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13 June

Saint Anthony of Padua
1956: In Nigeria, the Brothers of St. Peter Claver joined the Marist Brothers’ Congregation.

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Preparatory Commission for the Marist International Mission Assembly



Another significant moment before meeting at Mendes

06/10/2006: General House

The Preparatory Commission for the Marist International Mission Assembly met at Rome from the 27th to the 30th July 2006. All the members of the Commission were able to attend the meeting, including Mr Colin Quine, an expert facilitator in the running of many international meetings.

The meeting room was decorated with many things produced by different Provinces, including the Assembly’s logo with the text translated into about twenty of the languages used in the Marist world.
The first part of our meeting was consecrated to giving information on what had been done in the various geographical zones in distributing the material for the preparation of the Assembly and in motivating the Provincial delegates. A copy of a summary of information received from the said delegates was also handed out. The general impression is that the initiative has been well received and the material has been very much appreciated. Many groups are in favour of continuing this work in the future. There are difficulties, especially due to the geographical distances and extent of some Provinces.

From this moment, our facilitator took over the guiding of the meeting.
After a time of personal reflection, analysing our hopes and our concerns, we shared our ideas on the current situation of the preparation of the Assembly as well as the results that we hope to obtain from the Marist mission as fruit of this process.
A few places have not yet started the preparation process. We believe that we must respect the local realities, without imposing anything, but that it is worth communicating with them the advantages and benefits that are being experienced by those who have started the process.

Shortly, we will send a letter from the Commission to all those who have participated in the process, to appreciate their collaboration and to remind them that the preparation of the Assembly passes through Provincial, inter-Provincial and international phases.
We consecrated a good amount of time in the meeting to anticipating the development of the International Assembly itself. This work will finish at the next Commission meeting, which will take place in the same house as the Assembly at Mendés, Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), from the 12th to the 15th April 2007. Some members of the Commission have been entrusted with the task of collecting practical information (voyage, layout of the house, possibilities of technical support, budgets) in relation with this theme.

Finally, we discussed the preparation that we are going to try to give the representatives who are chosen in the Provinces. We have anticipated a series of activities, suggestions, information and documents that we will send them. We also need to collect and systematise the information that we will receive from the Provincial phases.
We also evaluated the work already realised. The general impression is one of satisfaction. The help given by Colin as facilitator was stressed and for that reason we have decided to invite him to participate also in the next meeting of the Commission and during the Assembly itself at Mendes.

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