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17 September

Saint Robert Bellarmine
1990: Return of the brothers to Hungary in the city of Györ.
2001: John Paul II received at Castalgandolfo the participants of the 20th General Chapter

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Meeting of the Marist European Conference

20/11/2018: Spain

The 25th meeting of the Marist European Conference (CEM) was held in Barcelona, on the 6th of November 2018. Various topics were discussed. Here are four of them. 


The European Network of Communities  

The CEM approved the 4 principles of the project known as "The Network of Marist Communities in Europe." 

1. we feel the need for a new and enriching vision which will encourage us to move forward towards "a global family which will generate and nurture our Marist life and mission in all its diversity". 

2. we feel called to the creation and animation of communities, centred on our brotherhood which cultivates a spirituality based on meeting with God and with others. In this way, we respond concretely  to the emergent needs challenging us as Christians and Marists in our dealings with the local church and other institutions. 

3. as a network, we share synergies, people, mission, life, communication…, based on a global readiness to offer a more hope-filled vision of our Marist future in Europe, 

4. as Marists of Champagnat, we build communities which are beacons imbuing us with passion in the creation of a family lifestyle open to all in response to the calls of the XXII General Chapter


News from the European Teams  

The CEMallotted time to listen to the European Teams: the European Council of the Mission (the steps taken towards the formation of the European teams), the communication team (protection of data and a manual for the management of communications) and the team for the protection of children(collaboration between the Gregorian University and the Cardinal Cisneros University Centre).  


The new International Communities  

This topic was discussed at the previous meeting of the CEM, in Freising. At the moment there are two International Communities in the European Region. One is the Community of Syracuse which this year welcomed two new resources: Rosa and Regina. These have a very clear and specific apostolate: the mission of welcoming immigrants arriving from Africa. The other International Community, in Moinesti, Romania, continues its work  while experiencing both hopes and difficulties. They study the work Project with minors and collaborate with the parish, being clear that their mission goes beyond the boundary of the Catholic parish: they are at  the service of the local community and mainly of those children from other religious faiths. 


Presentation of the Strategic Plan provided by the General Administration 

Present at this meeting were Brothers Luis Carlos Gutiérrez, Vicar General, and Ben Consigli, Councillor General, link persons for the European Region. Their role, among others, was the presentation to the CEM of the Strategic Plan of the General Administration. The projects presented are all inspired by the calls of the Chapter and are the result of consultation involving all the Administrative Units of the Institute.    

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