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Logo of the Marist Institute’s General Administration

16/10/2018: General House

On Oct. 10, vicar general Brother Luis Carlos Gutiérrez and the department of communications introduced the new logo of the Marist Institute’s general administration to the lay people and brothers of the general administration.

The general government of the Institute wanted to define an image for the general administration that conveyed the life and mission of the Marists of Champagnat in an objective and modern way. From now on, this logo will accompany all the communications of the general administration of the Marist Institute.

The image, desired and approved by the superior general and his council in September, represents the nature of the Institute: its mission, its internationality, its charism and its Marist vocation.

The logo is composed of both the symbol and the name. The symbol resulted in uniting three elements: the cross, the Globe and the “M”. The cross reminds us that being a Marist means to follow Christ and his Gospel as a church and that the Marist mission is to make Jesus Christ known and loved through education. The globe represents the place where Marist life and mission is developed, the place of the manifestation of God and the invitation to recognize and live as a global family. The letter “M”, initial of the “Marist” name, evokes the charism, which is the aspiration to live and to serve God through children and young people, in the style of Mary and Saint Marcellin.

The second element of the logo is the name “Marists of Champagnat” to include both Marist brothers and lay people.

The style of the font used, the “script”, suggests a distinction and represents the charism’s present, dynamism and vitality.

The blue colour recalls the Marian identity and the origins of the Institute and the orange colour, the third centenary of the Marist charism.

The new logo of the general administration of the Marist Institute recalls the Marist heritage and, at the same time, opens the Church and the world of today to new horizons.

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