.com (for Brother Luis Jorge Flores Aceves, who is working with Brother José Flores Garcia for the cause of Brother Basilio);
gbigotto@fms.it for Brother Giovanni Maria Bigotto.
3-Give a place to all the brothers, reserving them in your heart in sympathy and prayer, seeing in them the realisation of the prophetic invitation of Father Champagnat: “To be a brother, is to undertake to become a saint!”

We will be holding our next annual meeting at the Hermitage on the 17th, 18th and 19th April 2007.
Keep us in your fraternal affection as you are in ours.

Brothers Mariano Santamaría, Alain Delorme, José Flores Garcia (Chepo), Luis Jorge Flores Aceves (Luchis) and Giovanni Maria Bigotto.

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