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9 December

Saint Juan Diego
1879, death of Br. Louis-Marie, second Superior General of the Marist Brothers

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May with Our Lady


2012 | 2011 | 2010

The texts were prepared by Br. Giovanni Bigotto

2013 - Marys faith

Pope Benedict XVI invites us to revitalise, celebrate and share our faith; these pages aim to help us rediscover the faith of Mary, mother of the Lord Jesus.
We will enter into the life of a person who has given her all for her child. It is a faith which is marked by love and passion, fidelity and mission, song, joy and adoration.
We will journey with Mary through days of light and starless nights.
She will teach us to be servants of the Word and disciples of the Word in a maternal way: the finest love we are capable of giving.
Mary leaves us with a secret: faith, prayer, light and fidelity are born.
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1 - The year of faith
2 - Jesus, the focus of faith
3 - A life of fait
4 - Between shadows and light 1
5 - Between shadows and light 2
6 - Between shadows and light 3
7 - A faith with many facets 1
8 - A faith with many facets 2
9 - A faith with many facets 3
10 - To walk with the unforeseen things of God, 1
11 - To walk with the unforeseen things of God, 2
12 - Mary’s faith
13 - The Holy Spirit and Mary
14 - A yes in the full light of the day
15 - An enthusiastic yes
16 - The way of acceptance
17-The first Christian mission
18-The first song in honour of Mary
19 - The Magnificat
20 - The portrait of God in the Magnificat
21 - The portrait of Mary in the Magnificat
22 - Take Mary into your home
23 - Jesus, freely given to Mary and to Joseph
24 - Fathe to a son he adopted
25 - Thanks, Joseph
26 - And she gave birth to a child, her first-born, 1
27 - And she gave birth to a child, her first-born, 2
28 - The mother’s face
29 - The mother and the child
30 - The heart, the shrine of faith
31 - The cry of a woman
32 - And grace upon grace
33 - There is no greater love
34 - A feast of love
35 - Mary, the disciple
36 - Here is your mother
37 - The gift of the mother
38 - Faith at the foot of the cross
39 - And from that hour
40 - Mary’s Faith in the Gospel of John
1. The Gospel of John
2. Characteristics of the Gospel of John
3. Faith in the Gospel of john
4. The developpement of Faith from chapter to chapter on the Gospel of John
5. General Overview: Faith in the main parts of the Gospel
6. The signs and the Sign
7. Mary in the signs
8. Faith in the signs
9. More on the Signs


The document below presents 8 Marian celebrations and 32 Marian texts. They may help to stress more this month of May 2012. We continue an effort we started on May 2010, and May 2011.

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1-Marian celebrations

1-In the shelter of Mary
2-Salve Regina
3-The Annunciation
4-The Samaritan woman
5-The heart, hearth of praye
6-Identity of Mary
8-Peter, do you love me?


9-The true treasure
10-Mary, as a global point of view, 1
11-Mary, as a global point of view, 2
12-The woman in the completion of time
13-The Holy Spirit and Mary
14-I have no relation with a man
15-A yes in the full light of day
16-An enthusiastic yes
17-The way of acceptance
18-Take Mary into your home
19-Jesus, freely given
20-Fathe of a son he adopted
21-Thanks to Joseph
22-The first Christian mission
23-The first song in honour to Mary
24-And she gave birth
25-The mother’s face
26-The mother and the child
27-From the mother to the child
28-The disciple took her into his home
29-Faith at the foot of the Calvary
30-To walk with the unexpected things of God
31-Mary’s faith
32-The Marian face of the Church
33-Mary, a unique presence in the Church
34-Mary, in the Document of the XXI General Chapter
35-Mary, in Water from the Rock
36-Mary and the Marist lay
37-The new land
38-The new land
39-The pure perfume of the Gospel
40-Mary in our Constitutions
41-We walk towards you
42-Incarnation et humanization

May with Our Lady 2011

May with Our Lady 2010

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