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Marist International Mission Assembly

03/11/2006: Guatemala

The Marist International Mission Assembly has affected all those who have par-ticipated in it. Local groups have felt the presence of Champagnat, the vitality of our mission, the current challenges and dreams of the future for each work, each country, the Province and the Marist world.

In January 2006, we presented the proposal to the directors of educational cen-tres thanks to the National Commissions of Education of the different countries of the Province. All the Marist Fraternities as well as the ministry co-ordinators of each work were also invited to participate.

In the different places they decided the way to best carry out the proposals ac-cording to their situation. Thus, distinct groups were constituted that reflected on the subjects in a local phase and sent their reports to the Province. These groups varied in their integration. They were groups made up of parents, teachers, students and broth-ers; others included members of fraternities; in one place they were members of min-istry teams. All carried out their reflection with joy and the desire to continue to commit themselves.

During the month of September 2006, the national meetings were held to con-centrate on a common message. The commitment and good spirit shown by those pre-sent made the presence of Champagnat a felt reality amongst us. The feeling of be-longing and of understanding the mission helped us to ascertain not only what con-cerned particular situations of each country, but of the whole Province. This allowed us to put the Marist mission in our environment in perspective.

We used a combined methodology to integrate the contributions from Costa Rica, Salvador, Guatemala and Porto Rico. In Salvador, the common elements found in the groups’ contributions were worked on. We agreed on a common message, on a few reflection proposals and the desire to conserve the spirit of what was experienced during the process. In Guatemala, we gathered all the previous work to analyse the base document of the message, to polish it and to enrich it. Proposals were also devel-oped as much for the Assembly as for our own Province and the mission that we are developing..

It is important, at this time, to highlight the attitudes that prevailed in the local and Provincial phases: welcome, openness, the desire to seek something better and the fidelity to Champagnat’s spirit. Get-togethers and national meetings resulted in ex-periences of fraternity and joy.

The contributions and the reflections on the experience of the local, Provincial and national phases showed us something new, the awakening of positive concerns, a wider vision, a greater commitment and a lot of illusions.

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