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Someone Like You (Alguien Como Tú)



A movie that will help Marists in Spain to promote vocations

30/11/2019: Spain

Someone Like Youis the title of the medium-length movie promoted by the Spanish Marist Conference, composed of the provinces of Compostela, Ibérica and Mediterránea. Three years in the making, it premiered November 8 at Colegio Chamberí in Madrid. The movie, in which the characters find meaning for their lives when they meet Marcellin Champagnat, is "… primarily designed to be used in the field of youth and vocation ministry and in animating vocations with Marist Brothers, Laypeople, volunteers, etc.", explained José Antonio Rosa, coordinator of the initiative’s organizing team.

Premiere in Madrid

"On certain occasions, God uses a word, a piece of advice, the example of a friend, a father, a mother, a teacher....” With these words, borrowed from Brother Jean Baptiste, the director of Colegio Chamberí, José Manuel Seijas, welcomed all those present, including the students who participated in making the film and their parents. The movie was directed by Diego Arjona, with Alberto Amarilla playing the part of Saint Marcellin Champagnat. In a roundtable discussion following the viewing of the film, Brother Juan Carlos Fuertes, Provincial of Mediterránea, thanked all the people who participated in its development, stressing that the sum of many "yeses" made it possible to produce this film, which for him "is like a vocation: it is a story that generates other stories". Brother Alex Mena, representing the entire team, emphasized the need to transmit ideas as this short film does . He recognized that he liked Alguien Como Tú very much, because as brothers "we try to live the day to day with normality and the saddest thing is not to imitate the lead character in Someone Like You, but rather, someone strange, someone bitter, someone who transmits nothing". After the roundtable, the organizing team gave a gift of a statue of Marcellin Champagnat to all the actors, technical team, participants and collaborators who took part in the production of the film.

Vocational Project

Alguien Como Túis first and foremost a vocational project. It is born with a clear objective of promoting, questioning, provoking, awakening, nourishing the deepest meaning of the life of those who participate in it, placing a special emphasis on the Marist vocation, hand in hand with Champagnat himself. With a plot centered on the stories of a boy and a girl in the 21st century, Mario and Ruth, to whom Champagnat appears, is a Marist production for use as a resource in youth and vocation ministry, knowing that it is a very powerful tool for young people, and also for anyone seeking the meaning of life. Along with the film itself, suggestions for follow-up can be found in the accompanying literature. Three dimensions will be worked on in a special way: anthropological-vocational, biblical and Marist. This material, produced by EDELVIVES, will be delivered to schools, other ministries and communities of Brothers in the provinces mentioned above by the end of December 2019.


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