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Saint Anthony Mary Claret
1959, the Brothers of Saint Francis Regis joined the Marist Institute
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‘We strongly condemn the Western aggression against Syria and the Syrians’



The latest news from the Blue Marists

17/04/2018: Syria - Photo gallery

We want to share with you two events that took place during the past week.

As you know, some countries carried out missile air strikes against Syria to punish her for allegedly using chemical weapons against the Duma enclave, occupied by terrorists of the “Army of Islam”(Jaysh al-Islam) for five years. We do not believe in this manipulation at all.

On the eve of the alleged chemical attack, the government reached an agreement with the rebels for its evacuation to Jarablous and the release of hundreds of people captured and imprisoned by the rebels for five years. The government had, in this way, won the battle –by liberating this enclave of terrorists who, for the past five years, had been throwing mortars over Damascus, killing hundreds of people and wounding them. It is absurd to believe that the Syrian government launched chemical weapons the day before (24h) of Duma’s liberation, especially because it knew it was a red line for some countries.

It would have been foolish for the government to use them, knowing that Syria would suffer reprisals.

The government is anything but stupid

All the people in Syria are convinced that this case of chemical weapons is “fake news”and a great manipulation. We strongly condemn this western aggression against Syria and the Syrians who have suffered enough after seven years of war and who only wish to live normally and in peace.


New mission of the Blue Marists

The second event is a happy event. We started a new mission a week ago, a new project, a new act of solidarity. “Move”and well, we moved again. We took over one of the 11 villages in the Tel Rifaat region, 50 km from Aleppo, where 200,000 displaced people, Kurdish Syrians, fled the despicable invasion of their region by the Turkish army. There are 800 families in this village who need food, sanitary products, mattresses, blankets, medical care, psychological support, attention and love.

We have been there three times in one week with approximately 20 of our volunteers to explore, assess needs, network and start our activities. Together with the Marist world, we are always moving towards a “new beginning”to “sow hope”.


Nabil Antaki
15 de abril de 2018

Blue Marists

The Marists, both Brothers and Lay people that work in Aleppo are known with this name. They accompany the people that suffer all sorts of oppression and offer them, especially children and youth, gestures of solidarity that encourage them to overcome the difficulties and keep alive the Christian gift of hope.

They are a group of 80 volunteers and hired collaborators, all coordinated by a team of Brothers and lay people. This group makes the third call of the General Chapter come true, Inspiring our creativity to be bridge-builders:

“be agents of change, bridge-builders, messengers of peace, transforming the lives of young people through an education that integrates awakening faith and living by Gospel values.”

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