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24 January

Saint Francis de Sales
1810, death of Marie-Thérèse Chirat (64 years old) Marcellin’s mother

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More human, more brothers, more faithful to God and to Saint Marcellin

08/09/2006: Spain

On the 3rd August we started a time of grace, thanks to our superiors and to our respective communities who have given us this opportunity to participate in this session. We are grateful also those who are present. It is a grace received that we count on multiplying.

We come from seven different Provinces, as well as the five brothers of the animation team and a couple who look after the house:
Luiz Klein, Silfredo Luiz and Onorino Moresco (Rio Grande do Sul); Celestino Lozano Montes and Carlos Plaza Pulgar (Cruz del Sur); Alejandro González González (México Occidental); Ricardo Pozas Rodríguez (México Central); Landelino Pérez Jaular (Ibérica); Antonio Pérez Valdeón (Norandina); Moisés Puente Palencia (L´Hermitage), Rufino González de las Heras, Julián Sedano García, Elías Peña Rodríguez and Alfredo Villanueva Sainz (Ibérica); Afonso Levis (Brasil Centro-Sul); Pedro Llamas Pérez and Dori García Fernández (León); Javier Espinosa Marticorena (América Central); Guillermo Rubio Maroto (Monastery of El Escorial).

06.08.06 – 12.08.06
We consecrated our first week to looking once more at our personal story as a story of salvation. On Sunday, we visited our senior brothers at Villalba. We returned encouraged by their testimony of faith and life.

13.08.06 – 19.08.03
During the second week, we looked at our story through our relationships. Now we understand better that our identity depends on the number and the quality of our relationships which transform us through love as the source and the aim of this communion. We took the time to analyse our life in community and what we wanted it to be from now on.

21.08.06 – 25.08.06
The enneagram was our work instrument during the third week to look at ourselves from within, to reflect on our origins, on what nature has given us and what we have made of our lives.

We discovered that we are now one third of what we were during the first twelve years of our life in order to build what now constitutes our nature. It is the fruit of our life and of our relationships to be loved.

We discovered also that one third of who we are is the result of our education, of our formation and of our care to form ourselves according to what we believed to be the best for us and according to what our elders expected of us.

In short, we have been and we are the result of our decisions, whether they be unconscious or ones that we have matured in suffering, meditation, introspection and the grace of God. We have thus accepted who we truly are and we commit ourselves to live who we truly are better since we know we are freely loved.
We have realised the importance of remaining awake to make decisions that will lead us towards the truth about ourselves in order to have life and to give it in abundance.

First row: Javier Espinosa; Carlos Plaza; Silfredo Klein; Celestino Lozano
Second row: Julián Sedano; Moisés Puente; Elías Peña; Guillermo Rubio; Rufino
González; Afonso Levis.
Third row: Laudelino Pérez; Alejandro González; Ricardo Pozas; Onorino Moresco;
Alfredo Villanueva; Antonio Pérez

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