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To make the spirit of the Hermitage ours

18/09/2006: France - Photo gallery

More than a month has passed since the new Commission of Marist Places (see the news on the web dated 2nd May 2006) met for a second time at the Hermitage to reflect on the services that the house of the Hermitage is called to offer in order to pass on the charism of Marcellin Champagnat, not only among the brothers, but also among laypeople and in all the Church, especially at the diocesan level. The meeting had as its aim the identification and definition of the needs of this hospitality centre and the finding of means to respond to this in a satisfactory manner.

The Commission had already evaluated the proposals of Provinces, Districts, groups that often use the house and of the brothers from the Province of L’Hermitage. In the diocese, groups who often use the house also expressed their desires and all these contributions have greatly helped in the specification of the needs of the addressees. The contribution of a few specific commissions (historical, artistic) needs to be added as well as the important contribution of the General Council who has defined an eventual usage of the house in the future.

For the moment, the reflection is concrete and precise. How many bedrooms are needed? Will accommodation be provided only in the historical building or also in the scholasticate building? Do we foresee the hospitality of one group only at a time or of several groups at the same time? How do we organise the house without there being interference between the diverse functions? How do we organise the reception of guests? At the end of this exchange on the contributions, a dossier was sent to the architect, Mr Joan Puig-Pey, who was present at the meeting, so that he can elaborate a definitive plan of the redevelopment by the end of December.

The meeting at the end of July marked the end of a very important stage because the definitive orientations were defined. The long period consecrated to reflection, to meetings and to consultations had as its aim the taking into account of all the contributions in order to arrive at a consensus. For some, this period seemed too long, but the Commission believed it important to act without great haste.

The time to act has arrived and the architect is already developing the plans. He is also seeking a French architect to help him follow up the work, to obtain the necessary authorisations and, especially, to ensure that the procedures are according to French regulations. In January 2007, during the plenary session of the General Council, the definitive project will be presented and the work will start as soon as the plans are approved.

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